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posted by Zutara4always
 Ninja Awesomeness
Ninja Awesomeness
Katara barley got away from Aang that night, he had wanted to take her to some play but she had declined saying she wasn't feeling well and needed some extra sleep. After agreeing to meet at the foutain they had also made plans on what they were going to do. They had decided to that Zuko would bring some money and they would leave some for needy families, that was her idea but he also wanted to try and take out some of the gang violence that was happening around the city. She finally reached the fountain.
"Ready?" she asked. Zuko was waiting for her, dressed in his old ninja clothes just like...
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posted by Zutara4eva
Katara opened the door to her Dorm room.There she saw her room mate,Toph Bei Fong.
"Hey,Toph." she 说 and sat her bag 由 her bed.
"Hey,how life been treating ya over the summer?" Toph waved to her friend.
"You what happens every summer,make-ups,break-ups 你 know," Katara answered and started to put her stuff in the drawer.
"What about you?"
"Heh,boring as ever,my parents won't even let me out the house!" Toph threw her hands up.Katara laughed.
"Well,no 更多 of that huh..."
Toph and Katara went to go to lunch.
"I'll go get us a table," Toph said.Katara nodded and went to get her food.She...
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posted by PrettyBender
Katara got up that morning and went straight to practicing her bending alongside Aang, the 阿凡达 and her boyfriend.
"Good morning sweetie," Aang smiled.
"Good morning," Katara nodded. Aang tried to be affectionate, but of late Katara wouldn't respond to his affections. "Back and forth, push and pull," Katara 说 to herself then her eyes landed on Zuko, Prince of the 火, 消防 Nation. He himself was practicing his own bending, firebending! Katara didn't know why she felt an odd attraction to him. She felt as a 蛾 drawn to the flickering light of the flame. Though the others warned her to not to...
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there's nothing stronger than love.....

The sun began to set as i sat on Ember Islands's soft, sandy beach. The sun looked as if it were slowly falling in the ocean and while it was doing that i was slowly falling into confusion.

i was so confused. i didnt know what was going on. The war wasnt over, we were stuck on Ember Island and...i didnt know who i loved. i was clueless. Everytime i thought of 爱情 i drifted into mindless fantasies. i was so confused.


Supper time came around. As i walked through the large doorway of Zuko's family's 海滩 House i was greeted 由 a joyful and happy Aang....
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posted by avatarluver990
Zuko and I returned to our seats. The play was now at the part of the invasion. I couldn't believe that Zuko and I missed almost half of the play.
"Katara where were you?" Sokka asked. "You missed half of the play!"
"I had to go to the bathroom!" I lied, nervously.
"With Zuko?" he asked in a disgusted look.
"NO!" I snapped. "I met up with Zuko when I got out!"
"But didn't 你 leave on the exact same moment as Zuko did?" he asked again.
Sokka should be a detective instead of a warrior! He was gaining on me! I was about to burst and confess the whole thing!!!
"Well I....." I began.
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SPOILER ALERT::::::::Zuko and katara r marrried and have a kid.

One morning Zuko woke up to his son calling his name. {i dont want to wake Katara up.she's already pregnant}zuko thought. "What do 你 want River?"

"I'm hungry,daddy."river complained

"let's go eat,but first go take a 淋浴 and meet me downstairs.k,?"

"okay" Sleepily Zuko went to his bathroom amd took and shower. {man do i have good hair:}zuko thought.

When river went downstairs he was in regular everyday clothing."fancy"zuko 说 sarcastically.

Katara woke up to the smell of...
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posted by gwevin12
"Is everything ready?" Sokka asked everyone at Zuko and Katara's surprise congratulations/welcome 首页 from the hospital party. " Yep." Toph 说 as bord as can be. "When are they getting hear." Toph 说 leaning on Aang's shoulder. "Any 分钟 now." Suki said, 由 the snack 表 eating. "Suki, Sokka said, don't anymore untill they get here!" "Sorry." Suki 说 swallowing. A couple feet from the palace door... "We're here." Zuko said. "Now we can really start our honeymoon. Zuko 说 接吻 Katara's neck. "Easy there tiger, lets wait untill we get inside." Katara said. "I don't think I can",...
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Eeekk! the door moved katara turned to see "hello" she 说 in a shivering voice, no answer. Still a silent wind blew through her long brown hair making it wave around her face. A cold chill went crimbiling down her spine. "And I thought this place was creepy at 日 hmm guess I was wrong". katara started to feel dizzy and 迷失 her balance and fell, then she pressed a button that open a small door that lead to a red light and a familiar voice, katara kept crawling until she was closer to the sound and light and till she could stand up. Once she did she was face to face with the 爱情 of her life...
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posted by avatarluver990
We reached to Ember Island (with a little help from Appa of course) just in time to see the play. I noticed that Zuko brought Mai along with him. My soul ragged with anger as I saw the two of them holding hands. Aang was with me too, but we didn't held each others hands; he tried though, but I always released it, as I 说 before, I just pretended to 爱情 him. We sat at the same seats we did last time, Toph however, sat up front so her feet can see it. I sat 下一个 to Zuko like last time, but Mai was sitting 下一个 to him too, and Aang sat 由 me also.

The play began. The actors for Sokka and...
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posted by Pinkkatluv32
There kids
Shan: the oldest child of zuko,katara
Personality: hot head,like uncle sokka,very protective of his
Bender: 火, 消防 bender
Age: 14
Kasai: middle child of zuko,katara
Personality: just like his uncle iroh,tea lover,can play sungi horn very good,can beat anyone in pai sho
Age: 10
Bender: firebender
Nami: younger child of zuko,katara
Age: 7
Bender: waterbender
Personality: sneaky,daddys girl,like her aunt azula,mean
Kiri: youngest child of zuko,katara
Age: 5
Personality: like auntie ty lee,very pink,flexible,mammas girl
Bender: water
Pt 1
I had rose up from my 床, 床上 to find kiri sleeping right...
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Chapter 3- Zuko’s Decision

    Zuko enjoyed Suki’s waffles. He was glad he didn’t eat Sokka’s pancakes. Though what he was really thinking about was Katara. When she had touched his arm, what felt like sparks crawled up his arm. He never felt this way about a girl before, especially a girl who is just supposed to be his friend.
    When he got back home, Mai greeted him in the huge doorway.
    “Where were you?” Mai asked, walking along with him.
    “I went to Aang’s house for breakfast,” Zuko answered....
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posted by Crisi_FanZuko
After Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Suki have ended the war 或者 fled in a small apartment living all fericitidar May had to go on vacation with her family and left alone even Zuko's birthday
Hey 你 know what zie's today? He 说 Katara
What 日 is today? Ask Aang
It's Zuko's birthday, 'said Katara excited
Mother that special day! Grave Sokka
Katara looked at him with a raised eyebrow
I thought her make a surprise party
Yes good idea! Aang was upset
After preparing all Katara's mother went to call
Katara did a good job with the party! Spoke Suki, Aang and Toph Sokka
Zuko's room
Katara doing here?...
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posted by gwevin12
"Mother!" Zuko ran crying to hug Ursra. "I thought I'd never see 你 again." Zuko said. Ursra hugged him. "How did 你 get here?" Zuko asked. "When I found out 你 were 火, 消防 Lord I knew I could come back, I especially had to when I heard 你 were geting married." Ursra said."Now, where's Mai?" Ursra asked. Everyone looked confused except Katara who looked furious. "Mai!?!" She 说 forgeting who she was talking to. "Um, Mother can I talk to 你 for a seconed. Zuko 说 ushering her to a different room. "What is it Zuko, why did that girl act that way?" Ursra asked. "Becuase that girl happens...
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As I was trying to put my 长袍 on I heard a shallow voice I knew who it was it was mai she asked if I wante some help as she walked over she helped me put my 长袍 on mai placed a 吻乐队(Kiss) on my lips I asked how she got out of jail mai 说 her uncle pulled some strings we hugged and she left
As I walked for my corianations I seen my friend aang we talked and walked outside they puted my crown in I sade a speech
As I looked at the two people I cared for zuko,aang
After that we went to zuko's uncle iroh's 茶 商店 as I walked outside to see zuko staring at the sunset I walked over and we started...
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posted by gwevin12
 The Big Day.
The Big Day.
"I can't believe your getting married and to Zuko!" suki said. "I know" Katara 说 in a romantic way."I can't believe Twinkels Toes got over you". Toph 说 picking her toes. "well, 你 guys are dating now". Katara 说 putting on her make up. " I guess so". Toph said. "You look beautiful"!!! Ty Lee 说 fixing Katara's hair."I hope Zuko thinks so." Katara 说 staiting her dress. "He will", Suki said."He will.
In the 下一个 room..."I can't believe your getting ,married and to my sister too".Sokka 说 helping Zuko with his clothes. "I can't either" Aang 说 in a sort of solom way,then remembering...
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"More ferocious!" Zuko 说 to Aang as he pushed him to do better. They were doing Aang's lesson. Aang clutched his fist and firebended a bit. "Imagine striking through your apponents heart," Zuko said. Aang was doing the best he could with his 火, 消防 but it must not have been enough for Zuko. He looked frustrated. "Ugh! i'm trying!" Aang said. "Now let me hear 你 roar like a tiger-dillo!" Zuko yelled. Aang streched out his arms and roared weakly and barley any 火, 消防 came out of his hands and mouth. "That sounded pathetic! i 说 ROAR!" Zuko shouted. Aang did a lot better this time. He roared...
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i could still feel the 吻乐队(Kiss) on my lips during breakfast. i remember his lips being warm like 火, 消防 and his hands cold like ice. i'm surprised they werent hot. He's a firebender so shouldnt they be? Zuko was my 爱情 and i knew it. And i was to embrace this strong romance for as long as i lived. it was going to be strong. it had to be. Zuko even told me it would be. He said, "Our 爱情 is going to be the strongest and most passionet in the world." After that he slipped away into the 'dining' room.

i still felt his soft lips pressing hardly against mine. i loved that moment and i will treasure it...
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posted by gwevin12
 Ignore the 写作 does not have to do with the story.
Ignore the writing does not have to do with the story.
"I'm sorry we have to spend our honeymoon in the hospital". Zuko 说 lying in the hospital bed, and holding Katara's hand. "Don't be" Katara said. "If anyone should be sorry it's Mai, and she will be If I ever see her agian" Katara said. "Let's not talk about Mai". Zuko said. "I want to talk about you, what did 你 do today"? He asked. "Zuko". Katara 说 with chuckle. "I havn't left 你 side since Mai hurt you". Katara said. "I know, I was just making conversation". Zuko 说 still holding Katara's hand. "I know what we can talk about". Katara 说 sitting on the bed. "What"? Zuko asked....
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Aang, Zuko, and i were in the courtyard. i sat on the steps while Zuko taught Aang something new. "There's one techniche 你 need to leard before facing my father," Zuko said. "How to re-direct lightning. If 你 let the energy in your own body flow, the lightning will follow it. 你 turn your apponents energy against them." Aang lit up. "That's like waterbending!" he said. Zuko nodded. "Exacly. My uncle learned this technique himself 由 studying waterbenders."
"So...have 你 re-directed lightning before?" Aang asked.
"Once. Against my father," Zuko said.
"What did it feel like?"
Zuko stopped moving...
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It was Zuko. As he stared down at me with his beautiful golden eyes i could feel my cheeks burning up. He smiled. Then he sat down beside me. He was looking at me but i was looking at the ocean with a frown and worried eyes.

"Is something wrong?" he asked me. i shook my head but then stopped. i couldnt lie to Zuko. So then i nodded it and said,"Yes." Now he looked worried like me. "What is it?" he asked. i shook my head. "I cant tell you. Its stupid." Zuko smiled. "I bet its not," he said. "It is," i said.
"Isnt! I'm telling you, Katara! i bet it isnt!" i rolled my eyes...
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