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 Willow loves Becca
Willow loves Becca
A sharp wind blewb through the room. She shivered and curled deeper into her covers. Another wind made her open her eyes. I thought I closed that last night.. She recalled closing the window and even locking it. Fear gripped her as 更多 fresh air came through her window and something moved close to her, giving off warmth. Slowly, she slipped out of the 床, 床上 and quickly spun around. She found a body on her bed, black cloth covering it. She sighed with relief, recognizing the sleeping form of her sister, coal black hair untied. Willow sat back on the 床, 床上 and hit her bedmate with a pillow. This...
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 Akash in his mode
Akash in his mode
Name: Akash
Powers: Controls fires.
Appearance: Red hair and eyes.
Civvies: T-shirt and blue jeans and blue contact lens.
Weapons: Carries 你 daggers and fuse them with fire.
Age: 25 yrs.

Status: Champion of this people. Guardian and Brother-in-law to Ashley. Husband to Kaya (Ashley's sister).
Atittube: kind, caring, acts mature, a leaders attitude.
History&Past: Akash is an Inferaion, people with the same ability to control fire. At the age of 15 he claimed the name champion of this people, after that he was assign a mission to protect the Aquanason princess Kaya (Ashley's sister). When they...
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Name: Rene Kenna Oshea

Alias: None

Personality: Energetic, loves adventures,
enthusiastic and crazy sometimes. Has the mind and spirit of an 8 年 old at times, but is reliable when needed most. Loving and caring, but sometimes troubled.

Appearance: Red hair down her back with bangs covering her left eye, pale skin, brown eyes, about 5 foot 5, tattoo on her left wrist of a 心 and underneath the 心 it says love, burn marks up her legs from Blood River

Age: 17

Birthday: September 19th

Relationship Status’s:
Boyfriend: Unknown
“Brother”: Bentley
“Sister”: Mel
“Niece”: Amara

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Identity: Aryess 天使 Weston

Age: 14

Code Name: SilverWings

Aliases: 狐狸 Cub, Angel, Ary, Ressy

Occupation: heroine in training, disclosed vigilante

Affiliations/ Relations: link (deceased)- Mother; Riley Conners (deceased)- Father; Daemian Weston- Eldest Brother (deceased); link- Elder Brother; Riley Conners Jr.- Nephew; Bentley Thompson- Boyfriend; Young Justice- Team; Double Helix- Squad; Blaze- Mentor; Titanium- Partner; Immunity- Legal Sister

Personality: trustworthy though doesn't trust many others; very friendly unless she feels threatened; stubborn; energetic

Physical Appearance: 5'7"; slim...
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I feel like I'm gonna regret even 写作 this story, buy whatever. Hooray for over-used world destruction plot!


Creak.... The branches of the trees groaned as they were pushed 由 the howling wind. The 草 rustled, the leaves shook, and the night time air was cold. But all was 安全 in a particular branch of a large 树 in the forest. Lychan and Hibi were asleep soundly, as they were used to the freezing weather. Richi, however, was being bothered 由 demons tormenting his dreams.


His dream shifted once more. Another piercing scream rang, and an evil laughter joined the horrible...
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*Shrugs* Its over due! For the sign up, click link

Dark Angel, 或者 Fang, peeked through the vent's grate. Three targets, one plan. Dark 天使 smirked, and crawled back into the vent, moving for a better position. Fin, 或者 Forever Bird sat on the couch, nodding her head to the 音乐 erupting from her laptop. Mel, 或者 Wings of Death was curled up on the counter, somehow sleeping. And Eclipse, 或者 360 was sitting in the corner. Dark 天使 was pleased with his choice of prey. He decided, he was going to prank everyone. He eyed Mel, one thought ran through his mind:
Dark 天使 kicked...
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 Improv Civvies
Improv Civvies
Biking across Gotham certainly took much longer than driving. But it was also faster than walking. And Aryess wasn't in the mood to break the law 由 driving her 摩托车 while underage, even if she did have a (false) license.
Ary didn't mind the long ride. It was a nice way to clear her head in the simple task. She could have gone without the heat, though. The beating sun had forced her to exchange her hero uniform for not her usual civvies: blue-and-gray striped shirt, hooded jean jacket, and jeans, but instead a spaghetti-strap 最佳, 返回页首 and black shorts. The fingerless gray gloves stayed in...
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Set in 5 years from now.. In case 你 were wondering, Fang does 加入 the military..Not sure that will settle well with Devin...

Brendan sat on a couch, staring at a wall. He looked over his shoulder as his phone started to ring and vibrate. 
"What now?" Getting up, he picked up the car keys hesitating to answer the call. Brendan shoved the phone in his pocket and swung open the door to exit the house to find a general standing there.
"Glad your 首页 Adams. Your needed at this address." The General shoved a piece of paper in Brendan's hand and left. Brendan sighed and closed the door behind him...
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All the info I can give 你 guys without completely spoiling TIB.

Name: Declan Conners

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Relations: older brother- Daemian Weston; younger sister- Aryess Weston; nephew- Riley Conners; parents- deceased

Occupation: vigilante/ assassin

Alliances: free lancer (Ex-League of Shadows)

Physical Descrip: 6' 2", 205 lbs, muscular (benches 250), fair hair -usually bro-hawked-, sky blue eyes.

Personality: cynical, independent, good at keeping his emotions in check, slightly detached, all together soldier-like

Powers: invisibility (to sight, body-heat censors, and aura-censors)

Skills: espionage,...
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Full Name: Zeth Parker
Nickname: Z, Zay
Reason 或者 meaning of name: Gift of God
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Style/Color: Brown, short
Height: Few inches short of 6 feet
Clothing Style: Modern
Best Physical Feature: Eyes

Your Fears: Being found
Your Guilty Pleasure: Warm Fires
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: People 你 can’t trust
Your Ambition for the Future: Is to live an option?

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Must...sleep
What 你 Think About the Most: How to make friends
What 你 Think About Before Bed: Finally sleep
You Think Your Best Quality Is: My...
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