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I've gotta say, when I walked into the theater, I kept saying to myself, "it's a low-budget film. It's a four hundred whatever book crammed into two hours..." 你 get the point. I wasn't expecting the movie to be as great as the book (Duh!). However, the movie turned out better than I expected! I actually loved it and I'm planning on seeing it again!

The Characters

I loved how Robert actually portrayed Edward. It was exactly how I pictured him. He was defiantly creepy. I mean, appearing in her room and just standing there, but it was how I thought of Edward. I remember 阅读 the book and actually telling my sister (who already read it at the time), "Wow, Edward is really creepy and seems like a douche bag." All she 说 in return was, "you'll 爱情 him." And obviously, I did. He was so unbelievably perfect. Even if the rest of this movie sucked, Robert's performance is what saved it. Besides, he was so gorgeous. I couldn't be any happier that they picked him. I probably have a lot 更多 to say, but I'm just so happy and excited to get this out that.

Kristen was amazing. She always does great in every movie she's been in and this was perfect. She was so much like Bella. Bella didn't seem as clumsy though. 你 could tell she was but it just didn't seem like it. I don't know what else there is to say about her besides that she did such a great job. I'm so amazingly happy that she got the part of Bella.

I wished that they had a bigger part, but what can 你 do about it. Jackson as Jasper was perfect; the pained look he always seemed to have when around humans. Nikki acted like the perfect Rosalie, 表演 like that cold hearted 婊子, 子 that she is and I loved it. Ashley and Kellen as Alice and Emmett were great! Emmett had his funny lines and Alice was her cute little self. I loved how she pitched the baseball during that scene. Peter and Elizabeth as Carlisle and Emse were of course great. Carlisle seemed to have 更多 parts than the rest of the Cullens (besides Edward of course). Esme is so beautiful and motherly that she has bumped up higher onto my 最喜爱的 characters list.

I'm kinda sad that they didn't 显示 a whole lot with the Nomads. Edi didn't have that big of a part but now that I think about it, none of the three really did. I mean, they added scenes with the three of them hunting people but they don't really 显示 你 them. James has such a rockin body though. When he 说 that line "You have a nice jacket," I couldn't stop myself from saying (aloud no less), "And 你 have a hot bod!" Everyone around me started laughing, which caused me to blush a little since I'm not that type to talk during a movie. Victoria was a little too pretty, but she did have that fierce look to her. They did do a great job though, I was actually surprised.

Half the theater started groaning and laughing as soon as they showed Jacob for the first time. I myself 说 "Ew." I am in no way a Jacob fan. He kinda ruined the prom scene just 由 展示 up. I've gotta admit though, Taylor did a better job as Jacob than I expected. I expected his voice to be high and fruity like it usually is, but he surprised me. I still don't like him though (no offense to any Jacob fans).

I LOVED Mike and Eric. Eric just was a funny character and Mike as some serious dancing moves (referring to the part where he's dancing outside the 餐车, 晚餐, 小餐馆 window) I was laughing so hard. I like Mike actually. He was pretty hot and I loved his voice; he sounded better than Jacob. Angela and Jessica seamed the same as they did in the books. Nothing really different with them.

I LOVED CHARLIE!! I thought Billy Burke did such a great job. He really did capture that "awkward" dad. I started feeling so bad for him when Bella was packing up and leaving. He was trying to find some excuse, any excuse to keep Bella in Forks.

Any characters I missed? I can't think very straight right now.

There were many funny parts and very romantic parts as well. All the action starts up during the baseball scene (which is one of my 最喜爱的 scenes!).

The beginning seemed fast moving but it felt that way while 阅读 the book (well, to me at least). They added all the important parts, left out a few things and all the while trying to keep 粉丝 happy. I laughed so HARD at the biology scene; when Bella first entered the classroom. Edwards reaction was PRICELESS!

The "Meadow" Scene wasn't what I expected but I loved it. They way he sparkled was strange but it was WAY better than what I was expecting (remember, it's a low-budget film!). I liked the movie version better actually. It really showed how Edward really was, how he really thought of himself. And yes, he actually did sparkle in the meadow itself. Just his face though. Edwards 衬衫 wasn't opened all the way but just enough for 你 to get a good look and it's enough of letting 你 imagine running your fingers over his chest and stomach. Personally, I was disappointed that they cut out Robs "happy trail." What? I 爱情 his happy trail... x)

The 接吻 scene was great too. At first you're thinking "T-t-t-today junior," just because he's moving in so slowly, going at his own pace, testing himself. I was thinking that Bella would just launch herself at him because he was taking so long. It was great though. They really got into it and I swear, the theater started heating up a little. I could tell people were actually holding their breath. Maybe it wasn't as great as people were hoping for, but I thought it was hot. And that was also the first night that Edward stayed (with her knowledge). It was funny to watch his facial expressions as she cuddles up to him while she's sleeping. It was just plain adorable.

The baseball scene was AMAZING! I loved it. They did such a great job at that scene. I don't know what to say about it. It was done exactly how I pictured it.

The Ballet scene was hot too. Edward and James fighting was brilliant. That look Edward had in his eyes after James had bitten Bella was so beautifully heartbreaking. I loved the effects they showed when Bella was bitten, like you're actually seeing the pain she's going through. I also loved like the "flashbacks" they showed as they transitioned from the ballet to the hospital. And Rob's song "Let me Sign" was indeed a weird spot to put it as background 音乐 but it sounded so perfect and lovely at the same time. I really wanted to cry at that point. Just the way that one scene was. OH! They also showed this part where Bella actually imagined Edward biting her. It looked all retro and I actually like it.

The prom, oh the prom. It was cute. What can I say? I loved it. x)

What else is there? I'm kinda tired so sorry if this whole thing isn't making much sense. I think I covered all the main things.

They did 显示 things in the trailers and TV spots that aren't even in the movie. Like when Emmett says, "she's not one of us Edward." That might be part of deleted scenes though (I'm hoping). I noticed also that Edward and Bella never say those three little words "I 爱情 you" at all. Not that I can recall anyways.

There are differences between the book and movie, but what did 你 expect. They did what they had to do in order for the MOVIE to work. If Stephanie Meyer is happy with everything they did, then I'm happy. I'm just happy they even did a movie. It's like what Rob said. Those who are true hardcore Twilight fans, are those who don't really stalk the actors and ask silly 问题 like "bite me?" True 粉丝 won't pick out every little difference; they'd just sit back and enjoy the movie. Which I do and did. I saw differences and sometimes disappointed with certain things, but hey, it's the movie and they didn't stray away from the book; they stayed pretty true to it. I loved the movie, and if 你 think it sucked 或者 that it will suck (depending if you've seen it 或者 not), all the hot guys in the movie are enough reason to see it at least once.

I give it 9/10
Four and a half stars out of five.
It was great and I'm totally going to go see it again because once is truly not enough. x)
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Okay so I was just looking through my pictures, and I found this:

 Characters Heights
Characters Heights

I can't remember where I got it from (possibly edwardandbella.com?) but I just thought it as really interesting.
I mean look how small Alice is, when the book says she's small I didn't think she'd be that much smaller than Bella.
And look how tall Jacob is...hmm maybe he would win in a fight against Edward...maybe not, Edward is good at everything afterall.
So anyway, I just thought it would be useful for people who have trouble picturing the characters heights -like me :).
Tell me what 你 think- does it help at all??
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they ask Rob and Kristen what the best part of working on twilight was...
This is Made 由 Tiffany666 (she's amazing)
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