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Because I HAVE TO!!! 爱情 IT!!! PLEASE WATCH IT!!!
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This girl basically just summed up my life. ADMIT IT YOU'VE 说 AT LEAST 3 OF THESE THINGS
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Wally and Artemis stop at a Big Red Chinese restaurant with a bright neon sign saying "Zen restaurant" they entered the building. The bartender was cleaning the counter as they entered. His eyes never lifted to look at them.
"Kidflash is it? What brings 你 here?" he asked as he grabbed a 啤酒 glass. "You drink?" Wally refused and answered.
"There's been a homiside"
"What? So now your replacing Robin? tsk tsk tsk" he shook his head.
"Robin is working on he case too. 更多 complicated stuff."
"Wondering if you've seen a redhead in her 20s a stamp on one of her arms? Ring any bells?" Artemis lent against...
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Chapter 15-

For a second, everyone was 《冰雪奇缘》 in their place. Wondergirl hovered beside Nightwing who had several projectiles in his hand. The guards had their 枪 aimed at different people. Joseph glared at the two new heroes.

Revenge and I, well we just hung there.


Nightwing leaped, tossing projectiles, not at the soldiers, but at us. I cringed, but felt myself fall to the floor. I looked over and Revenge was rubbing his wrists.

"Get your equipment and let's go!" Nightwing yelled. "Wondergirl! Cover them!"

The blonde flew down and knocked over soldiers running at the two vigilantes. Revenge...
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For a moment, Revenge was pressed against her in the narrow hallway in complete darkness. Then, there was a light, from Revenge's mask, and the hallway was lit in a dim red light.

"Ladies first." Revenge said.

"Scared?" Batgirl asked.

"Funny." Revenge said. "I'll take point."

Barbara cut him off. "I'LL take point." she said.

"I've got the light." Revenge said. "And the armor, and the brains."

"Har har, funny."

"Indeed. Watch my back."

"From the scary dark?" Batgirl asked in a mocking voice.

Revenge turned and tossed a dagger into the darkness behind them. It went farther than the three feet of the iron door through which they had entered.

"Any 更多 smart remarks?"
Prologue to Chapter Nine- "The Beginning of 更多 Troubles"

"Delta Squad, check in."

"Artemis, in position."

"Beast Boy in position."

"Batgirl, in position."

"Wondergirl, in position."

"Kid Flash wishing he was at the buffet."

"Good. Maintain your positions. The 显示 is about to start. Nightwing out."

"See? This transmission was picked up 由 security officials at the olympic celebration." G. Gordon Godfrey stepped in front of the image of the celebration in Rio De Janeiro. "Its obvious that this Nightwing was planning something. On 最佳, 返回页首 of that, Kid Flash admits that he would rather be eating than watching over some of the richest and most powerful men in the world!" Let's watch what else happened that day. See if 你 can find a connection with the heroes, and the murder."
Chapter Three- "Rest"

It had been three weeks since Sam's last encounter with Artemis and the assassins. Something bugged the back of his mind. It was something 冬青, 冬青树 had 说 on their 秒 battle. If 冬青, 冬青树 was even her real name.

But here Sam was, yet again, rushing to change into his Revenge outfit as sniper shots rang through the school yard.

Artemis was a little faster on the draw this time. She was attempting to make her way past Cheshire and towards Holly, but she was so far unsuccessful.

Red Revenge knew that she had Kid Flash as back-up. The ginger was not that hard to find. But he didn't...
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“Okay Alexis. I need 你 to tell me about your strengths. What are 你 best at?”
Becca looked to the older girl walking outside the house beside her.
“Well, I am a pro at archery.”
“Archery huh? What else?”
“I'm an empath.”
“A what?”
Alexis smiled, giggling a little.
“An empath. It means I can sense emotion. It's kinda like an emotion telepathy.”
“Okay. So your archery. How many times do 你 his the red dot in the target?”
“Every time.”
“Every time?” Becca repeated, raising an eyebrow.
“Well, I miss every once in awhile but that's part of being human, right?”
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The 狼 continued to run he had been running a while now he didnt know how long but he could tell it was far, he could no longer hear the alarms. He finally stopped and looked at a mountain, and at the side he saw a girl sitting on the 海滩 looking at the stars. For some reasoon the 狼 could tell she was sad, as he drew closer he could hear weeps of sadness.

The 狼 walked closer but 由 accident stepping on a small branch making a cracking sound, the girl turned around and screamed in fear, she tried to get up and run but slipped on the sand. Her long brown hair in her face covering her...
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Chapter 8-

The two bats and a bird fired their grappling lines at the ceiling, Artemis following their example. Robin grabbed Kid Flash and Batgirl Zatanna, dragging them onto the walkway.

"Well, well." Joker said. "The 蝙蝠侠 does it again."

"And the Batgirl." Barbara added.

Joker cackled. "Well come and get me then!" he said.

Zatanna muttered a spell and threw objects at Joker. Artemis shot arrows. The two bats threw batarangs at the madman while the little bird swung across the gap in the walkway. The junior speedster sped across the gap and joined his friend in close combat.

The two delivered...
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I turned my head sharply to look directly at him. He jumped. I looked at him through narrowed eyes. He tried to look confident, but failed. Both Kid Flashes were running laps around the room. I grabbed the one from my dimension as he ran by.
‘Stop wasting your energy! You’ll have none left to fight at this rate’ I mentally growled
‘Who 说 we were fighting?’ he asked
‘He did’ I though, subtly gesturing to Control Freak.
‘He’s a fat couch-potato. What can he do?’ Wally thought
‘Haven’t 你 noticed? There’s no windows, no air vents, no tiny holes in the walls for air, yet...
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“We’ll be back as soon as possible” I hugged Cat. While Artemis, Megan and I would be heading off to hunt the assassin with Red Arrow, she would be staying with Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Super Boy.
“Be careful, and don’t do anything stupid” she smiled
“I’m not you” I laughed. I waved good bye. Someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned to see Robin standing there. I hugged him tightly.
“Good luck” he whispered in my ear. I let go and walked over to the bio ship. I climbed in and found everyone waiting for me.
“Let’s go” I 说 as I sat down
“So, what’s the plan again?”...
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Sorry about the suckish title! Last 分钟 make!

I ran through the forest, mud and rain splattering my body. My pursuers were closing in. I just had to keep running and trust my sister would protect me. She had always been there for me. When I got involved with the wrong people, she had my back. She tried to change me. I didn’t listen, and my punishment was horrible. Now, we were being hunted thanks to me. But no matter what I did, 坦莉雅 stuck with me for some reason. She may not be the most positive girl in the world, 或者 the happiest, but she was loyal, and that’s all I could ask for.
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The snow had picked up since I went down. I looked everywhere for them. They were simply gone. No trace of struggle 或者 a fight. Then I noticed the foot prints going to the mountain. I followed them 由 air. I walked into the mountain and started looking for them there. Finally, I found them. They were in my room. Nobody goes in my room! I quietly flew in and saw them all standing at my 床, 床上 with my mace on it, heads hanging.
“What are 你 guys doing?” I asked
“Mourning the loss of Alex” Wally asked, not looking up
“What happened?” I asked
“After she went down with the snowball, we looked...
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After Melinoe poofed away in a poofy 云, 云计算 of poof, I turned around to leave, only to find the team still there. If I had a penny for each time I cursed in my mind in Greek right then, I’d be rich.
“Sarah, would 你 like to explain what just happened and why 你 used mind control on Wally?” Kalder asked
“No. Anyways, it wasn’t mind control, it was a truth spell!” I said, then poofed away in a 云, 云计算 of water vapor hinting where I was going. I appeared out on the water, fifty meters away from shore. I made a water dome then hardened it. I then reinforced it with a black 墙 and white...
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"Everyone cookies!!!" Me`gann 说 as she put a fresh bach on the table. Kid Flash ran and got two cookies.Artemis smacked him in the head."Your sopost to wait till everyone has one to get a 秒 one stupited" Kid Flash swallowed his cookies. "Who are 你 calling stupit...stupit."KF sad smiling. "Verey matur wally." Artemis 说 rolling her eyes. I took my cookie and went to lean on the 墙 like I usally did. Kid Flash came up to me.

"I have AWSOME and exclusive new I would only tell my best firend!" He 说 looking prode of himself. "Well are 你 going to tell me?" I asked "Ok...Were getting...
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