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(Akiza is 5 months pregnant)
(Akiza is going baby shopping with the girls, Carly, Sherry, Brittany & Amber whlie the boys worked on the duel runners in the garage.)
(Later, the boys are watching the show, Victorious.)
*Andre: I do not have a ketchup problem!
Crow: (laughs) Funny.
Jack: I like this and the another show, iCarly.
Crow: I can we watch the football game.
Jack: The game isn't aired till Sunday.
Bruno: Hey, guys, have 你 had a crush on someone right now?
Yusei: Yeah; Akiza.
Jack: Carly.
Crow: How should I know? I'm single.
Jack: Why did 你 ask, mate?
Bruno: Because I.....I.... I HAD A CRUSH...
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(6 weeks later atfer the birth of Yusei and Akiza's daughter, Aurora Destiny Fudo, Team 5D's invites the small gathering at Yusei, Jack and Crow's place. Akiza had started 迷失 her baby weight, got a job at the 花 商店 and Team 5D's are working on the brand new engine for the 秒 WRGP.)
(Now, Akiza is feeding Aurora with some baby formula, Akiza wears the same outfit in episode 152, smiling at her. Aurora has her black hair, steaked with red, has Yusei's blue eyes and has Akiza's skin color.)
Akiza: You're so cute when I feeding you, huh?
Aurora: (cooing)
(Leo and Luna showed up)
Leo: Hey,...
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(It has been almost a 年 since Yusei and Akiza had their now 10-month old daughter, Aurora Destiny and later, Team 5D's added two new members of their team, Akiza's two best friends, Zoey Spencers, who has a 12 月 old daughter Keyshia with 19 年 old boyfriend, Justin and Amber Evans, Crow's girlfriend and Yusei's frenemy since she started hating him as Yusei talked smart to her and Akiza wants them to get along and Amber helps Yusei and Bruno get through making 更多 engines to Yusei, Jack and Crow's runners. Team 5D's had won the 2nd Grand Prix just before 乌鸦 announces his upcoming...
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