WWF Attitude Era What Happened To The Attitude Era?

NikkiBarrett posted on Sep 07, 2013 at 06:35PM
WWE now is seen as a family friendly entertainment show with 'supposed' stunts that don't remotely look real or in fact seem to inflict any sort of pain on anyone.
I think the majority of people, when asked, will say the most iconic years of wrestling where the amazing years of the Attitude Era. Where the proper wrestling, the entertaining wrestling, and the realistic wrestling took place. It was a time where you could eff and blind til the cows came home and no one would bat an eyelid, a time where if blood was shed, you knew it was gonna be a classic and unforgettable match, instead of complaints being made by the bucket load. It was a time where storylines actually made you want to come back the following week and watch the story develop rather having the same old clichéd bullshit repeated over and over again just for the enjoyment of the younger, clueless generation. A time where real badass, rebellious wrestlers where cheered and spurred on rather than talentless, pretty boys being clapped for doing nothing more then saving one of those so called 'diva' slags from the desperate arms of a bloke that looks like he overdosed on steroids. A time where divas looked good, and wrestled even better and still gave the men's matches a run for their money.

The likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The APA, Chris Benoit, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian, Chyna, Eddie Guerriro, Debra, Bret Hart and so many more are dead and gone and replaced with jittery, tasteless, fake-ass wrestling that, lets face it, entertains the minors that have no clue what real wrestling is about and how much more exciting it was back when nobody gave a shit. That kinda attitude was replaced with a smilely smiley cover up to try and hide its reckless past that was littered with scandals and terrorised by ruthless behaviour. But that's what we all miss! We want that back! The attraction to ruthless, foul mouthed, chair hitting, blood shedding, sexy, scandalised wrestling was enormous. No one knows why we all love that kinda wrestling, but that's what made The Attitude Era what it was. Quite possibly the most entertaining and spontaneous years of wrestling ever.


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