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I wanted to share with 你 what I think should have happened when Mike discovers his MPD. So here we go.
It was another Sunday afternoon and 10 年 old, Mike was working on homework. He was learning how to divide numbers. "OK, so what is 42 divided 由 6" thought Mike. "Oh yeah,7". Mike puts down the answer. "Great, finished". Mike put away his homework and walked into the family room. His dad was 阅读 a book and his mom was watching T.V. "Mom, I'm done with my homework. "said Mike. "Great Mikey. We're going out to lunch. Where do you...
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I realized that I have at least one thing in common with every TDROTI character. So i decided to share them with you.

Zoey- I'm sweet and I really hate jocks.

Mike- I'm crazy, but I'm also really cool and a nice person.

Dawn- I really connect with nature and animals.

Cameron- I'm kinda a nerd.

Brick- I'm tough, but i have a good heart.

Dakota- I like having my picture taken.

B(Beverly)- I don't talk a lot.

Sam- I play a lot of video games.

Jo- I like exercising and to beat boys.

Lightning- I'm a sports person. I like to be captain.

Anne Maria- I like fashion and messing with my hair.

Staci- I lie to make my life better.

Scott- I can be mean when I want to.
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Yep, I'm doing a Mike story! :D

Alright, so, in episode 9, when Mike was battling his other personalities in his mind, at a certain time, 你 could see a dark shadow of him appear for a brief 秒 before it disappears. I thought about it, and, bing bang, this story was born! ((I always had this story for him in the back of my mind though...)) Anyway, here's my story! :D

“Something doesn't feel right.” I think as I gaze into the elimination ceremonies fire.

Despite the crappy parts of having to do whatever Scott 说 so he wouldn't tell Zoey – the now and forever 爱情 of my life – that...
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 The 项链
The Necklace
Chapter 2 of The 项链 . Sorry it took so long to post. I've been really busy. Well, enjoy.
George opened the folder and began to look through it, in hope that he'll find out 更多 about this 项链 thing. "No. No. No, not that one. Nope. Hello. What's this?". He had just stumbled apon information about his new daughter's partner and his parents. "Hm... Manitoba Smith. Lives in...". George paused. "Australia?". He was confused. He thought Svetlana's partner was going to be in Russia, not in another continent, but as much as George...
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 Commando Mike
Commando Mike
This story was inspired 由 a 粉丝 who sent me art work on my 脸谱 Page, Zoey Total Drama Revenge of the Island. Check it out if 你 have a Facebook. I hope 你 like this story. I might me rusty because I haven't written a story in so long, so enjoy. I also want to say about this story that Mike and Zoey are in college, but it's during the summer. Also, It's in short chapters

Chapter 1
It was just another 日 at the psychiatrist. Zoey was waiting for Mike to come out through the doors of the office. There...
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This is mike's feelings for zoey.
Enjoy :)
Zoey when i look in your eyes i get 迷失 in what am thinking of. The wind blows slow but when am around 你 everything just change.
I can't say a word when i hold your hands.Everything revoles around me when am with you. In the first time i saw 你 in episode 1 i could do nothing but look intoo your face.
man i try to say something but i had no word.
I 显示 你 that i care about how 你 are,
I can not so i walk away with nothing
But 你 without 你 am nothing
zoey 你 are all of my dreams of joy i can't wonder where am going to be from 你 in me
But for now let's stay together
i have to say a ''four letter word'' to you
My 心 beats faster when 你 hold my hand
now forever and today zoey 你 are my number one!
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