Zutara: Of 火, 消防 and Water Club
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There kids
Shan: the oldest child of zuko,katara
Personality: hot head,like uncle sokka,very protective of his
Bender: 火, 消防 bender
Age: 14
Kasai: middle child of zuko,katara
Personality: just like his uncle iroh,tea lover,can play sungi horn very good,can beat anyone in pai sho
Age: 10
Bender: firebender
Nami: younger child of zuko,katara
Age: 7
Bender: waterbender
Personality: sneaky,daddys girl,like her aunt azula,mean
Kiri: youngest child of zuko,katara
Age: 5
Personality: like auntie ty lee,very pink,flexible,mammas girl
Bender: water
Pt 1
I had rose up from my 床, 床上 to find kiri sleeping right...
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