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嘿 do 你 know what is happening to delena77 发布 一年多以前
sherenzpango16 我支持 my images
I am a 粉丝 of Delena too.=) 发布 一年多以前
Delenalove88 说关于 Damon & Elena
Guys, i`m confussed about something. Why does Damon say that he doesn`t want Elena to be cured??? What does it mean? I thought the opposite, that he wants it like nobody else because he want to break this stupid sire bond! But in 前一个 episode and in this week episoide also he made it clear that he doesn`t want it and do it only because Elena wants it and this wil make her happy. 发布 一年多以前
loveDE45 评论…
Well see he's 100% sure that if she takes the cure she will fall out of 爱情 with him and run back to dick "saint", and even though he's not 100%about her feelings now that is under the "sire bond" at least she has them even if he believes that only 5% if it real, he would anything even if it was 5% t 一年多以前
loveDE45 评论…
Rather than 100% of nothing 一年多以前
loveofdelena 评论…
yeah. i know your worried that damon might not 爱情 elena enough to take the cure, but not everything is as it seems, damon doesn't want to take the cure, because thanks to certain people putting him down and critizing him constantly, he firmly believes that he doesn't deserve to be happy with delena, it's not thsat he doesn't 爱情 elena, FAR FROM IT!!! infact his 爱情 for her is so intense that it could most likely 移动 mountains, it's 更多 the fact 1: if she becomes human, he can't pretect her, and 2: he has MAJOR self esteem issues that he feels need to be delt with, before he can even contemplate taking the cure. 一年多以前