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posted by Obscurity98
 Harley -aka obscurity
Harley -aka obscurity
"but 你 can tell anyone 你 hear me! Not anyone!" Harley was saying taking Ava 由 the shoudlers. Ava smiled,"I promise Har." Harley eyed her,"Really?" Ava nodded,"I killed my sister didnt i?" Conner stared at her,"DOnt tell me 你 promised to kill your sister?" Ava shrugged finally breaking from Harley's iron grip,"What can I say. I keep my promises." Harley shuddered, 'Okay fine. 你 have in but dont say things like that you'll freak people out."Ava laughed,"Yeah okay. Later guys." Ava waved, her black hair swaying behind her. But Harley grabbed it, "Not so fast Ava. I got some rules." Ava...
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posted by Skittles98
 Because I felt like it XD
Because I felt like it XD
嘿 everyone! It's me, Skittles98, but 你 could probably see that. I just wanted 你 to know a couple things about my articles:

1) I have made an account on Quizilla.com and am currently posting 文章 on there. They're called Barrier and are 由 Archers98Rule (me).

2)I also made an account on fanfiction.net, but use it less frequently. I go 由 Enchantress98

3) I will not be conmtinuing my current 文章 on this site. It will be continuing on some of the above sites (as soon as I figure out how to work fanfiction.net)

So, yeah. That's it. I'll give 你 guys 更新 about when chapters are 发布 and still participate in everything, I just won't be an active writer anymore. And feel free to contact me 由 PM on any of the sites telling me where I should go 下一个 with my articles. TTYL :)
 Because I'm awesome XD
Because I'm awesome XD
posted by YJTTFAN
Dick was sitting in the back of his history class in the middle of texting Wally when he received another text. A text from Bruce no less.

You would think that having 蝙蝠侠 as a guardian would offer some pretty interesting texts.

You would be wrong.

They never exchanged texts that might reveal their hero identities. That of course did not stop Dick from imagining what those texts would look like:

OMG scarecrow brok out

BC pnched GA. . . . LMFAO

WTF Supes fails agn

Caught Jkr W00t!

Of course Dick knew that if 蝙蝠侠 did text, he would never text like that, but he could dream couldn't he?

As for the...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca walked out of the bar and into the street. She nodded to the people who looked at her and then continued on her way. She walked in the streets, splashing through the puddles. She walked down to a 食物 place, deciding it was better to rest a little while. A 钟, 贝尔 jingled as she entered. A little woman came to the counter, gray-streaked red hair pulled into a bun. Her blue-green eyes were warm and inviting. Just like her shop.
“What can I get you?” the woman asked.
She had a strong accent, one Becca couldn't place.
“A hot cup of coffee,” Becca answered.
“Is that all?”
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posted by Obscurity98
标题 on 首页 Planet:Tiger Emperess
Real name (From 首页 Planet): Tanium Ty
Name on Earth: Tanner Tyson
ID:Argon *duh*
Planet: Natit/ City: Azarath/ Language: Azarathian

Back ground: Tanium was sent to earth 由 accident. First of all her father was suppose to send her to the seventh demension to find another panet on which to reside because their planet wa being destroyed 由 a war with Allitamites, form a neigboring planet. But some thing went wrong with the cocurse route and landed on Earth. She was discovered 由 蝙蝠侠 one night when she saved him. She was put into the team under Black Canary's...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca pulled the motorcycle 头盔 off her head. She pulled her hair out of it's ponytail, fixing it. She walked to the door, slipping her keys in her pocket. She opened the door, slipping into the secluded building.
“Wrong! 你 were here in eleven 分钟 and forty-six seconds!”
Becca rolled her eyes.
“Hello Dusk. Thank 你 for informing me that I am 秒 late.”
“You're welcome!”
“Now. For the file.”
The red head smiled.
“C'mon! I'll 显示 you!”
Becca followed Dusk down the hall. She looked around, glad that she had been called away. There was something nagging in the back of...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Klarion! havent 你 learned Fate must always come through " Dr Fate shouted, " oh shut it 你 old fart!!" Kalrion yelled lifting up a 墙 and smashiing both ends into Dr Fate squishing him, a 金牌 交叉, 十字架 appeared and the two walls broke, " brat!" Dr Fate shouted shooting light at Klarion, Kalrion sheilded his eyes and screamed as he disappeared, Dr Fate floated in the air and Klarion appeared behind him, he shot a red beam at Fate and knocked him to the ground.

Wally screamed out in pain and fell to the ground, " what gives! " he shouted looking up at Kent, " well its your body hes using "...
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"Weakest people on this Earth, most definitely not 你 and I, is those who stalk on like a 狼 without a pack." My brother, with not an once of blood that runs the same in our veins, whispered to a bottle that glistered brown. His eyes unfocused. It never occurred to him that his pupil was flickering from shades of crystal blue to the darkest brown that I've ever seen. 
"It is because they are alone is what make them weak.  Those with a company of people like a bee in a hive, are strong. They are strong because they can drop all armor we, well not me, built up in defense. They allow them...
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posted by Mclovin_69
In Central City Wally ran at superspeed to his house and opened the door, " mom, dad!?" Wally called closing the door behind him, his mom and dad walked out and Wally smiled with relief and ran to his mother first hugging her tightly as his dad came in hugging them both.

In Gotham city Lucas walked into his uncles apartment, " uncle flinn!?" he called opening the door and closing it behing him, his uncle wheeled out in his cheelchair and Lucas ran to him sinking to his knees and hugged him tightly, In Gotham aswell Artemis hugged her mom dearly.

Billys uncle in Faucett city looked in sadness...
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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun sparkled gently on the cool Rhode Island waters, and a few wisps of clouds hung in the sky, drifting softly on the breeze. We were about a mile out from the Happy Harbor shore, the imposing, rocky figure of Mount Justice looming out over the water. A few waves drifted in, sweeping us up before passing through and breaking at the shore. A couple of the boys had a 海滩 ball, and were tossing it back and forth.

At that moment, there was a vast explosion from under me, and I was, without warning, launched high into the air, propelled 由 a stream of...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Zeus sat in his chair across from Volt and Fang. 
"It looks like he's holding her in Hades." 
"Do 你 think 你 cou-" Zeus stopped Volt in mid-sentence. 
"That is a journey 你 must take. If I did release her, she would not be able to return to the mortal world." 
"Can 你 help in any way?" 
"There are three pearls in the United States. Hermes will help 你 from here." Zeus pointed towards Hermes standing 下一个 to a table. 
"Alright. You'll probably need this." He handed Volt a map. 
"This will give 你 the locations of all the pearls, then the entrance to Hades. 你 might need this too." He...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Fang was getting off the floor when Volt came running in the blown up entrance.
"Fang? What happened?" Volt looked around.
"Cave was under attack" He coughed.
"Who was it?!?" Volt looked at Fang with worry in her eyes.
"Blaze, Peyton, 紫色, 紫罗兰色 and....." 
"Fang! Who was it?" Volt shook her friend.
"Darien. Your brother. They took Nudge, I have no idea where though." He dusted his jeans off. There was a red mark around his wrist and a bruise on the side of it.
"What's wrong with your wrist?" Volt grabbed his wrist. He instantly jerked it back with pain written across his face.
"Darien probably broke it...
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posted by Robin_Love
*Several weeks later*
“I'm very proud of your training. You've come a long way. Now for the ultimate test.”
Becca turned away from her crew to look at the computer screen. She pulled up several files.
“This is Cheshire. She normally works for the League of Shadows. 你 know this. But what 你 don't know is that Cheshire has recently been approached 由 a buisness man. A very rich buisness man. She has stolen a rare artifact that was meant to head out to England. I wasn't sure why she wanted it but I did some research and I found something very interesting. This artifact is Roman. But what...
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posted by Robin_Love
Just something I wrote for no reason at all. Hope 你 enjoy.

Becca sat huddled in her room as another roar of thunder sounded. She cowered, lightning flashing. It wasn't long before the thunder sounded, and Becca screeched, covering her ears. She regretted her choice to stay home. She should've gone with the others. But she hadn't felt 《勇敢传说》 enough to go to Happy Harbor in the rain. Now she wished she had gone. At least Robin would've been there to comfort her. As another roll of thunder sounded, Becca screeched and ran from her room.
“He's a lot braver than I am,” she said.
Becca ran and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Becca gasped as her eyes shimmered and opened in the infirmary, it was night time, all the lights were out. Becca got out of her 床, 床上 and looked around the room, " what is this place..." Becca muttered, Joy and Melinda came up behind her, " i dunno " Joy said, Melinda looked around and saw a figure walk down the hall and past the room. She immeadiatley ran out of the room and ran down the hall to find Andrew, " where have 你 been!" Melinda shouted at him, " Melinda? but when did you- what?" Andrew asked looking into Melindas brilliant blue eyes.

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posted by Robin_Love
“So she just doesn't remember?”
“No. It's like she had never lived a life til now.”
“So her memory is completely gone? Like a computer?”
“It seems so.”
“Why are 你 talking as if I'm not here?” Becca cut in.
“I'm sorry!” Willow exclaimed. “We're just worried about you.”
“Why? I'm okay.”
“Oh baby sister! I wish 你 were!”
Becca gave her a confused look. She looked at the others. They all wore the same worried expression. Becca turned to Robin.
“Am I really not okay?” she asked him.
“Yes. 你 can't remember anything, can you?”
“I know who 你 guys are. I heard...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What have 你 done to her?!” Willow screamed.
“Be at peace, Willow. I have done nothing.”
“Veleno I swear I'll kill you! Tell me where she is!”
“Heh. Your sister is with the master.”
“What is he doing to her?!”
“Then why can't I find her?! Tell me!”
“You can't find her because the master has a plan for her.”
“Veleno! Your bite may be poisonous, but not as fatal as my bite!”
“Oooo. Willow has a dangerous side. This is very fun.”
“Release me now! You're going to die first anyway so 你 may as well!”
“Willow, 你 can't kill me. No one can.”
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posted by Robin_Love
Erin ran 下一个 to Wally with ease. He was a Flash, for sure, but Erin felt like she was going slow. She dodged a sudden car and looked back to the road.
“How much farther?” Wally asked.
“A few miles. Watch out for that-!”
A hard slam cut her off and Erin skidded to a stop. She raced back to where the fallen speedster lay on the ground.
“-Wall,” she finished.
“Thanks a lot!” Wally stated.
Erin smiled and got a picture before he could get up.
“Must 你 always take pics of everything humorous to you?” Wally asked.
“Yep,” Erin answered, taking a picture of the Kid Flash shaped dent...
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posted by rachele_X
There, laying in a heap on his side in a pool of scarlet blood, was a seemingly lifeless Robin. 下一个 to him lay his belt, which surprisingly was completely clean, even though it was resting in a three-inch-deep puddle. I was going to ask Fin about this, when I realized she wasn't listening. She was on her knees 下一个 to his body, wracked with sobs. She rested her head on his chest as she wailed in agony. "Cold," she said, between sobs. "He's c-c-cold." Without warning, her hands burst into flames.

After that, the strangest thing happened. As the flames traveled through her body and down onto...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally gasped and sat up clutching his head, " Wally are 你 okay?" Flash asked, " yeah i am... its just my head..." Wally said, he looked over at Willow who had tears coming out of her closed eyes as she closed them tightly, " is she okay whats wrong with her?!" Wally asked, " she is fighting her subconcious mind.." Martain Manhunter said, Wally looked at Willow in sadness she looked so scared... he felt like he abandoned her in her time of need..., he grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly, " no Wally!! stop!" Martain Manhunter yelled but it was too late.

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