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This is not my fanfiction is was written 由 WowRandomPerson at fanfiction.net!!! I found this and loved it to death and I just wanted to share it with 你 guys! :D

Katara rested her head against Zuko's chest and took his cold hand as if to comfort him as they helplessly watched Azula's chained rampage. It disturbed him to no end to see his sister, who had once been so strong and powerful and completely under control, broken and chained like a common criminal. Despite all the terrible things she had done to him and those he loved and the intense hatred he harbored toward her actions, he couldn't...
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As I was trying to put my 长袍 on I heard a shallow voice I knew who it was it was mai she asked if I wante some help as she walked over she helped me put my 长袍 on mai placed a 吻乐队(Kiss) on my lips I asked how she got out of jail mai 说 her uncle pulled some strings we hugged and she left
As I walked for my corianations I seen my friend aang we talked and walked outside they puted my crown in I sade a speech
As I looked at the two people I cared for zuko,aang
After that we went to zuko's uncle iroh's 茶 商店 as I walked outside to see zuko staring at the sunset I walked over and we started...
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 Ignore the 写作 does not have to do with the story.
Ignore the writing does not have to do with the story.
"I'm sorry we have to spend our honeymoon in the hospital". Zuko 说 lying in the hospital bed, and holding Katara's hand. "Don't be" Katara said. "If anyone should be sorry it's Mai, and she will be If I ever see her agian" Katara said. "Let's not talk about Mai". Zuko said. "I want to talk about you, what did 你 do today"? He asked. "Zuko". Katara 说 with chuckle. "I havn't left 你 side since Mai hurt you". Katara said. "I know, I was just making conversation". Zuko 说 still holding Katara's hand. "I know what we can talk about". Katara 说 sitting on the bed. "What"? Zuko asked....
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