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It was the first 日 of high school and courtney was sitting in her 台, 办公桌 由 her best 老友记 bridgette and leshawna and her boyfriend duncan who is sitting behide her. see courtney is still a CIT and she has longer hair about to her back and she was wearing a tank 最佳, 返回页首 with a picture of a red rose and the letter on it 说 bad girl and short pants. but the only thing she want to be is a leader of the cheerleader and she was all ready a CIT. 嘿 courtney. 说 bridgette 嘿 bridgette. 说 courtney so are 你 ready to meet our new teacher courtney. 说 bridgette yeah total. 说 courtney well down get your hopes up i heard that she a nice teacher. 说 bridgette then teacher came in. hello kids. my name is Toot portia but 你 can call me Mrs.portia. so let start on learn about math. 说 Mrs.portia it was four hours... ok class time for lauch. chr.2 lauch time
Courtney was feeling down on herself after almost being kicked off
again. She was still sitting 由 the campfire pit and it was beginning
to get dark outside. ‘How could I be so pathetic?’ She walked over to
the dock of shame and sat at the end of the dock. “I should’ve been
walking own this thing today.” She heard the boards of the dock
creak. “Whoever is thee just leave me alone!” she shouted.

“Hey princess, why so glum?” She’s recognize that voice. Duncan…
what does he want? He came to bother her once again. Courtney let
out a big sigh.

“I wasn’t aware 你 knew how...
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A few weeks later. Courtney and Duncan are watching a movie in Duncan's house... and It's late. Courtney has a little belly, but, she always is changing her humor, making her pregnancy 更多 obvious.

Courtney: AAAAAA! Why we are watching this? I hate terror movies!
Duncan: Here we go again... Courtney, 10 分钟 以前 你 told me that 你 want to see this!
Courtney:*crying* but Duncan, 你 don't understand me! this is a difficult moment in my life!!
Duncan: Alright, 你 don't need to be so melodramatic! If 你 want to see other movie, it's ok. but it's late and the video store it's close. Stop crying,...
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posted by Duncan_Courtney
I have SO MANY DAMN PICUTRES! so here's a few. Just tell me if 你 need more, ;D I got tons!

don't mind all this crap I juat have 2 make it longer

If 你 were soooooo ticked off at Harold when he switched the 得票数 to vote off Courtney, just to get back at Duncan, copy and paste this onto your profile.
If you're getting anxious to see the TDA episode when Courtney comes back so there'll be 更多 D/C drama, copy and paste this onto your profile.
If 你 爱情 FanFiction 或者 YouTube, copy and paste this onto your profile.
!eliforp ruoy otni siht etsap dna ypoc ,sdrawkcab siht daer ot hguone trams era...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
The sun was high in the sky, its about 4:30 PM. Tomorrow my flight is at….ummm….
“Um what time dose the plane leave again???” I asked as I stood before my open suite case double checking I have everything I will need for Spain. “Plane takes off at 8 AM, we get there 由 7, and we leave your house at 6 so wake up at like 5.” Trent replied entering my room with my cell phone and charger. “Forgot already? My sister Ashly ran 你 threw it like what 35 times?” He was right I was told 35 times how the schedule would be. “I just wanted to make sure” I lied threw my teeth, cause I...
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posted by soxfan89
Chris:Here's 日 1 Of The Campers Being Babies. Ok, It's Playtime Now.
Lindsay:Yay, Playtime!
Owen:This Teddy Is Mine.
Gwen:I Get Dibs On The Dump Truck!
Courtney:I Get Raggedy Ann!
Heather:I'll Take Raggedy Andy!
Duncan:I'll Get The 帽 Gun.
Trent:I'll Get A Book.
Izzy:I Have The Ball.
Bridgette:I Got The Police Car!
Geoff:Squirt Gun.
Noah:Panda Bear. (Hugs Panda)
DJ:Polar Bear.
Sadie And Katie:Flamingo!
Alejandro:I'll Get The 袜子 Puppet.
Sierra:Choo-Choo Train.
Ezekial:Lincoln Logs.
Eva:Don't Want To Play!
Beth:Laguna 海滩 Debbie.
Justin:Fire Truck!
Blaineley:Yellow School Bus!
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posted by Mariolover30
18th. Larpers
17th. 网球 rivals
16th.Mom and daughter
15th.Ice skaters 哈哈 😆
14th. Daters/ Haters
13th. Adversity twins
12th. Rockers
11th. Bloggers
10th. Geniuses
8th. Dad and son
7th. Stepbrothers
6th. Sisters
5th. Surfer dudes
4th.Police Cadets
3rd.Best friends
posted by GroovyAhma2010
2 Hosts, 1 Chef, 84 Contestants, and 2 Characters from Another 显示 will know where they go after death.

*Alejandro - Hell
*Amy - Hell
*Anne Maria - Purgatory
*Silent B - Heaven
*Beardo - Purgatory
*Beth - Heaven
*Blaineley - Hell
*Brick - Heaven
*Bridgette - Heaven
*Brody - Heaven
*Cameron - Heaven
*Carrie - Heaven
*Chef 斧头, 短柄小斧 - Purgatory
*Chet - Heaven
*Chris McLean - Hell
*Cody - Heaven
*Courtney - Purgatory
*Crimson - Heaven
*Dakota - Heaven
*Dave - Purgatory
*Dawn - Heaven
*Devin - Heaven
*DJ - Heaven
*Don - Heaven
*Duncan - Hell
*Dwayne Junior - Heaven
*Dwayne Senior - Heaven
*Ella - Heaven
*Ellody - Heaven
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posted by koalagirl9
Chris:Ok for our 下一个 challenge we will play Ring around the rosy
Chris:you didn't let me finish,,,you will be on this big wooden o shaped thing that is 20 feet in the air and if 你 fall you'll fall in to this pond of sharks last one standing wins
Scott:oh crap
Cameron:Is this legal ?
Chris:your just now asking that?(hits him with a toxic rat)
(Cameron and Jo and Scott fall)
Chris;love that
Jo:nice going Cameron...
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posted by TDIlover4ever
Fay: Okay, Team Lollipops, go vote for who 你 want to get kicked off!

*after everyone votes*

Fay: If 你 do not recieve a lollipop, 你 must walk down the Dock of Shame, get on the 船, 小船 of Losers, and leave!

Fay: Kylie!

Kylie: *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Zoey!

Zoey: YAY! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Lucy!

Lucy: Whoo! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: Kierra!

Kierra: Cool! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: ...Jar3d!

Jar3d: Yay! *takes a lollipop*

Fay: This is the final lollipop tonight...and it goes to...........................................................................ERICA!

Erica: YES!

Alex: What?! Why'd 你 guys vote...
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kari was polishing her motorcycle when trent ran in her 车库 screaming:HELP!FANGIRLS!
(he hid behind kari)
kari was his girlfriend.
kari looked pissed 'SUE ME!'
sam was her very cousin.
kari let out her pitbulls 'butch and pudgy'.
the fangirls ran.
but trent's biggest 粉丝 was still there and recited the poem 'your hair is black my 心 is blue, I will stuff 你 with rags and sew 你 in two!'
kari blocked trent from her
dont make me hurt you!
she cracked her knuckles.
and the girl peed her pants.
trent was parayzled kari...
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posted by Courtney370
The 年 Was 2010 And The Sun Was Moving Down As Sadie And Katie Shared A Ice Cream Cone As They Heard And Watch The Little Children Play On The Playground. Hey.. Sadie Do 你 Hate It That We Have To Go To High School? Asked Sadie Well.. Yeah I Mean This Is Our Last 日 Of Summer And It's Began To Turn Fall... 说 Katie. Well What Do 你 On Our Last 日 Of Summer? Asked Sadie Just Be With My Best Friend. 说 Katie. 嘿 Katie I Got A Good Idea Let Watch The Sun Go Down. 说 Sadie Okay! 说 Katie. 5... 4.... 3.... 2..... 1.... 说 Them Together. Look Sadie The Sun Went Down. YAY 说 Sadie As She Huged Katie. And 你 What They Say 老友记 Are Forever And Will Always Be.
Ok let me explain this to everyone...
Bridgette(My best friend)
Noah(TOTALfan's boyfriend)
Duncan(Sumerjoy11's boyfriend)(GwenXTrent's best friend)(tdigirls' best friend[they like each other)
Justin(My enimy >:) he can be urs too)
Izzy(Sumerjoy11's best friend)
Gwen(tdigirl's best friend)
Trent(GwenXTrent's boyfriend)(My best friend)

Here are the availble spots:
(they're girlfriends/boyfriends,yes theres no couples yet so if 你 wanna have a crush on one of them,you can...but i might like Cody)
(All best friends)

Thanks and i hope all these spots are filled

I might like Cody,it's undecided.... but i'll let him have a girlfriend.But thier gonna break up[sorry,again undecided]
你 can have 2 spots (max)
Name: unknown.
Nickname: JunerBee.
Possy: JG's possy.
Phrase: I'll bite you! I will! grrrrrr..

JunerBee Palmer, Trent and Juli's cousin, is a wierd phsyco type. She Is alot 更多 normal then her cousins, she is just daring. She will do anything that some one dares her to, she's eaten dog treats, jumped on 最佳, 返回页首 of trains, and even done alot of things while walkig 首页 from school. JG once dared her to yell at passing cars about them driving on earth day. JunerBee is into "peace" and staying "green", so she exsepted. "What are 你 doing! Driving a car! It's earth day, you're ruining our who eco-system!" she'd yell. JG and Vanita met her while walking 首页 from school, daring her to do 随意 things, everything they dared, she did. It was starting to get funny. JunerBee was nicknamed 由 JG, then exsepted into the possy, so no one other tha JG and Vanita know her real name. JunerBee is and will always be weird, but she likes it that way!
So it has become a new season, a new story begins...

"Hello everybody and welcome to...TOTAL. DRAMA. REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!" Chris proudly roared in front of the camera, "this season, we're taking a bit of a break from the usual teens and for fun, mess around with these ones!"

The first 船, 小船 arrived to the repaired dock that had 破烂, 垃圾 covering the wood, with a pinch of acid.

"Our first camper has arrived! And it looks like Lightening!" Anounced Chris, as he hand gestured to where he was.

"Chris, yeah sure 你 got the right place here man?" Asked an african canadian guy about 5"9' wearing shorts...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Warning: This is not reccomended for 你 if you're a hard core DXC 或者 GXT fan, 或者 if 你 just don't like insane amounts of imagination.
You have been warned.

Heather was walking in Camp Wawanakwa after a LOOONG elimination. She was happy that she was still in the competition. She was feeling happy, and walked around with a proud look alone.
Suddenly, she heard a rustle in the bushes. She jumped at the sound, and went over to the nearest 树 to investigate.
She looked behind the 衬套, 布什 from the tree, and saw an 不可思议的 sight. A sight that no one would even dream to see.
Duncan and Trent were...
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chris: last time on total drama simulation we had a 唱歌 challange we went to pariswere lucy and jazon broke up angie and trent kissed and luke saved his "rebeky" hahaha :P sadly jazon went 首页 what will happen this time on total drama SIMULATION!!!!

*theme song*

island pent house*

lily: what do 你 think the challange is

lia: *mutter cheat on your girlfriend*

jordan: huh

lia: nothing

beach house

lucy: *crying*

cluaidia: its gonna be okay lucy

luke: man poor jazon

clay: yeah :/


Lia: Okay I know I was rude to Jordan but seriously he's been a total jerk not talking to me hanging out with Lily...
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Talia: Welcome to Hollywood Arts! This is a new 显示 I'd like to call TOTAL...DRAMA...VICTORIOUS! I'm Talia Reyes, your wonderful host! And who are my co-hosts? Say hi to Tori Vega and Cat Valentine!
Cat and Tori: *walk over*
Tori: 嘿 guys.
Cat: *giggles* Heehee, I'm on TV!
Talia: And here's Andre, Trina, Beck, and Jade!
Andre and Trina: *walks out*
Talia: Where's Jade and Beck?
Andre: *points behind him* Back there.
Jade: Do I really want to do this?
Beck: Probably not, but please, just do it anyway.
Jade: *groans* Fine, whatever.
Talia: Okay, now that everyone's here-
Robby: *runs in* Wait!
Trina: Oh...
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*Theme 音乐 plays*

Chris: ok last time on total drama video games Tyler was sent home

Chris: but which team will send some one home

Chris: oh wait 2 teams will sending some one 首页 tonight ha ha

Chef: tell them whats in store today

Duncan: yeah mclane tell us

Harold: it better be a ninja game

Trent: 或者 music

Chris: well I hope your ready for a smackdown cause today 你 will have a Pro wrestling challenge based on WWE's Smackdown vs Raw 2010!!

Cody: ok so what do we do

Chris: 你 will fight other contestants with real wresters as your coaches!!!

*Camera goes down to the ring*

Chris: the coach for team...
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*Theme 音乐 plays*

Chris: ok last time we made the teams

Trent: ugh my team sucks

Izzy: my team is now called the marines

Chris: that name has been taken 你 crazy b****

Izzy: *kicks cris in the kiwis*

Chris: *on the ground* chef tell them there challenge!!

Chef: ok 你 will do real sports like in the game. Only 1 person from each team can compete in an event, the 2 best teams will avoid elimination and the other will send some one home

*Camera goes to a basket ball court*

Chris: ok this will be a 3 point shot contest

Chris: so team trent who will 你 choose

Trent: I think Courtney will play this time...
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