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posted by AislingYJ
Updated 6/3/14
I'm bored, so I thought I'd share with 你 a few websites online that 你 can 设计 your characters! There are tons of websites out there, these are just a few.
This website is 由 far the best superhero generator I've found. Basically 你 use it to make your character in costume. They have endless options of costume parts for both male and female characters, and they even allow 你 to 移动 parts around, resize them, and color them. 你 can save the character to the game, and then load it later, but if 你 want to save an image to the computer, 你 have to take a screenshot....
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Minkabh Lyons
Alias: Anubis
Powers: power over canines; a “death” trance; skilled combat
Occupation: Villain
Weakness/Limits: Unknown
History: Minkabh was born and raised 由 the Nile. He lived in the early years of Cleopatra's reign. When he was young, he was taken from his 首页 and tortured 由 the Roman soldiers that invaded his home. He was granted immortality and the power of Anubis 由 the god of death himself. He made his escape with several deaths and many threats. Minkabh grew, never looking older than seven-teen. His looks changed as the death god did, and so did his powers. He...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Devin Sera Adams
Devin Sera Adams
Full Name: Devin Sera Adams
Nickname: Dev
Reason 或者 meaning of name: Devin; 讨好, 小鹿 或者 divine depending on the tongue. Sera means heavenly 或者 winged angel. Adams from my marriage
Eye Color: Bright blue
Hair Style/Color: Long and black, often straight
Height: 5’11”
Clothing Style: Modest, long dresses, usually white
Best Physical Feature: My face

Your Fears: Failing my family...
Your Guilty Pleasure: Foot rubs
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Demons
Your Ambition for the Future: To keep my family safe

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: What should I make...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Cat! (Caitlin Kyle)

Likes: Sweets!

Best Friend: Terror!!!!

Loves: Cookies!! And Scott!

Dislikes: 酸, 酸奶 Candy

Worst Habit: I don’t act like an adult

Personal Secret: *whispers* I never share cookies

最喜爱的 Food: COOKIES!

最喜爱的 Color: Purple!

Code Name: Tiger

Mentor/Inspiration: Tom Cat and WildCat

Relations: Selina is technically my aunt...

Base of Operations: Outsider HQ

Personal Home: With Scott!!! ^-^

Occupation: Hero

Job: Waitress

Team: Outsiders

What Symbolizes You: Uhhh…….cookies? (Joy)

Biggest Regret: I have none

Dream Career: Wife! >w<

Most 最近的 Nightmare: *whispers* The scary man takes me….

Spirit Animal: Cat
posted by Robin_Love
 Kai Conley
Kai Conley
Name: Kai Conley

Likes: Dancing

Best Friend: Arabella

Loves: Music

Dislikes: The cold

Worst Habit: Sleeping in when it’s cold

Personal Secret: Has a temper

最喜爱的 Food: Dragon Noodles

最喜爱的 Color: Crimson

Code Name: Rekka

Mentor/Inspiration: Fire

Relations: Arabella Conley

Base of Operations: New York

Personal Home: 星, 星级 City

Occupation: Hero

Job: Bartender

Team: Young Justice

What Symbolizes You: Fire

Biggest Regret:

Dream Career: Dance instructor

Most 最近的 Nightmare: Letting my 火, 消防 get out of control

Spirit Animal: Lion
posted by Robin_Love
Full Name: Irene Hope Adams
Nickname: Ren
Reason 或者 meaning of name: Peace; Hope; Man
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Style/Color: Light Purple/ 紫丁香, 丁香
Height: 4’5
Clothing Style: Depends on my mood
Best Physical Feature: My eyes

Your Fears: Killing 更多 innocents...
Your Guilty Pleasure: Flowers
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Ignorance
Your Ambition for the Future: To be happy

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Better get up
What 你 Think About the Most: My powers
What 你 Think About Before Bed: Staying asleep
You Think Your Best Quality Is: Uhh….

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posted by SilverWings13
Oops, accidently deleted this. It’s the same Owl King as before!

Bodies leaned over standing-tables and elbowed to get a place at the bar. Voices filled the air in layers until it was a constant roar of noise. Amidst it all, a young woman in a short, sparkling aquamarine dress slipped through the bodies. She emerged from the crowd as she reached the bar, feeling a moment of respite from the suffocating stench of acrid cigarette drags, fruity e-cig puffs, and stifling body sweat. Her eyes seemed to scan the row of amber bottles on the back 墙 in front of a long mirror. Really, she was watching...
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posted by SilverWings13
The party leapt from their chairs, the advisor and trade miniter’s son taking up posts in front their prince.
A woosh of wind billowed through the entryway. The stench of smoke followed. Hailey screamed as a masked juggernaut in metal armor barged into the dining room hauling a flame thrower. She quickly dunked under the 表 for cover as flames were dowsed over the walls and floor, making the men jump back. Hailey suddenly heard a scream from the trade minister's son that made her stomach twist. The stench of burning flesh burned her eyes. Her fear pushed her to jump up and make a run to...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Shane Parker
Reason 或者 meaning of name: I'm not sure, honestly.
Eye Color: My mother used to tell me that they were an 翠, 翡翠 green.
Hair Style/Color: It's blonde, and kind of shaggy.
Height: I'm right under 6'0, like 5'10, 5'11
Clothing Style: I like to be comfortable, in summer i'm always in cargo shorts and nike 网球 shoes
Best Physical Feature: I- (His eyes)

Your Fears: Uncertainty.
Your Guilty Pleasure: Oh god, 你 really don't wanna know.
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: When people chew obnoxiously, I swear I wanna 冲床 Wally for it.
Your Ambition...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Shane Parker
Alias: Psio
Age: 19.
Appearance: Shaggy, yet straight blonde hair that hangs around his face. He has piercing green eyes and a lower lip piercing that he fools with constantly. He's 5'11 and lanky, with a bit of muscles around his arms. Shane wears clothing that isn't black, nor skin tight. Loose fitting shirts and jeans with converse.
Powers/skill: Shane has a very strong telepathic mind, and is able to locate people mentally, however only if he has made contact with them in the past 36 hours. He also possess psychometry, which is the ability to learn about that...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Sorry this took so long to get out, college is really kicking my behind with all the work I have to do. And I didn't realize how short it was...

"How do we know it's not a clone?" Tobias asked, tapping his fingers on his chin. "The scars on him are accurate, bruising around his face from the last fight.. but.." Chris muttered and walked, peeling off the monitors and lifted Fang up into a sitting position, his eyes going wide. "Wing has been replaced with an artificial one.." He 说 and slowly unfurled the metal wing, looking over it before letting out a low whistle. "Man, that's some fine work.."...
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posted by Robin_Love
I do not take credit from anything other than the backstory I gave to this character. Everything belongs to the rightful owners. Thanks to the 显示 for giving me inspiration

Name: Dark Mousy
Alias: Dark
Powers: Unknown
Occupation: “Anti-Villain” (Hero but refuses to admit it)
Weakness/Limits: Undiscovered
History: Dark used to be known as a thief. Anything anyone needed, he'd get. For a price. He had been raised on the streets, where he learned all he knew about stealing. He was used to running, always moving from one place to the next. At one point he ended up staying in an orphanage where he...
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posted by Eclipse-YJ
(In the not too distant future)

“I think Dad moved all the decorations down here” 说 Jayson pulling on the cord switch. The florescent lights illuminated the basement with a series of clicks and flickers. Christian followed Jayson down brushing his platinum white dyed hair from his eyes.

“whoa, got enough boxes?” Christian asked gazing on the labyrinth of old boxes and various sized bundles of stuff. Jayson smiled as he bent down to peak into the boxes closest time him.
“It’s mostly my Mums stuff and my old baby things, I think they’re too sentimental for Dad to get rid of so...
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Oi~ it be me: Cameron.

Omfg, 你 can talk, wow, they actually are teaching trashcans to talk--wow what a world we live it.

The main point of this is I'm going to 列表 off the ships of Blade because I have concluded she is trash. Because I throughly feel bad--why? Because I feel as if this OC has been forced onto people. Which I apologize for because it makes me feel bad because I feel as if I have forced her onto most of you.
Most of this ships are non-canonical..merely crackships, but whatever..

BladexBloodmist -- long story

BladexThirteen -- this was a thing I tried to push before he and Tara...
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posted by godmor
( I I used the same template fore this bio as i dit fore Gun's. I got a few companion cartaters thad i realized i never explaind them, so i micht make bio's fore thim using this same template, let me knowe if 你 guy's would be intrested in 阅读 thad?)


Full Name: Tess Shepard
Reason for name: Afther Twan adopted her, they legally changed her last-name to Shepard.
Nickname: Little girl, Princes, Tessy.
Reason for nickname: The first 2 are niknames Twan uses fore her, depending on the situation he uses them either affectionately ore jokingly, Tessy is a nickname thad Harley Quinn has given...
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posted by khanna266
"Ashton wait up!"A girl from Ashton's school was running after him,"huh,oh 嘿 Clara wattsup?"he turned around to see her and smiled,'Um..I was wondering if 你 would like to go out with me..on a 日期 that is,Would you?"she asked nervously.
"Your a very sweet and beautiful girl, Clara, but my 心 belongs to someone else.I'm sure there are tons of other boys who would 爱情 to go out with 你 though." he denied her offer politely,and
kissed her hand.She sighed and 说 thank 你 then left.Ashton had then gotten 首页 and opened the door."So how was your day?"a voice had asked,"Jake?um it was...
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posted by BladeYJ
 White 皇后乐队 o:
White Queen o:
These tend to take me a long time.. sorry XD anyway.. ENJOY! Btw had to re-publish this because I had to unpublish it and change some stuff due to leaving out some vital info, but it's all good now!!


He's as crazy as she is. His body shakes and he scratches the walls until his fingers bleed. His broken 心 made him crazy, he now only serves her, he knows what and who she really is, but his 爱情 pushes him on. People 问题 his attempts at suicide but they all know he's just insane, for one he goes on about,"Wonderland being destroyed." But the Asylum still stands tall and ominous.

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posted by Robin_Love
Warning 你 now; don't expect anything from the original character based off of the pics. Some things I will mimic but I give full credit to the ideas I use to those who created the original character. I promise, I'm not stealing. And I always use 日本动漫 pics anyways. Just an FYI. Ok. Enjoy!!

Name: Haru
Alias: Yin/Yang
Occupation: Varied
Powers: Acrobatics, Martial Arts Expert, Can turn every 日 objects into weapons, Staff, Nun-chucks, Daggers, Shuriken, Sais
History: Haru is not his real name. He uses it as an alias to his real name due to a traumatic past he has all but forgotten. Sometime during...
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posted by SilverWings13
I didn't go over it so there may be a million typos... But I hope 你 enjoy it anyway!

The fog was thick enough to classify as a solid. It was impossible to tell what time of 日 it was, as the thick haze blocked out the expanse of sky. It was near impossible to see one’s hand in front of his face, nonetheless the target he sought.
Though the spotlight at the nose of the U-boat did nothing to cut through the barrier of mist, Alek managed to find the island. There was an undeniable instinct that pulled him toward the landmass, an inner compass with a set destination.
The boy pulled as close...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 I'm so stupid why in the hell did I when into that damn building. My sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.
I'm so stupid why in the hell did I when into that damn building. My sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.
Back in the Infirmary
"Here drink this." Devin said, handing Ashley a small glass at which the blue haired collected it.
"Your sister 说 你 need a lot of water if 你 wanna get back to your full strength." Devin told her, with a smile
"Why aren't 你 healing Jaivus?" Ashley asked, bluntly.
"Well I do have an explanation for that. 你 see Ashley when 你 two were brought Jaivus flat lined your sister and i were focus on getting his 心 beating again. When we manage to do that we decided to start healing his burns," She paused, "but then his lungs started to collapsed so we had to focus on...
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