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posted by Robin_Love
Becca laughed as she was pulled up a hill.
“Just tell me Dick,” she said.
“No. I want to 显示 you.”
Becca laughed again and shook her head at her boyfriend.
“You're crazy. And a dork.”
“I resent that.”
Becca was pushed to a stop and shje could feel Dick's breath hot on her ear as he stood behind her. He removed the blindfold and Becca opened her eyes. She blinked as she saw her parents' graves moved from their old spot to sit 由 Dick's parents. Her parents' headstones were beautifully engraved wih their names, the times they lived, and two hearts linked together. The same incription was engraved on their hedstones and Becca recognized it as what they would say before every circus act.
“It doesn't matter how the 显示 ends. All that matters is how much we enjoyed it and how much we 爱情 each other. Because Life is just one big circus act.”
Dick wrapped his arms around Becca's waist an she just stared at the gift before her. Finally, she found her voice and turned around in Dick's arms to stare at him.
“I-I can't believe-I just-thank you. It's amazing. Thank 你 so much.”
Robin pressed a gentle 吻乐队(Kiss) to her lips and pulled away.
“You deserved it. And your parents also deserved the coffins 你 couldn't give them.”
Becca brought his lips back to her for a moment before she pulled away to respond.
“You're the best, 你 know that?”
Robin smiled, pleased that he'd done the right thing.
“Am I still a dork?” he asked.
“Yes. But you're my dork.”
Robin grinned into her eyes and grabbed a basket from behind a tree, something he'd placed there earlier.
“You wanted to share a lunch with your parents. Why not now?”
“I have nothing to hold me back.”
So they had their picnic in between the graves of their parents. It may seem like a weird place to have a picnic. But for two orphans wh were in love, it was the most perfect spot in the whole world.
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posted by CrimsonDeath14
'Come on!Come on it has to be here some place!'cried a young boy,probley around the age of 13,his beautiful ocean colored eyes darting around the hallway looking faranticly for somthing.His raven colored hair is glistening in the evening light comming in through the windows,"there he is!Get him!"yelled boys that seem to be older and also seems to be wearing some type of sports uniform.'AHHH!Finally,i found it."he 说 as he ran around a corner and opened up a locker and entered it.This boy is very skinny and fairly short but can often use that as an advantige.'Hey,Dick soo who are 你 hiding...
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I was bored.
1. Point to 随意 people and announce that they are “definitely not whelmed”.
2. In the middle of a conversation, run away screaming “I hate monkeys!!!!”
3. Whenever they ask to make plans with you, tell them that you’re too busy moping about the hiatus.
4. Take the prefixes off of words they say in conversation.
5. Then, if they ask what you’re doing, say you’re improving the English language.
6. Whenever 你 realize something, slap your forehead and say “Hello _____(your name)!”
7. If your “friend” is of the opposite gender, tell them that their biceps/abs/whatever...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Becca-Dark 天使
Becca-Dark Angel
“What do 你 mean? Of course your humans!”
Becca shook her head.
“No, Dick. We aren't. Come with me.”
Becca got up and Dick followed her down the the living room. Zatanna, Kendra, and Artemis looked up when they entered.
“Alright. I'm not going to sugarcoat this,” Becca said. “Kendra is a Neko, Zatanna is a were-wolf, and Artemis is a vampire. I'm a Dark Angel.”
Dick stared at the four girls before bursting into laughter.
“Yeah right! And I'm a unicorn.”
Dick's laughter stopped when thick black wings appeared in the rooms. Becca looked at him, hiding her wings. He looked over...
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posted by Helen_Wayne
We arrived to the door of Kyle Mansion and I was as nervous as if 你 have to jump to a pool of 55 m. Down from a 墙 of 100 ft. Finally we entered...
She came I saw her, she saw me, then 蝙蝠侠 and Robin (of course they were on their costumes) I thought she would be happy to finally see her daughter but externally she was madly angry but in the inside she was happy I really don't know how I did it but when I look at her eyes I saw her thoughts and something must happened to my eyes 'cuz I see a light reflect on my sunglasses and Dick jumped back a bit.
I was scared about what she would say...
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posted by Candy77019
 "We need a plan."
"We need a plan."
Around three in the morning, out of the foggy mist, a mountain appeared. Glowing green lights illuminated the sky around the mountain, making it obvious that a Lazarus Pit was inside.
"Team, we have to be really careful here," Aqualad cautioned. "If a healthy person falls into the Pit, the result may be...fatal."
A chill ran down my spine at the sound of his last word.
"We need a plan," Artemis suggested.
"Easy," I said, standing up. "You guys watch my back while I retrieve the Boy Wonder."
"Are 你 sure 你 could do that alone?" Megan asked.
I nodded. "I can't risk 你 guys getting hurt."
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posted by nymph_tonks
the interveiws are monthly now. much easier.
p.s. i turned 11 yesterday.
me: hello robin.
rob:hey babe.
me: i thought i told you, we're over.
rob:what!? 你 never told me that!
me:well now 你 know. first question, will 你 stay for the rest of the interveiw?
rob: okay.
me:good. have 你 read my interveiw with kf?
rob: yah. it was pretty funny.
me: *pullls off robins mask*
rob: why'd 你 that?
me: because i'm evil.
rob:i hate 你 now.
me: good. go away now.
rob: *walks away*
me: that was a fairly short interveiw.
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