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posted by sweetlady982002
Dear Pastor:

I have a friend who is 41 years old, she's emotionally disturbed & lives with her mother who has diabetes. Her mother needs to be put in a mental hospital because she falsely accuses her daughter of certain things that she really didn't do 或者 say. Her mother lowers her daughter's self esteem 由 calling her terrible names like crazy, dumb, & stupid; & threatens to put her in a group home. I really don't want my friend to be put in a group 首页 because people don't treat other people nice, & the same thing goes with the halfway houses. If anything, I believe that my...
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posted by sweetlady982002
Are Evelyn Melendez and singer Jordan Knight divorced? Know about her marriage, husband, and children

发布 由 MarriedBiography 发布 on July 16, 2019 | In Affair , Child , Divorce

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There are many rumors about the divorce of this couple Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight. There was news of their separation in the 年 2012. But they did not officially announce their separation, much of social media was bubbling over with reports of their fights.

Evelyn Melendez and her husband Jordan Knight
Source: Biography Leaks(Evelyn Melendez...
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posted by RIPlefteye
Well people, TLC has not broken up but they 迷失 a memeber as everyone knowns already.. they are supposed to be coming out with a movie of the group but t-boz && chilli will not be playing there selfs. They 说 that its just too hard too act with someone one who is not Left-Eye. They're gonnah watch the movie ofcourse but 表演 like the person whos playing Left-Eye is her just cant be done.TLC has been through alot of struggles but people just dont know. The 90's had the best 音乐 && now these days everyone is editing there vocie,& special effects && all the fancy clothes, but back in the 日 it wasnt like that. Thats why TLC will always be in my 心 && So will Left-eye. R.I.P ! && Lots of 爱情 too T-boz & Chilli.