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posted by SilentForce
W-I-T-Give me a C-and an H.
W is Will, even better still she's entrusted as the keeper of the heart,
I - Irma's got control, of rain and waterfalls,
And she's ready for a world that could just start,
Everything is better with all the girls here,
Everyone together, nothing to fear,
Gonna have a good time, everyone now,
That's what's going on.
You know that
W.I.T.C.H. is in the house.
W.I.T.C.H. is in the house.
W-I-T-Give me a C-and an H,
T is Taranee, her personality,
More than cool when a 火, 消防 she can flame,
C is Cornelia, shaking up the world,
Hay Lin knows she controls the power of air,
Everything is better...
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posted by SilentForce
We've got all that we need because we believe enough.
We know that we're going to win because we are strong enough.
So come on! (come on)
And shine! (and shine)
Understand it in your way,
So come on! (come on)
And try! (and try)
And watch your whole world change.
It's like magic,
We are having,
Got the power from the star,
It's like magic,
We make it happen,
And it's all from the 心 ,
It's like magic,
Oh! It's like magic,
We know the ultimate power is that we know how to dream,
Anything is possible when we're together because we believe,
So come on! (come on)
And shine! (and shine)
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posted by SilentForce
Performed by:Jillian Escobosa.
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na,
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na,
Give me five, it's a good combination,
To fight evil in every situation,
A world domination, no problem,
Whenever we make the transformation,

To earth, water, 火, 消防 and air,
United, we are there.
Girl, we're linked even out of this world
Whatever, we'll always be together,
No matter, we'll make this magic run forever,
Whatever we're at two 或者 three,
Together we get the power of five,
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
High-five to the magic of friendship,
Hang tight, we're never gonna end it,
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posted by ForsakenOutcast
I'm about to start on Guardain W.I.T.C.H. 2. I will have 6 parts total, no extras and no features.

It will take off where it left off but its been a few years of wat happen, I'm not going to say but 你 will see.

Its going to be a mystery, romance, action story. This one will have 更多 of each one in each part and scriped. 更多 charactors and the same ones are still around.

I will try not to make it confusing to anyone as the best as I can.

I will get started now.

So wait and read W.I.T.C.H. 2 Part 1-Crossing Worlds.
posted by SilentForce
Performed 由 Sabrina.
Do 你 know which one of us five controls the fire?
Which one is the 皇后乐队 of air?
Do 你 know which one can do magic tricks with water?
Who's got power over earth?

Come on,
你 better run,
'Cause W.I.T.C.H. will strike together.

We're on,
We're strong,
Like nothing you've seen,
We can save the day,
From dark, from bad,
They'll know what we mean,
(They'll know what we mean)

W.I.T.C.H.... (4X)

We will turn this world,
Around, no doubt,
For once and for all,

posted by KeeperSeeker
The cop cars roared down the roads with their sirens blaring, She ran down the alley to avoid the cops, she knew she had to keep running, they would take her back to where she just escaped, foster care. Will Vandom had witnessed being taken from her mom, she didn't know why it happened, it just did and now she had to get home.
She stopped dead in her tracks when she reached the end of the alley, six cop cars waited for her, she was about to turn back when she saw four 更多 coming through the alley way.
"Your coming with us!" One fat cop said. Will saw a ladder, attached to the building beside her, she climbed up the ladder before the cops could run past their cars and get her. A moment later she stood on 最佳, 返回页首 of the building.
"Get down here!" Another cop spoke, she turned around to see two other cops behind her, she turned her head and saw another building across from her.
"Don't Jump!" A cop 说 from behind her, she didn't think she Jumped.
posted by zanhar1
Perhaps she wanted The 心 so badly because she hadn't one of her own. Yes, that had to be it.

Nerissa woke up to a horrendous pounding in her head. She pushed herself upright. One 分钟 she was in Candracar...she was dead. And now, she was...where was she exactly? She was in a bedroom--was it her own? She couldn't tell. There was a small ceiling fan, spinning in lazy circles. In the left corner of the room, not one dresser but two, both made of some dark wood were pushed neatly against a purple-painted wall. 下一个 to both was a walk in closet (door slightly ajar). Pulled over the window,...
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posted by ForsakenOutcast
The girls now see the face of the robed boy. The girls are in shock and fear of what they see. The face of a friend they know was behind it and it was....

Will-*screaming*JOHN...JOHN....*shaking him*No please don't die...*cries*

Cornelia-*hears something*We got to go...its the police..*grabs Will*Lets go....

Will-No No...I won't leave him.

Irma-Lets go Will!

Will is forced off and tooken away from John. The girls get out of the building before the police see them.

Hay Lin-That was close....Will...are 你 going to be okay?

Will-*sobbing*Shut up....We could have saved him.

Taranee-But he tried to kill...
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In Heatherfield at Sheffield High School; Taranee, 干草 Lin and Irma leave for the day.

Irma-*checks her cellphone*Its Will...*answers*Yes....Really?....Okay, meet 你 and Cornelia there.*hangs up*

Taranee-What is it?

Irma-We need to meet up with Will and Cornelia at the rundown train station.

Hay Lin-I know a short cut.

They go to the rundown train station to meet Will and Cornelia. They get there in only 17 minutes.

Will-Hey guys.

Irma-Hey! Whats going on?

Cornelia-We need to meet with the Oracle in Candracar.

Hay Lin-Whats going on? Is there a problem in Meridian?

Will-I don't know but it's very important.*opens...
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Right as this moment Will, 干草 Lin, Cornelia, Clev, Cin and Caled are following Sev to meet up with the other Sacrificed One's, along with John. Right at the 秒 Will and the others are following Sev and watching what might come at them 或者 attack them.

Cornelia-Sev?! Have 你 found Irma?

Sev-Yes....One of the other Jenly found her.

Hay Lin-When?

Sev-After I saved 你 all.

Caleb-How far are we to meet with the others?

Sev-Right over the 下一个 street....We do need to be quite through here.

Everyone is quite as they go through the 街, 街道 that will let the others meet Irma. After they get to the spot,...
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We are,
We are,
We are W.I.T.C.H.
We are,
We are… (W.I.T.C.H.)

There is a place where darkness reigns,
We've got the power to fight back.
We save the day, united five as one.
We can become 更多 than 你 know,
The 心 will lead the way to what we can control

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.
Guardians Unite!

We are,
We are,
We are W.I.T.C.H.
We are,
We are... (W.I.T.C.H.)
We are,
We are,
We are W.I.T.C.H
We are,
We are...
(We are, we are, we are)
(We are, we are, we are)

We fight for life, we fight for truth, this is our revolution.
In 日 and night, we have the strength and courage.
With open eyes, we find the light,...
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Where we left off is where; The Eson have attacked the Sea Palaces where Levson lives, and he has 给 the Guardains a papaer that shows the weak point in the Eson base. Right at the moment everyone is at a place where they can rest ans see the paper.

Irma-Ummmmm......What we looking at?

Caleb-Prints to the Eson's base 或者 bases.

Clev-By the looks of it....To get to the main base, we need to take out the side bases that might protect it.

Hay Lin-The closes one is to the north of us....

John-I got a plan.

Everyone listens.

John-Will and the other Guardains will go to the south bases, Martin and is...
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posted by ForsakenOutcast
John was the robed boy and was almost killed my Will. The Sacrificed One's are coming to kill Matt 或者 The Portal Master. Nigel and Martin are decends from te first male guardains. No one knows if Martin was killed.

The girls, Nigel and Matt make their way to the exit till someone blocks the way, its a girl from te Sacrificed Ones.

Girl from the Sacrificed Ones-I'm Jenly, and I'm here to kill 你 all.

Nigel-Move it...or I will turn 你 into ash.

Jenly-I'm not scared 由 a Guardain of the Vail.*pulls out a crystal ball*

Irma-Whats that?!

Jenly-My weapon, its called a Razor Crystal Ripper; looks like...
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Cliff and his friend have the the gem to open portals to open other worlds. The battle between worlds will begin soon. Will wants revenge against her brother for lying to her and taking the life of Matt. In the cave talking with John and the others.

John-If 你 just let me killed Matt Will, this would not have happen.

Hay Lin-Don't yell at Will.

John-I'm not yelling, I'm talking formal.

Will-This is my fault....All of this....

Jenly-Like hell it is....You almost killed John and 你 let the Eson have the gem.(E-son)


Sev-*fishing for the 心 of Candracar*The Eson are the ones that infect...
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So a couple days ago, snakeandprincess on tumblr 发布 a little thing about how Kandrakar handled the Nerissa situation. She was nice enough to let me quote her post to type this article.

One of the huge points bought up is that there was no mention of how Cassidy's death and Nerissa's imprisonment were handled back on Earth. The W.i.t.c.h. girls had their astral drops to cover for them at school, and home, and such. But the drops are only temporary, since the girls eventually return home. But what about Cassidy and Nerissa; they'd never be going home. I’ve put some thought into the whole...
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The girls have gone into different portals to find the other 5 male guardains. Each one with a different gem to find them and worlds with it. To first to get to their world is Cornelia. Cornelia lands in some water, on the planet she looks for the male guardain.

Cornelia-Where am I ans what is this place?

Voice-Get out of the water!


Voice-*a boy shows up wearing raggy clothes and looks pretty grungy*Get out NOW!

Then bunch of vines grab Cornelia.

Cornelia-*screams*What are these things?

Grungy Boy-They're Vongons(Von-gones)!

Cornelia-Help me!

Grungy Boy-Hold still, I'm coming....*then...
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The Guardains have gotten through and the battle has begun but someone that the girls know has shown up. Right now everyone is in Cliff's main domain and has released someone they know...


Everyone sees Taranee in her Guardain clothes but its darker.

Cliff-Yes....Your friend now works for me and she is the end of 你 all.

Will-Taranee....Wake up! We're here to save you.

Dark Taranee-Save me? Save me....You all left me for dead.

Cornelia-No we didn't...We were on different planets...

Dark Taranee-Shut up! I don't want to hear your lies.

Cliff-You can fight the girls now...

Dark Taranee-Thank...
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posted by zanhar1
So I know for a fact that most people hate Nerissa a lot. However I think she's a really freaking awesome villain and a really cool character.

I'll start with the silly reason first. I know pretty much the entire fandom disagrees but I think Nerissa is the prettiest character in the series. I 爱情 her hair so much, the long dark curls, beautiful. And her eyes are fabulous too, a great shade of blue, great shape, suiting to her character. I also like how they drew her mouth in the comics if that matters. And then her dress is also pretty great I 爱情 how it's a pinkish color--like she's evil...
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5. Matt

I don't know, I always thought Matt was pretty good looking with his long(ish) brown hair and his scruffy goatee. I have a thing for goatees, it's really kind of weird. I think his eyes are drawn well, very nice hazel color. His nose is also drawn well, his face is just drawn well. His clothing style 《金装律师》 him well too, I like the hat.

4. Eylon

I simply 爱情 Elyon's hair. The color and the style, really cool, really unique. It's like messy but not all at once. I also 爱情 her eye color, nice shade of light blue. I think Elyon's just adorable. And she's got the loveliest gowns,...
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She landed on the other building, she knew she couldn't find her mom on her own, so she needed to find her friend, Taranee.

Taranee was sound asleep, she and Will's other 老友记 haven't heard from Will in a while and were starting to worry about her. Tap! Tap! Taranee eyes shot open and she looked out her window, to her shock Will stood outside, her red hair was messed up all over and she was dirty from head to toe. Soon Taranee opened the window.
"What are 你 doing here? And where have 你 been?" Suddenly the two heard a faint cop siren in the distance, Will swallowed hard.
"Can I come in?" She asked.
"OK, but tell me where you've been?"
"Foster care!"
"What! Why?"
"I don't know, they came over 说 my mom wasn't responsible enough to take care of me, and before I knew it I was in foster care.
"Did 你 make anyone mad?" Taranee asked.
"Only one,"