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Virizion is a deer 或者 antelope-like Pokémon, green in color, with horns that end in dull points. It has a pink-tipped leaf on each side of its neck, somewhat resembling a Sky Forme Shaymin's 'scarf'. On Virizion's back, there are pointed ends of 毛皮 ending in a medium-long tail. Its legs resemble pointed knee-high boots and have pointed hooves and at the joint of its knees are 粉, 粉色 highlights.

Gender differences:
Virizion are a genderless species.

Special abilities:
Virizion are good at slashing, using its horns to do so.

Virizion dislike humans due to their treatment of Pokémon.

Virizion is located deep in the Pinwheel Forest.