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Chapter 10: Father’s 爱情
Bella’s POV
Rosalie and I were planning another 日 of bonding, but we needed a date. So I left Rosalie to call Charlie. I grabbed the house phone and dialed my 首页 number; Charlie picked up on the third ring.
“Hello? Bells?” I heard him say.
“Yea, dad, it’s me. Can I stay at the Cullen’s house tonight?” I asked blatantly.
“Absolutely not young lady. I will not permit 你 to be tempted Into sleeping with Edward.” Charlie barked.
“dad, I meant can I have a sleepover with Rosalie and Alice?” I 说 knowing Alice was his weak point.
“Uh, bells, will...
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Hi! This chapter will have Jane's POV in it. I didn't have anything good to do so, I decided to write it in drama class. Enjoy it because I'm having writer's block and I might not be able to write stuff for a long time. Maybe 你 guys can give me ideas. Enjoy!

Chapter 10
Jane's POV

Caius and I had been planning this for decades. I only wished Alec were here to see it. But never mind Alec for now. This was my moment. My triumph. Caius and I walked down to the room where Aro and Marcus were. "Jane, dear one"!, Aro said. "Marcus and I were just talking about you. Weren't we Marcus"? Marcus nodded....
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Ch 8 My Sick Days

A/N: I own no characters.
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Sorry to keep 你 waiting so long. There's a bunch of excuses and I know 你 don't want to hear them!

Bella POV

Finally, I woke up. It was 3:00 AM. I wondered how I had slept so late.

I wrote Charlie a note. Explaining I was sick and would not go to school the 下一个 day, or, technically, today. I felt really crappy. And, my head hurt! At least I had something to distract me from my heart.

Anytime I even thought of them, the little edges around the hole would tear and burn. Sometimes, I even regretted ever finding out who they were. I mean,...
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Hey! I got bored one 日 and started to write about when Bella becomes a vampire, I picked up from New Moon where Bella puts her mortality to a vote! I really hope that 你 like it!

1. A New Life

Carlisle nodded toward me. "The floor is yours." I swallowed. Their gazing eyes made me nervous. Edward took my hand under the table. I peeked at him, but he was watching the others, his face suddenly fierce.
"Well," I paused. "I'm hoping Alice has already told 你 everything that happened in Volterra?" "Everything," Alice assured me. I threw her a meaningful look. "And everything on the way?" "That,...
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Hi, this is the 17th chapter of My True Love. Some of 你 may have not read it, if 你 havent then please read on, but 你 might want to go and check out the others first (they are all on my page) the next-and last!- chapter will be 发布 in a few days so, keep and eye out and I hope 你 enjoy!
Love Twilightsauce

We had all come here for a picnic today, in the meadow, because it was a sunny day. We were all here the whole pack and all of the Cullen’s. The meadow was deserted and it looked peaceful and serene with 彩虹 spots dancing around.
Nessie was heavily pregnant and our baby was due...
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Hi! I am doing really well on this story! As some of 你 probably know, I will be going to 伦敦 on the first of July so, I will try to post some 更新 but, I'm not promising anything. Enjoy chapter 18!

Chapter 18
Bella's POV

After I had finished my food,(James watched me like a hawk the whole time that I was eating)James scooped me up in his lap. "Do 你 want to know how I am alive, Bella"? I decided to humor him. And I really was curious. "Ok". He smiled. "I escaped after Edward and his family came to rescue you. Edward only told 你 that I was dead because he knew that that was what you...
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I opened my eyes, I moaned once I saw Alice peering over me. “You sleep like that dead” She told me. I rolled my eyes and got up, Alice pushed me back down. “Edward 说 that I had to make sure 你 got your sleep” She said, I couldn’t help but smile. “What time is it?” I asked. She rolled her eyes. “He’s not 首页 yet” She said. “Well you’re the one who can tell the future when is her coming back?” I asked she crossed her arms on her chest. I rolled my eyes and hugged her, she didn’t hug me back. “I’m sorry, Alice 你 are the best babysitter ever” I said, she...
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Sup people! Here is Chapter 3 of Bella Becomes A Vampire! I hope 你 like it! Don't forget to leave a 评论 telling me how much 你 like it!

3. Newborns

When we got up to Edward's room, I shut the door behind us. Edward leaned in slowly, our lips met, I twisted my fingers into his hair as he did mine. He threw me on the couch, this 吻乐队(Kiss) was a little over his line of security, but he didn't seem to care. We were both on the couch, our fingers interwound in each other's hair. All of a sudden Emmett's voice boomed into the room below us. The 吻乐队(Kiss) stopped abdruptly and we looked at each other....
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Hi! I have so much to do before London! I am having a little writer's block at the moment so, it might be a while until the nest chapter is written. Enjoy!

Chapter 20
Bella's POV

I couldn't believe it. Jasper's creator. And James was 老友记 with her. Maria smiled sweetly. She reminded me of Jane. "James tells me that 你 know my Jasper. Tell me Bella, how is he"? I tried to find my voice, but failed. "She's speechless"., James said. "No doubt Jasper told her about me. Shall I 显示 你 to your room"? "Of course. Come on, Bella". James took my hand and followed Maria up a long winding staircase....
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Breaking Dawn is over, but the story isn't.

Edward's POV

As I listened to Renesmee telling my angel, Bella, and I about her 日 with Jacob, I thought about my memories of Bella from when she was not a vampire. When she was a soft, warm, fragile human. First, I thought of the first time I took her to my, now our, meadow. Then I thought of the first time I took her to Carlisle and Esme's house. Finally, one of my very 最喜爱的 memories, our beautiful wedding. I wasn't in any hurry to admit it to Alice, but it was a lot better than I thought it would be. Also, I didn't want to tell Bella, but...
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Hey. I need to get this over with quickly. My mom is hurrying me up so, I have chappies 1 and 2 to do. Please review. I like reviews!

Chapter 1

"I don't see why I have this many choices. Couldn't I just pick one randomly"?, I asked my soon-to-be sister-in-law Alice."Silly Bella", Alice said."Don't 你 know that everything has to be perfect for this wedding? Even you? I won't stop untill we consider ALL the veil possibilities"! I groaned. "But there are so many"! "So, we'll just buy them all and you'll try them on tomorrow". "Oh goody. Even better". I replied.

I have to go now. I'm sorry that I didn't get it all down but, I'll continue it tomorrow. I promise:D
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Hi! I have nothing to say except... enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 29
Bella's POV

"You 爱情 me"?, I asked. He smiled and nodded. "Really"? I just couldn't grasp the concept. "I 爱情 你 Bella Swan. Really. Honestly. And 你 爱情 me too". He 说 the last bit smugly. He was so sure of himself. I shrugged my shoulders. "I think I'm going to make 你 晚餐 tonight"., he said. "No. 你 don't have to do that". "I want to. Besides, 你 shouldn't be near the stove in your condition". "Fine". It carried on like this for the 下一个 six days. On the seventh day... James was off hunting and I was at 首页 with...
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"Umm I dunno" I laughed we were all playing poker and I had beat everyone else 13 hands to seven and Alice had just asked me how I knew how to play poker as I had never played it before.
"You and Edward must Be practicing At night since there is nothing exciting for 你 to do. I mean Nessi's Moved in with Jake and only comes round every 日 so what else can there be to do?" Jasper howled with laughter at Emmets Snide comment. I rolled my eyes, laughed then retorted " well Emmet at Least Edward Is not on a six 月 ban." I sniggered as Emmets face clouded over and he sulked.

Then my phone rang...
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Hi! The story is coming along great! Thank 你 to all of 你 who are 阅读 this story for your nice reviews! Just to answer some of your questions, James and Bella will fall in 爱情 but, don't worry. There will be a part with Edward in the story. A major one. I just need to think of how I'm going to do it. Now, on to the story!

Chapter 5
James' POV

As I watched Bella fall asleep, I couldn't help but notice that she was a vocal dreamer. Of course, I didn't really care about her. She was just like Victoria was to me. A useful partner, nothing more. I just wanted to get revenge against Edward....
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Disclaimer: I don't own any twilight characters

Rosalie's POV

I was sitting in the living room, snuggling with my teddy 熊 of a husband, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my middle toe. I sighed when I realized what it was.
"Baby I'm going to the bathroom, I have to take care of something" I 说 to emmett
"Rose, if you're going in there to put on 更多 makeup,don't. 你 look perfectly fine and sexy".
I rolled my eyes at him, but smiled. " No thats not what i have to do but thanks for the compliment sweetie. I'll be out in a minute"
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Hi! This is the 秒 chapter for today! I will be all caught up after this and then, I will write more! Enjoy!

Chapter 32
Bella's POV

"Hunting"?, I asked. Edward nodded. "Would I hunt humans 或者 animals"? It was a stupid question. "Animals. James and I talked". "Ok". "And then, we'll see Savannah". "Ok". "Hang on"!, Alice said. "What"?, I asked. "No Alice". "Edward, we had an agreement". "Fine". "What"?, I asked again fearfully. Alice took my hand. "Come on, you'll see". I did see. Alice dressed me up like a 芭比娃娃 doll. Again. "Ok. Now look". She steered me toward a mirror. I looked in the...
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