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posted by CoaxochYJ
Cuz I really needed to write this. And we dont see Lexi in enough 文章 in my opinion!

In the cave,

Lexi was chewing on her blanket, sitting on the couch. I came in zeta, she giggled and put her blanket over her head. I smiled.
"Im, gonna get you!" I told her playfully, smiling. She screamed and got off the couch, she started giggling, and she tied the blanket around her neck like a cape.
"You cant catch me!" She taunted and started running around.
"Le gasp!" I said, I ducked behind the couch, and waited for my prey to come around. She ran by, and I pounced, pulling her close and curling into a ball, rolling. I stopped rolling, and she was giggling.
"Caught you!" I told her, smiling.
"Where's my cookie?!" She demanded.
"Shhhhhhhh!" I whispered. She giggled.
"No one shall know...." I told her, she nodded eagerly. I shook my head and giggled. I pulled a plastic bag from my pocket, a cookie consealed inside. She made the most adorable happy face. She snatched the bag from me and snuggled happily into my torso. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. She slipped her arms out of my grasp and smiled.
"I 爱情 你 Lexi." I told her. Meaning it with all my heart. She giggled.
"I 爱情 你 too, sissy." She said, then munched on her cookie. I leaned my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes. She finished her cookie and started bouncing up and down in my lap.
"Sugar kicking in already?" I asked. She nodded and escaped my grasp.

An 小时 later.

I sat against the wall, stickers with ponies on them stuck to my face and glitter entangled in my hair. Lexi sitting on my lap, smiling, and snuggled against me. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned my forehead on her head, exhasted.
"Sissy, I tired." She told me. I nodded.
"Thats ok, 你 were practicaly jumping off the walls ten 分钟 ago." I told her. I let go of my hand, and reached over to my right, eyeing Lexi. I patted around on the ground, and grabbed Lexi's blankey. I wrapped it around us and hummed. I felt her breathing even out. I smiled. I glanced up at Fang, who just came in zeta. He looked at my sticker covered face and raised an eyebrow. He shook his head, smiling and plopped onto the couch, taking off his backpack. I smiled, I couldnt get up, being extra thoughtful of the sleeping child on my lap. I shifted my weight slowly. Fang got up and came over. He leaned over, to 吻乐队(Kiss) Lexi's head. I smiled and felt Lexi shift her weight. He whispered in my ear,
"You make a great sister." He told me. I rolled my eyes smiling.
"I mean it." He said, he stood up again and laid on the couch, putting his feet up, and folding his arms behind his head. I felt loved, and I felt loving. I held Lexi close, she was a warm little child.
"I 爱情 你 sissy." I heard a little voice muffle from my sweatshirt. Lexi pulled her face away from my body. I looked down at her and smiled, Fang rolled over and peeked over the arm on the couch.
"I 爱情 你 too Lexi." I told her. I held her close, and she smiled. I could see Fang smile come up a little.
"Thats adorable." He whispered. Lexi and I looked at him. He glanced around awkwardly, then ducked behind the arm of the couch. Lexi and I laughed.

Well that was adorable!!! 你 cant say it wasnt!!

Feedback is always awesome!
posted by Robin_Love

“Please Mr. Wayne? Pleasepleasepleaseplease? PLEASE?”
Devin followed the billionaire around the mansion, begging for his approval. He finally turned to her, his face set in stone.
“Give me a reason that 你 can back up.”
“The team has had major problems the past months from missions 或者 personal lives. This is the ability to let them relax and have fun after all the hard work they've put in.”
Devin's no-nonsense face matched his. He studied for a time.
“You'll be in set-up, clean-up, and any thing else responsible for this.”
“I promise! It will all be...
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posted by SilverWings13
December 15, 2016 10:10 pm
Louisiana, U.S.A.
Somewhere in the Bayou

"Don't be like that, Katerina. Please, I brought 你 a 圣诞节 present!"
"You want to give me something I would really like? How about a divorce?"
The man's dark eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "I already gave 你 that, over a century ago."
"Then what the HELL are 你 doing in my house, Wilhelm Magnus?"
He paused and raised a tentative hand in defense. The warlock facing him was fuming. She had never been known for violence, but right then, Katerina's dark eyes gleamed with murder. Her antagonist glanced around the cabin's kitchen...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Scott "Scotty" Clancy.
Reason 或者 meaning of name: I actually have no flipping idea, to be honest.
Eye Color: Blue!
Hair Style/Color: It's white and...... jagged?
Height: Uhhhhhhh, 6 foot something, not that much shorter than Fang. (You're 6'1, Scotty.) Oh! Okay, I'm 6'1 apparently.
Clothing Style: I really like flannels.
Best Physical Feature: My unusual hair.

Your Fears: Losing people I'm close to.
Your Guilty Pleasure: ...I eat icing from a tube....
Your Ambition...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I am outside
And I've been waiting for the sun

Fang sat on the green chair. hands clasped, eyes never leaving the floor. He swallowed at the sound of the door opening, fully expecting Black Canary to be in front of him. “There wasn’t any 你 could have done, Fang.” Only, it wasn’t the voice of Canary, but someone much younger. The half-avian looked up briefly, watching the white 狐狸 tail swish back and forth. “Shouldn’t 你 be elsewhere, Scotty?” Fang’s voice was hoarse, his fingers digging into his hands, shifting his feet. "No.. Canary and Bats thought I could 更多 out of you...
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posted by Robin_Love
As the time grew closer, she paced and grew worried. Part of her wanted him there when she left. It would help her more. But another part wanted him to stay away when she left. It would only break her 心 more. Either way, she knew she would go. The team had many strong members, but there was only so much they could do against Satstruiku and his power.
And his vampire followers. She had told him to come alone, but she knew he wouldn't. He never did. Nevertheless, he was the strongest creature she had ever faced. And she knew in her 心 that he was too powerful for any evil 或者 good that...
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posted by Robin_Love
I swear, I JUST wrote this!!!

She awoke to an odd sound. Not the usual sound of the others waking up. Something else. Something....haunting. The others had taken a trip for the weekend and she thought she was the only one there. The 更多 it sounded, the 更多 she felt like she was in a trance. It was like the first time she'd watched Phantom of the Opera.
The way the girl had been so entranced with his voice....Chills crept along her skin. She got out of her 床, 床上 and slowly went closer to the noise. It sounded almost paranormal. And it freaked her out. She came closer and peeked around the corner....
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posted by Eclipse-YJ
It should only be 2 parts left after this one so stay tuned :3


-Optimist 或者 pessimist? Strangle she is an optimist just in a very pessimist way (if that makes sense XD)
-Introvert 或者 extrovert? Introvert but not in a shy way, in 更多 of a distant way

-Talents (hidden 或者 not)? Plays the piano, good story teller and if 你 can get her to she not half bad at singing. She helps Zero dance too as she's good at remembering dance steps and her gymnastics helps.

(Things like her fighting styles and knowledge over weapons is what I class as a skill not a talent)

-Extremely skilled at: The piano...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The man smirked standing there, Aryess looked up at Bentley who glared at the man. “ So…. Interested in a rematch..? “ he muttered confidently, Aryess tightened her grip around his arm “ B….? “ she muttered out, Bentley continued to glare “ haven’t I already shown 你 up…….whats the catch this time….? “ he growled out. The man had a glint in his eye something wasn’t right, he laughed evily “ …oh come on….. lets make this duel interesting…. If 你 win ill leave 你 alone for good…..”, Bentley raised an eyebrow waiting for him to continue. “ But if I win…....
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posted by Robin_Love
Well 你 guys wanted 更多 Terror and were also suggesting couples. So here's a look at Terror's tender side. Don't get too excited. It won't come out often.

He felt it like a sudden bullet. Fear. It hit him fast and it hit him hard. He placed his hands to his head, willing the sudden pain to go away. Most often he would take the fear away without needing to find the host of it. But he chose to look and was glad when he did. He walked among the shadow world, picking a rose as he went. He twirled the 花 in his hand, ignoring the thorns that penetrated his skin. He stepped through one shadow...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Scott kicked up some sand, looking out over the desert terrain. He slid a 披肩 around him and covered the bottom half of his head, the 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 covering his usual snowy hair. Goggles were 下一个 and he looked at the map on his watch, eyes moving back between the electronic and the terrain. "Let's do this.." He mumbled and took a deep breath before the wind began to pick up, scattering sand in every direction. He started off in a slow sprint before picking up the pace, arm holding the face mask in place. Within a few 分钟 Scotty reached the 墙 of the School, feeling around before latching his...
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posted by Robin_Love
I apologize in advance for the background. Consider it a rough sketch of sorts till the holidays are over. I'll get it edited and cleaned up after then. Again, sorry.

Name: Ebonique
Alias: Eboni
Powers: agility, speed, manipulates light, night vision, voice that cause sleep.
Occupation: Not disclosed
Weakness/Limits: Not disclosed
History: Ebonique was an ancient Egyptian priestess of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. Her village was raided, and the people slaughtered. She was taken and sold as a slave. After years of torture and hard work, she was bought 由 another man. Her work was not as hard and...
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posted by Robin_Love
 The 皇后乐队
The Queen
This will be my newest league team, which I will be doing bios for in a slightly different way, that won't bring much of anything out of the spoilers bag

The halls are silent the further I walked down the hall. The remains of my 首页 were large, but 你 could feel the snow-brought air through the gaps. The little minx; ruined everything with little 更多 than a lie and a hoax. I got to the main room and survey the damage. 墙 hangings faded 或者 torn, chairs toppled over, scattered remains of that fateful night so long ago. And my one prize possession, a trinket from my long dead love, shattered...
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posted by Mclovin_69
“ Why didn’t 你 tell me..? “ she breathed out with her back to him as she stood out on the balcony with her arms crossed, he let out a deep sigh and looked down “ I didn’t want to risk anything….”, she turned around as the cool breeze blew through her blonde hair. “ Risk what!? Bentley what could 你 possibly risk if people knew who 你 were! “She shouted, Bentley looked down still “it’s not like I wanted to keep it a secret from you….. I knew from the beginning but I just didn’t want to tell 你 because eventually I’m going to have to go on my own……” he muttered...
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posted by SilverWings13
The crystal lake stretched out before them, glittering like millions of diamonds in the afternoon sun. Similar light reflected off the freshly fallen snow, shone through the dripping icicles of 树 branches. The scene was a well painted Winter Wonderland.
The man clad in a 涂层, 外套 as white as the surrounding snow tossed his dark gloves away and took his girlfriend's soft hands in his. He lead her onto the crystal ice. Their stolen ice skates slid quietly over the glass-like surface beneath their feet. Aleksander found the sound as soothing as the breeze whistling through the 《冰雪奇缘》 trees, but...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
"What?!" Chris and Trystan 说 at the same time, looking at each other before following after Scotty. "What do 你 mean it's gone? How do 你 lose a body?" Chris held his nephew close, rocking the toddler. "We'll discuss this later." The 狐狸 muttered as he pushed open a door, staring at the green chair before making his way over to it and falling into it. Scotty rubbed his face, holding the blanket close to him, he looked back at Black Canary with a frown. "Scotty, there wasn't anything 你 could do." She 说 and leaned forward. "He was right there in front of me.. Then I got him killed....
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added by EclipseYJ
"Are 你 sure?" 冬青, 冬青树 asked, slipping on her boots.

"No choice." Sam growled. 冬青, 冬青树 had noticed the Black Hero was back to his normal dark, brooding self. He continued slipping on his body armor.

"Well what about me?" Becca asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Stay here." Revenge said.

Becca was shell-shocked for a moment before becoming enraged. "Why not?"

"It's too dangerous."

"Says you."

"It's at a highly unstable nuclear power plant!"


"So it leaks radiation like a bottle with holes in it!"

"My body can handle radiation!"

"This radiation is higher than Chernobyl!"

Becca paused for a second....
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