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Why Cute, Girl-Eats-Boy Vore Works

    If you've ever thought about being swallowed whole 由 a cute girl, you're not alone. For those unfamiliar with the term 'vore', let's examine two related definitions:

    Vore- The consumption of one person 由 another in a way that could be interpreted as sensual 或者 arousing.

    Soft Vore- The 'cuter' 或者 less painful branch of vore, in which the consumed character is swallowed whole. Opposed to Hard Vore, in which the victim is chewed up, cut up 或者 ripped apart.

    While Soft...
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Chapter 1: New Beginning

One hot sticky summers 日 Nova was relaxing 由 a shimmering lake overlooking the thick forest. He was just enjoying the little things in life, nacre and the beautiful, no, stunning surroundings of 'New Oak Forest' it's rich range of trees which are covering almost the howl surrounding area.

"what...a Beautiful but incredible lake" 说 softly 由 Nova a huge pred about 65ft tall he was, his giant paws can crush respectable small cottage in one stomp; his neck is strong but soft and tight; his wings that carry his Wight, tail off of his body is covered in a distinct of...
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im sorry to say
but the owner of this club
has been suspended im not
sure how 或者 why she just did
if 你 want to know 更多 just ask fanpop
about it
if she dose not get un suspended
i will be taking over this club
(im a close friend of hers)
so if any thing is wrong just ask me
and ill do my best to set it right
im sorry for this bad new
but as i 说 plz help me get her
unsuspended it would help her
get back to what she loved to do
on the depending she will ask me to
do a thing 或者 two for her
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