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posted by Willow-Tara4eva
 They will always be together in our mind.
They will always be together in our mind.
嘿 all 你 粉丝 of Willow and Tara.

If anyone says that Willow is a Lesbian, don't listen to them. The only propper time Willow was leso was with Kennedy and lets face it, NO ONE liked her.

Willow simply got attracted to Tara 由 magic. One of my 老友记 说 "But they still sleep together. That would make them Lesbian" and I simply told her "Stop dreamin. Just because they slept together, doesn't mean they are leso".
A couple days after that my friend came up to me and 说 "You were right. I think Willow was drawn to her 由 the magic they used".

I think that if Tara hadn't died in the 6th season they would have been together forever.
What do 你 think?

From Willow-Tara4eva
 And Oz is now gone
And Oz is now gone