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posted by luvjapaneseyugi
Okay.... 你 know you're a total YGOTAS nerd when your idea of a fantastic Saturday morning is as follows. Sitting on the 长椅, 沙发 with your headphones in listening to old episodes of YGOTAS on your I pod, 或者 the TV on mute making your own voice-overs for old episodes of the original series. Wearing your 最喜爱的 HUGE t-shirt and knee-high socks. When 你 have the computer on your lap with 潮流粉丝俱乐部 on the screen. Thinking of ideas for a 衬衫 你 might create: I should warn you... I look damn good in a tu'tu. The only times a 日 你 get up are to get food, drink, 或者 put 更多 paper in the printer because you've been printing so many pictures. Also.... You're a YGOTAS nerd if what follows applies to you. All 你 want for your birthday are tickets to WHEREVER Littlekuriboh will be next. 你 don't care how far away it is... 你 JUST WANNA GO!!!! All of this... applies to me.