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Name: Chatham Prewitt ( Chat-um)

Alias: Phase

Age: 17

Appearance: short pixie cut black hair, deep brown eyes.

Personality: She will laugh at almost anything, she can't help it how much she laughs at the smallest things. she a Tomboy.

Abilities/Powers: she has the ability to stop time for a moment in time, whether it be dodging an attack 或者 just to confuse her opponent. To others it may seem like she has super speed but she can 移动 at the speed of light when freezing the time.

Relationship: Single

Civvies: black tights, with toms, crewnecks, long sleeves, sweaters.

Past :Unknown

Others: sometimes her powers back 火, 消防 on here and she stuns herself and gets short term memory loss.
posted by GlitterPuff
October 3rd, 1999

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"Rene, calm down."

"But, I wanna go in the castle!"

"We will go to the castle."

"Can we go now?"

"No, we'll go a little later. Look at the ticket line."

"Pwease daddy?"

"How about we get some ice cream first sweetie."

Okey dokey!" The father picked his daughter up 由 the waist and sat her on his shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his neck, not tight enough to choke him; but enough to hold on.

"Don't let her fall," the mother 说 cautiously.

"I won't." Rene giggled as her dad bounced her up and down on their way to the ice cream stand.


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I didn't go over it so there may be a million typos... But I hope 你 enjoy it anyway!

The fog was thick enough to classify as a solid. It was impossible to tell what time of 日 it was, as the thick haze blocked out the expanse of sky. It was near impossible to see one’s hand in front of his face, nonetheless the target he sought.
Though the spotlight at the nose of the U-boat did nothing to cut through the barrier of mist, Alek managed to find the island. There was an undeniable instinct that pulled him toward the landmass, an inner compass with a set destination.
The boy pulled as close...
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Chapter Two.
"A Feather is Plucked"

A few years in the future, a lead was picked up 由 the FBI. It was a 最佳, 返回页首 secret file, until someone tapped into their database. New suspects arose, and the case was permanently stripped off of every tape, news report, cell phone camera. They even went to lengths so grand as to brainwash it from the officers on the case. The files, however, were taken from the database 由 a tick planted deep in the system. Investigation was canceled, due to the disappearance of young man -and survivor of an unknown mass murderer- Ciel Norrian.

"We've 迷失 all communication."...
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