Yoseob (b2st/beast) 显示 your 爱情 to Yoseob

BiehaSeobie posted on Jun 06, 2012 at 06:15PM
how do you show your love to Yoseob Oppa?

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一年多以前 meychie said…
hi! im a hardcore fan of yoseob and b2st only..in my opinion, i can't show my love for yoseob oppa by buying their album or something that involve money,,it is because i live far from south korea..the way i can show my love is give my support for them..i know it something that all ppl can do but that the only way i can show my love for him..and there is another one that can be compared to money for buy their album is MY LOVE TOWARD HIM IS EVERLASTING AND PURE..in fact im 5 year younger than him.. <3 yoseob oppa forever