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Things are getting 更多 intense once again in the Twilight fandom. Girls are screaming for each and every one of the characters in the Twilight Books... 或者 is it girls screaming for the characters in the movies?

This is a rant. So beware. I'm not as formal in this "opinionated article", but I hope I wasn't rude. 你 can tell me if I was rude if 你 评论 :) I'm sorry if I come off as a little harsh.

When 图书 are being translated into film, there are bound to be changes. Character development, plot, emotional journey, etc.

What I'm trying to establish is that THE MOVIE CHARACTERS ARE NOT...
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posted by cici1264
I promise to remember Bella Each time I trip for no reason.
And I promise to remember Edward Whenever I covet something.
I promise to obey traffic laws For Charlies sake of course

And I promise to remember Jacob When I see a smile that lights up my whole day
I promise to remember Carlisle

Whenever I am in the Emergency Room

And I promise to remember Emmett Every time there's a huge boom

I promise to to remember Rose Whenever I see something that holds pure beauty

And I promise to remember Alice When I'm at a mall and a cute outfit spots me

I promise to remember Nessie When I see my child for the first time and tell it i 爱情 it

And I promise to remember Esme When someone tells me they care

I promise to remember Jasper Whenever I see someone constantly in pain =)

And I promise to remember the Volturi When someone speaks of dominating the world

I swear i will 爱情 Twilight everyday of my life for the rest of my life
Jacob and I watched 电影院 the rest of the 日 the storm hit and we played a couple of games that we made up. The 下一个 morning I was thirsty, no I was going to dye if I didn’t go hunting. So Jacob went to town and bought some 更多 食物 and I went hunting. I didn’t know what I wanted 或者 what was really here to eat. It took a while to find some 食物 but as I was getting impatient I found a very large Jaguar just laying there sleeping. I creped closer and when I knew I was close enough I jumped. But apparently it wasn’t really sleeping just playing a little game. But I have very fast reflexes...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
This is a continuation to my original story, Sunbreak. I couldn't find a good enough name, so for now it's just 'The Sequel' haha. =D I hope everyone likes this as much as Sunbreak, and I rely on LOADS of positive 评论 to continue this Sequel! So read, review and rate! Enjoy! xoxo mrsblack_1089

"I just can't believe how big they are!" Emily cooned as she and I watched the twins sleeping. The blue-ish, green-ish light of the bonfire flickered across their faces where they lay on Jacob's lap, breathing steadily in and out.
I could never get over how breathtaking my two little children were....
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 The secret maternail Need of Bella Swan.
The secret maternail Need of Bella Swan.
This is taken place two years after the events of New Moon.. I warn 你 , it's really long.

Sorry for the typos. I'm really tired.

Sitting on Emily's 长椅, 沙发 for the thousanth time in the last week, was surely a high light.
But the waiting for Jacob was not. He can take far too long sometimes, no doubt he does it on purpose, that way when he finally arrives, I'm almost boucing up and down.

I can tell he likes to see me like that, to see me happy, most defiantly for him.

But I suppose the most fulfilling thing in my growing need for Jacob is watching little Lylia and Dannielle sleep peacefully...
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It was unendurable.
Thats all i could say. Nothing had ever seemed so painful in my entire memory. The pain of becoming a immortal. Searing- unbearable pain for days on end. I would get down on my knees and beg for that now.Atleast it might take my mind away for a few seconds.
Her face in my mind- was the thing i always saw. No matter what i looked at. Her voice was all i heard no matter what i heard. And her touch was all i could feel- not matter what i touched.
Sometimes i would wonder how she was coping. A hard topic to set my mind to. Maybe she was Ok?living a normal, happy life. Like i always...
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posted by elinochka
嘿 people!
So i decided to write a 粉丝 fiction dedicated to Jacob/Rosalie..Both are my 最喜爱的 characters..Also i think they will be hilarious and hot together..
Enjoy :)

Main Characters:Jacob Black,Rosalie Hale,Bella Swan,Edward Culled,Alice Cullen,Jasper Hale and lots more..
Rosalie and Bella are best friends..(both are vampires)
Bella is dating Edward,who is human.Rosalie dont like him.Jacob is Edward's best friend and he is warewolf..Jacob and Rosalie cant stand each other,because of vampire/warewolf cold war..You probably will want to know how Bella and Rosalie became a vampires..Well...
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This is a Fanfic I'm working on, called When Worlds Collide. I'm posting the link, hoping everybody will give it a chance.
It has over 10,000 查看 and almost 300 reviews so far!
In my story, Edward is a smart over achiever, Emmett is in jail, and Bella is a mysterious 下一个 door neighbor with some issues.
Edward has to decide if he's going to risk everything for Bella, 或者 if he's going to continue to please everybody around him and forget about her.
It's E/B AU-AH with heavy drama. I hope 你 take a look at at!!

LINK---> link
I don't really care for Jacob that much, but this a scene that I've always wanted to see written: Jacob's wedding with Nessie. Now, I'm not the best writer in the world, so please don't judge too harshly:

Renesmee sat on the living room 长椅, 沙发 with Jacob's arm tight around her waist. Beside them sat Alice, a big pile of bridal magazines in her lap.
"I just can't believe 你 two are getting married already," she gushed, flipping through the glossy pages of a Modern Bride issue. "It seems like just yesterday Ness was still in diapers. Oh, where has the time gone?"
Renesmee rolled her eyes.
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posted by LexisFaith
The 下一个 morning I woke up and gripped the sheets beside of me. Hoping for Jacob all my hand swept across was a small peice of paper. I forced my eyes open and unfolded the paper.

Happy Birthday! I thought we would do something just me and 你 for your birthday before your party tonight. Put on your swim suit and meet me at First Beach. Don't forget your sunscreen; it's kind of hot out today.
I 爱情 you,

I quickly got up and brushed my teeth. I put on my 粉, 粉色 ruffled bikini, the one Alice had insisted I get for those "you and jake" days.
I laughed to my self at how right she was...
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posted by MadisonAmpt
Having trouble. but this is a long one

I woke up on a hard freezing cold floor with a killer head ache. i slowly got up and stood there waiting for the dizziness to go away. Its pitch black i cant see a thing, am i dead? what the hell happened? where am i? i have a thousand 问题 running through my head and i dont have an answer for any of them. I decided i had been standing here for long enough and started to walk around, until i ran straight into a 墙 and fell right on my bum. "Shit" i whispered under my breath. i got up and felt the 墙 with my hands. i kept walking wile tracing my...
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posted by alicecullen91
I thought the movie was great! If i had to rate this movie it would be an A.
Acting: B+
Directing: A
Story: A

My 最喜爱的 parts have to be:
+the 接吻 scene
+how the movie started
+how the movie ended (good cliffy)
+the baseball scene (very funny)
+the prom
+bella tellimg charlie that she a 日期 with edward.
+the meadow

My least 最喜爱的 parts are:
- how edward acted soooo dramatic at the meadow
-the hospital scene at the end of the movie (a little 更多 detail needed to be added)
-the WAY too fake flying and running with bella.

thanks to the movie, i really enjoyed some of the characters in the book, for...
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posted by moolah
Chapter Two:
Lexy’s P.O.V:
I sat on the 表 in Grandpa’s room with my iphone in hand-texting Renesmee. Renesmee apparently was trying to get Jacob to shut up about their movie night movie: ‘The Hangover’. ‘I heard that movie was stupid.’ I texted her. I sighed and waited for Grandpa to come in. My father was pacing back and forth running his hands through his hair. “What the hell is going on?” I asked. “You’re getting checked out.” I looked at him strangely, “Why?” He rolled his eyes, “Lex, your condom broke and your on NEW birth control…there are signs.” My...
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posted by countrygirl2008
Some say once 你 start your life as a vampire 你 gradually forget your human life over time.That's not my case.I remember clearly like it was yesterday.
I was born in the early 1640's .My father Xviar was an angelican pastor.His hobby which was also his life was killing 吸血鬼 and werewolves.He was devoted to it.More than he was to us.My mother Rebecca was a 首页 maker.She was loved 由 me and the farm hands.After i was born she couldnt have any 更多 kids.So i was her one and only child.Her light.I loved spending time with my mother in the 厨房 或者 hanging around and helping the farm hands.The...
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posted by Imyselfandme
Recently Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattionson with a man named Rupert Sanders:a man who is 40 years of age,has 2 kids and a wife who I may say is a model. The opinion varies on this news;some say that the 照片 were photoshopped,and she is just admiting that she did it to save herself.That is obviously wrong because she admits of her doing.Some say that she is preety pathetic for doing this-for cheating on Rob- she had everything:the perfect life,the most faithful boyfriend in the world.(True fact:over 56 million people are obsessive over him;even the 40 年 olds!) 或者 was Kristen...
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posted by tigerlover657
The fantastic 作者 of the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer, makes a tough decision on who 你 would choose. 或者 更多 importantly who Bella will choose. Jacob 或者 Edward? She certainly is in less danger if she is with Jacob. But it is almost evened out. If she stands too close to Jacob when he is mad, he might just kill her, too. But if she is with Edward, who always craves for her blood 更多 than any other vampire, she might just get killed in that situation too. The 作者 wants to make it clear that its a very tough decision. I mean who would 你 choose? My 老友记 and I have already chosen Jacob. But a lot of people say Edward. I still haven't let go of Edward, but I still think that Jacob is a better decison. Who will 你 choose? And 更多 importantly, who will Bella choose?
posted by chocolate-bear
I found this hilarious 列表 on bellaandedward.com. Enjoy :)

Things Bella Would Never Say
1) Edward, drive faster! (Sent in by: Michelle)
2) Edward, I hate 你 and I don't 爱情 你 any more. (Sent in by: McKenna)
3) I hate Edward (Sent in by: Emma)
4) Charlie, could 你 cook dinner? (Sent in by: Jade)
5) Lets go live in Florida! (Sent in by: Brenna)
6) I'm in 爱情 with Sam Uley. (Sent in by: Brenna)
7) 你 know what, I think this is only a crush, Edward! (Sent in by: Brooke)
8) Give me a makeover Alice! (Sent in by: Riza)
9) Mike is the hottest guy on earth! (Sent in by: Lilyn)
10) Edward -- I'm sorry,...
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Hello Dear Reader,
I am 写作 an original novel and I wanted people to at least hear the word of it before I tried to get it out in the world. It's called "The Death Contracts, Vol. 1: GLIMPSE" and it's the story of the main character named Astrid Marker.
The reason why I'm posting this link everywhere I know possible is because I want fans. Desperate? No. 更多 like curious to see how many people can review what I have so far and tell me what they think. I have the first 8 Chapters 发布 on my 个人资料 at the website figment.com, the link to it plus the synopsis is straight below, but I wanted...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Description: Post breaking dawn. Bella is reborn to a vampire and forever is ahead. All never expected a vampiric power so scandalous as Bella’s. What does a vampire and the vampire world do with a vampire who can still reproduce? Reproduce their own. Born with the most envious powers known to the vampire world?

Okay guys this idea might sound absolutely stupid to some people, but I’ve wanted to explore this. Because I’m a romantic and savior the moments and turn them precious.
I own no rights to the characters, plot 或者 copyright of the Twilight franchise 或者 of the Twilight saga itself....
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posted by babycake415
I LOVED this book series! The 秒 I picked up, I was done. I just couldn't put it down! I'm sorry but Harry Potter 移动 aside! The way the 作者 used such detail was amazing I loved it. I wish to one 日 see the 电影院 but for now Ill just keep on 阅读 like the nerd I am. I got all my 老友记 sucked into it and many of them very much enjoy it.
I think in the whole series, my 最喜爱的 character was Nellie we didnt get much of a glimpse about her but i was fascinated 由 her.