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posted by xxxm
Explanation of my 超能英雄 «bracelet» and cartoon «Kid vs kat»

XXXM, D and Ms Kat watched TV:
-”there are secret organizations which conduct experiments extraterrestrials”
-Meow-Meow (this same cat with my planet)- Ms Kat-Meow! (She Nice!)
And here they have crept into this organization. There have been many different alien inventions
-You cannot leave all these сcosmic things here. It is very dangerous-said D
They went further. There were glass cages extraterrestrials. And there is nowhere to be seen the pussy which have shown on TV. xxxm and Ms Kat went further, and D has released the aliens....
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posted by xxxm
xxxm Kiti sad despite her rescued.
-why you're sad?-asked XXXM
XXXM Kiti start telling:

XXXM Kiti lived on the planet of 猫 and no luck, and all the laughed at it, it was so miserable. And one 日 xxxm Kiti watched Tv where showed Ms Kat, who was sent to Earth to get 食物 for the inhabitants of the planet, but to no avail. He heroically battling for hungry cats. While others just laughed at him. Then Ms xxxm Kiti has become protected 由 Kat but others scorned it and 说 "go to Earth and help Ms Kat»
XXXM Kiti, sent there xxxm Kiti was sensor and she knew where to fly. While Ms Kat shot Coop...
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posted by xxxm
xxxm no luck until it found a magic bracelet, wearing his dreams come true. It has a lot of new friends, she is happy.Not met Doofenshmirtz 爱情 XXXM. xxxm in 爱情 with the other.She walks friend D, and the alien from the cartoon «kid vs. Kat»-Ms Kat.And they are in your own 显示 "bracelet" and there are several branches worldwide.School half the class are "bracelet" and the rest did not know about "bracelet".Although they are at odds with the other half of the class which does not "bracelet" and very often win "bracelet" If classmates did not remember about Doofenshmirtz.
they manage to do a lot a lot. And they are permanently happy.