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Here is chapter 11.. Sorry teh others have been short!!!! Hope 你 like it. Please read, rate, 评论 and Enjoy!!!!


Edward’s POV

I don’t know why I ran, but I did. And now that I think about it, it was one of the stupidest things I did.
I was nearly half way 首页 when I heard someone following me, so I went even faster.
“Edward, I 爱情 you” She screamed. I stopped abruptly. Then I thought about it.
“Bella?” I 说 in my head, confused.
“I 爱情 you” I felt the force that she put into it. She was struggling 更多 than me.
I ran back and stopped about a hundred ft away from her. She was crumpled on the ground, crying tearless sobs.
When she heard me she picked herself up off the ground, still facing away from me. I ran over to her then, and the millisecond I touched her, the huge hole in my 心 disappeared.
“I’m sorry” She said, God knows why she was saying she’s sorry, I was the one that killed her parents. But we stayed like that for hours, catching up on the time we missed.
“I’m sorry Edward, I’m so sorry” she whispered to me so softly it was hard to understand.
    Then all of a sudden she went limp, 吸血鬼 don’t just faint, its not what they do. I turned her around to face me. She was so pale I could see right through her skin. I started shaking her,
“Bella, Bella, can 你 hear me? Bella wake up!” but she stayed as white and as still as a statue.
I picked her up and started running. I needed to get her back to Carlisle. I had never seen a vampire faint, it was impossible. Well obviously not.
When I was 200 ft away from the house I started screaming Carlisle.
“Carlisle, Carlisle, Help me!” I screamed with all the strength I had left in me. All of them came rushing out. Alice squealed with 欢乐合唱团 but cut it off short when she saw Bella.
“What happened, Edward” Carlisle murmured, already taking Bella from me and taking her upstairs to the Medical Room.
So I explained, that I ran away, she followed me and I heard her scream so I turned around. Then when I got near her I hugged her and we stayed like that for hours. Then, suddenly she went limp. Rosealie stared at me like I was some kind of geek.
“You RAN away from her?” Alice and Rosealie 说 at the same time. Oh dear, here goes.
“Why did 你 do that 你 half brained moronic vampire? She would have been desperate to see you, but no, 你 run away and then she faints in your arms. I don’t think that’s right do 你 Alice?” Rosealie shrieked at me.
But Alice was far away at this point, trying to suss out Bella’s future.
“I can’t see anything, Edward. It looks as if she is going to die” Alice whispered. I went straight over to Bella.
“Come on Bella, 你 can make it.” I 说 in my head, hoping that she could hear.

Bella’s POV

All I could see was black. But I could here them talking about me in hushed whispers. Edward was constantly speaking to me, telling me to wake up. But I couldn’t, I physically couldn’t. I didn’t feel anything, I was paralysed.
Suddenly, I heard something,
“Bella, I 爱情 you” It 说 in a tone that was close to crying. I gasped, taking in a huge breath.
Edward gasped, “Bella, wake up. I 爱情 you” I took in a huge breath again.
“I 爱情 you, I 爱情 you, I 爱情 you” He pleaded. I opened my eyes gently.
“Edward, 你 ran away from me. Why?” I whispered so quietly that it was hardly audible.
“I thought 你 wouldn’t 爱情 me anymore, so I ran away from you” he 说 softly “but I 爱情 你 Bella.”
He kissed me on my lips, I gasped and started clinging to him. Emmett and Jasper started covering theirs laughs with coughs very poorly and then I remembered we weren’t alone.
    Carlisle started to ask me question, and I answered. But all the time my eyes were on Edward’s.
“Please, never leave me Edward” I 说 in my head. I was surprised I could still speak to Edward in my head. Everything we now said, we 说 in our heads. Alice, Emmett and Rosealie didn’t like this at all.
“I agree with Emmett now, please can 你 speak aloud” Alice moaned.
“Please, it gets very irritating guys” Rosealie repeated.
“We need some privacy guys, 你 should understand” Edward and I smirked at this.
We had our eyes fixed on each others for hours. Then we went hunting. We only caught two elks before we were in each others arms on our special huge rock.
“Edward, can we go and visit the Denali coven, again” I whispered smoothly into his ear.
“Yeah, why?” He whispered back, 接吻 me under my jaw and on my throat.
“To apologize mostly, but I like them” I chuckled at this, I don’t know why.
    We sat there for hours watching the stars sparkle and the sun rise. We spent the say on the rock, talking. When nightfall came again we entwined ourselves into each other. When moonlight covered us, Edward suddenly jumped away.
“Stay there” he whispered and kissed me, the electricity buzzed through me. So I sat there like a good girl. I didn’t know when he was back but I snapped out of my trance and felt his strong arms around me.
“Where did 你 go?” I asked, he didn’t look any different.
“To get this” He pulled a little black box out of his pocket and stood me up onto my feet.
I suddenly felt really dizzy again, and started stumbling across the rock. Before I knew it, I was flying down the side of the cliff. I hit the ground with a smack. ‘I had just fallen off a cliff’ I thought to myself. I picked myself up and Edward was at my side, laughing.
“I don’t know what 你 find funny, mate” I smirked.
“You…just…fell off… a cliff”
“Duhh” bad idea this brought on a whole new round of hysterics. I was getting very annoyed at him now.
“What did 你 want to tell me?”
“Follow me” and he took my hand and dragged us back to our rock.
“Bella, this is what I was going to ask 你 before 你 fell off the cliff.” he started to chuckle, but instantly stopped when I started hissing at him.
    He got down on one knee. Oh no. No no no no no.
“Bella will 你 marry me?” He smiled the most dazzling smile that I started to feel dizzy again, but Edward saved me. What was wrong with me?
“Edward, I’m 16” Edward nodded. “So…I’m a bit young”
“Yes, I know, but you’ll never age” he winked.
“Well I guess in that case then, I suppose I have to say yes” I smiled and I was truly happy.
“No need to be so sarcastic” Edward mumbled in between 接吻 me.
“Sorry, just a habit” He laughed.
We were in our own little world, when suddenly, I tripped and we both fell off the cliff. When we got to the bottom, Edward ignored the fact that we had just fallen off a cliff and started 接吻 me again.
“I 爱情 你 Edward Cullen” I whispered into his ear while he kissed my throat.
“I 爱情 你 too soon to be Mrs Cullen” he chuckled at this and picked me up and ran home. I hugged him so hard I was surprised he didn’t complain.
    “Should we tell the others?” I said.
“Well try keeping that from their eyes” he 说 pointing towards the ring. It was beautiful. There was a huge diamond in the middle surrounded 由 little diamonds. I wondered where he got it from.
“It was my mothers” he 说 calmly.
“It really is beautiful Edward, thank you” I kissed his cheek. We were still running home. I felt him jump over the river. When we got inside Alice pouted.
“Do 你 have something to say to us Edward and Bella?”
“Umm, no not really” Edward smirked.
Rosealie gasped, “W-O-W” she 说 sounding breathless. Emmett was at her side in seconds.
“What is it?” Emmett 说 cupping Rosealie’s face in his hands.
“It not to do with me its her” she sounded gob smacked.
“Look at her finger” Suddenly everyone gasped. I shoved my head into Edward’s chest. I didn’t like people gawping over me. He started laughing a throaty laugh.
“Well at least none of them fainted, Bella” Edward 说 quietly. I punched him in the arm.
“What do 你 mean?” Emmett said, he loved it when people made a fool out of themselves.
“When I proposed, Bella fell of the cliff. Then after I had got the ring on her, I was 接吻 her, and we both fell off” I knew Emmett was never going to let go of this.
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This is a pretty long one...regardless, I hope 你 爱情 it as much as the other 5. Chapter 7 is in the making!!!!!!!!!

My night was almost sleepless. Ever since I found out that I loved Jacob, all I could do was think about him, preventing me to sleep. Once 或者 twice I swear I saw him looking through my window, but that was probably just my imagination running wild.
After giving up on sleep, I got up early, dressing in faded blue jeans and an old top. It would kill Aunt Alice, but I was going to be covered in paint soon anyways. I didn't have to be at the meeting room until four, so I was free...
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