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oh wow- i can't believe this is still up! omg it's been years and I was 12 when I joined this fandom and now I'm 19 wth. I really missed this community, 你 guys were great fun and the stories were amazing! 发布 一年多以前
KittenWitch 评论…
It's still up, but not active anymore than the 前一个 years. 😦 一年多以前
mostar1219 评论…
People pop in and out on occasion 一年多以前
omg It's been ages since I've logged into here and took a look at this fandom-
Is there anyone here that's still active?? 发布 一年多以前
Hijinata 评论…
haha nah, we've all evolved ;7; 一年多以前
ImAnEasel 评论…
^ I evolved into a Venusaur. :P 一年多以前
DS4ever0600 说 …
// naturally comes back to this page and regrets whatever my past self did // 发布 一年多以前