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posted by mermaidgirl112
These are the 最佳, 返回页首 4 mermaid spells that have been known to work, we did number one and got the side affects instantly.

(These side affects will occur for any spell 你 do)
Side affects:
Keeping legs crossed
Very itchy legs
Singing a lot
Rash on legs
Making un-normal sounds
Acting a bit out if the ordinary (goes on and off for about 6 hours)
Drinking lots of water.

Where it says the 颜色 of blue and gold, that was just an example. 你 can choose your own 颜色 and powers. (Ex. Freezing, heating, shaping)
Most girls that have done these have started getting tails (when wet) within 45 hours. The time...
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In a weekly "test" single people who are looking for a partner ask their mother and their best friend to help.Their mother chooses one partner and their best friend chooses another.The test is to see who can choose the best partner!
This week's single man is Richard Taylor,a 26-year-old musician from Southampton.His mother Meg chooses one girl,and his best friend Danny chooses another.Then Richard goes on a 日期 with each girl.Which girl does he prefer?Who knows him better,his mother 或者 his best friend?Who chooses the right girl for him?

"I usually work in England but sometimes I work abroad...
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Not long 以前 people believed that in the future we would work less,have 更多 free time,and be 更多 relaxed.But sadly this has not happened.Today we work harder,work longer hours,and are 更多 stressed than 10 years ago.We walk faster,talk faster,and sleep less than 前一个 generations.And although we are obsessed with machines which save us time,we have less free time than our parents and grandparents had.But what is this doing to our health?An American journalist James Gleick in a new book,Faster:the acceleration of just about everything,says that people who live in cities are suffering from...
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One of Scotland's most active centenarians,Lady Morton,has been a driver for nearly 80 years,although she has never taken a driving test.But last week she had her first ever accident-she hit a traffic island when she took her new car for a drive in Edinburgh.

Lady Morton,who celebrated her 100th birthday in July,was 给 the Nissan Micra as a surprise present.Yesterday she talked about the accident.'I wasn't going fast,but I hit a traffic island.I couldn't see it,because it had no lights,which I think is ridiculous.But I am all right and luckily my car wasn't badly damaged.'

In spite of the...
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posted by ZekiYuro
In 1952,Audrey Hepburn was in Rome,making the film Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck.She was engaged to James Hanson,a 伦敦 'playboy',and she asked a famous Italian designer,Zoe Fontana,to make her a dress for the wedding.

Signora Fontana said,'Audrey was 23.She was so young and so beautiful then.She tried the dress on many times.It was in white lace,with a lot of tiny buttons down the back,and she wanted to wear 花 on her head.'

But 2 weeks before the wedding,Audrey Hepburn decided not to get married.She phoned Zoe Fontana and said,'I've cancelled the wedding.But I want another girl to...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Here are some 更多 texts from people.
1.Writing and then sending a funny e-mail 或者 text message to my friends.And of course,imagining their faces when they read it.

2.I really like driving at night when there's no traffic,listening to my favourite music.I feel completely free.

3.Staying in 床, 床上 on Sunday morning and 阅读 the newspaper.Then getting up very late and having my dog for a walk.

4.I enjoy going to the jym and really getting tired then taking a long hot 淋浴 followed 由 a nice hot cup of tea.There's nothing better.

5.Turning off my computer at the end of the day.Leaving work,and getting into my car to go home!It's the best moment of the day.I 爱情 it!
As we know,Richard Taylor-a 26-year-old musician-claimed that his best friend Danny knows him better than his mother,Mrs.Meg,by the way they chose the girfriends for him.So what about hearing what he 说 about those girls?

1.His friend's choice:Claire
"I was very optimistic when I went to meet Claire.,My first impression was that she was very friendly and very extrovert.Physically she was my type-she was quite slim and not very tall with long dark hair-very pretty.
And she was very funny too.She had a great sense of humour.We laughed a lot.But the only problem was that Claire was very talkative.She...
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posted by axemnas
 Joker Meme
Joker Meme
Character sheets? I know your probably wondering why I'm bringing up character sheets in a creative 写作 area. The fact is character sheets can be an important tool to your writing.

If 你 Outline 或者 came up with a character that 你 don't think quite fits in your current story, a sheet is a good tool to you.
Character sheets are a good way to keep track of your characters. Their growth as 你 go; It helps 你 work out little quirks in their personality like for example 'Twitch bites his nails when he doesn't have his twin nearby'. Every little bit helps with keeping things in mind and expanding...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Catherine Orr is 19 and is a non-identical twin.She tells us about her relationship with her sister,Michelle.

How do 你 think it is different being a twin?
'I think it's very different.We've been through exactly the same things:the same birthdays,the same parties,the same first 日 at school,the same evil maths teacher.'

Do 你 think 你 and Michelle are 更多 similar than ordinary sisters?
'Definitely.If I don't like a film,then neither does she.We pick up the phone at the same time to call each other.If I get ill,so does she.'

Do 你 get on well with Michelle now?
'Yes,I see her about once a week,although...
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posted by ZekiYuro
If 你 were hiking in the North American Wilderness and 你 saw a 熊 coming slowly towards you,what would 你 do?
a)"I'd talk to it quietly"
b)"I'd walk away slowly"
c)I'd try not to look at it"
d)"I'd make a loud noise"
e)"I'd run"
f)"I'd climb a tree"
g)"I'd pretend to be dead"
h)"I'd spray pepper in its eyes"
i)"I'd try to fight it"

Well,all of these are possible-the best thing to do depends on the mood that the 熊 is in.If it comes towards 你 slowly,experts say 你 should talk to it quietly,walk away as slowly as possible,and don't look the 熊 in the eye.It's possible that it will lose interest....
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posted by para-scence
I know the Columbine Massacre anniversary was Friday, so I decided to put up a story I wrote about it. I wrote this a couple months 以前 from the viewpoint of Craig Scott. Please 评论 and let me know what 你 think.

“Craig! Get up! We’re going to be late!“ My sister Rachel pounded her fist on my door. I reluctantly opened my eyes to look at the clock. I had only ten 分钟 to get ready. I cursed under my breath and got dressed quickly, not bothering to grab anything to eat. I got to Rachel’s car just before she was about to ditch me. I tried to catch up on my algebra homework on the...
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chapter 3
the party

the 钟, 贝尔 chimed and we all lead out of the hall, me and becca linked arms as we walked down and i thought to myself after the first day, i had some 老友记 i was on the cheerleading team,and i had a party to go to tonight. i was acturally really exsited.
i didn't realise how much i was thinking and how much time passed, until i ralised that becca was now talking to tom liam and danny were play fighting and jake was looking down.
"whats up?" i asked quietly just incase.
"i was just thinking " i kept silent to give him time to tell me if he wanted to "i never believed in something...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
When we get 首页 and put Dawn to 床, 床上 I lie on the 床, 床上 and he stands in the doorway and says “ What was that about?” “ She 说 that she was prettier than Avril and Callie 说 no she wasn’t and Dawn 说 she was the prettiest girl in the world and I 说 she wasn’t so she’s angry. “ So why not let her believe it.” “ Fine.” “ So your going to tell her she’s the prettiest girl in the world?” “ No I’m not gonna lie.” “ Yea of course not even for the sake of our own daughter.” A tear tried to come out of my eyes which I held back with much difficulty. I lied...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Should I continue 或者 not? [The ones in Italics are the parts I'm unhappy with]

For a vampire – a suspect of being one, really– she seemed pretty... human. With my job as a Vampire Seeker, she wasn’t like any of the other cases of 吸血鬼 I had discovered. With all the raving stories of 吸血鬼 I suppose they had to be more... careful with their special diet. But still, a vampire with these little reports, it was... strange, for lack of a better word. Perhaps we just had to get 更多 information; yes, that was probably the case.
I sighed and flipped my notebook shut. Putting my pencil...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
I woke up feeling groggy. My eyes were swollen from crying, and my head felt like it'd been hit with a sledge hammer a couple of times. Niki's head was on my shoulder, his blonde hair was dry now, and his eyes were also swollen and pink.
I slowly put Niki's head on a soft trash bag then I scooted out from the hollow tree's cover. Standing there in the forest made me realize something. It made me realize that sometimes Death brings sadness and sometimes it brings a reason, a meaning, 或者 a story. Niki 说 that he'd burned the tree... with his hands. But, I'm not sure if that's true at all....
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posted by twilight_23
This is a pesonal narrative I had to write for my English class. I 爱情 feedback, anything 你 have to say is appreciated. Also, if I made any mistakes (i.e. spelling, grammar, punctuation), please tell me so I can fix them, thanks:D

As I was thinking of experienes that changed my life, my mind automatically went back to my time at St. Anthony. I skimmed throught the years starting with eigth grade, thinking that was where I would find a significant event since it was where I have my most 最近的 memories. To my surprise, I found nothing. I moved on to younger grade levels, still finding little....
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posted by LadySilverSoul
This is my opinion. It is not meant to offend, 或者 disrespect anyone.

I'm still in my twenties, yet I am tired. I am tired in the deepest marrow of my bones. As I type this, I find myself taking long pauses between sentences. It is like my mind and body knows my intent to use expressive vocabulary, will still fall short of the actual circumstances of which I write.

Many of us, at least on the outside, believe that racism is wrong. Many of us, at least in the face of others, shake our heads at it. I'm not talking about the racism that causes physical pain for others, but the racism that is perpetuated...
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posted by ZekiYuro
写作 and 设计 have always been two passions of mine. When someone first approached me with a 写作 opportunity for their blog, I was shocked. It hadn’t crossed my mind for a moment that the two could be brought together harmoniously. I still remember 写作 that 文章 and building my first brainstorm of topics. I found myself asking, "What makes a good article?"

But, to hell with good articles. Anyone can write a good article. I wanted something that would floor everyone–that would make everyone say, "Who the heck is this guy, and why haven’t I read his stuff before?"

I’m always...
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posted by Insight357
Revealed when called upon
Permitting the dagger to
Deliver steely truths
Who does it hurt the most,
The victim 或者 the killer?
Sacrificed knowledge comes with damnation
You’ll be in hell before knowing this
Blessed 由 curiosity
Cursed with wicked hate

Speaking words shaper than glass
Not cushions to lay upon
Take the cruelty and use it for your benefit
Or shun the blinded wisdom
Refuse to accept any of the words
Too much experience for fifteen
Too much madness from simply looking
Deny this as 你 always have
Repetition will be my death
In a vain attempt
Prayer for an ear
A privilege of being a friend
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posted by Pirate_4_life
Hey guys, hopefully my story is getting read, so I'd appreciate it if 你 left a little 评论 and tell me what 你 guys think of it.

Chapter two

“okay guys, step back from your paintings and as I go round the class I want 你 to explain your influences and how they inspired 你 to create your art pieces” explained the hippy like art teacher who insisted upon being called Gwen rather than Miss Miller, claiming it will ‘enhance the harmonious relationship’ she hopes to hold with her students. As each of her classmates took their turns telling how they were inspired to use a certain style...
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