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TIFFANY!!! the GREATEST FEMALE KILLER DOLL has 给 birth to a child named glen 或者 glenda and married to the GREATEST MALE KILLER DOLL , CHUCKY!!! see the problem is they dont know if its a girl 或者 a boy... Tiffany wants it to be a nice girl and on the other hand Chucky wants it to be a brutal killer boy doll just like him!!! but he ends up being a nice boy , they just cant decide on a name (he likes glenda as his name)Tiffany thinks of quiting serial killing for a while just so glen 或者 glenda can stay as nice as he is now , but Chucky HATES that idea! He thinks it unfair that the 爱情 (doll)...
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This is important to horror 粉丝 and collectors alike because as Child's Play series 粉丝 we are extremely limited in choice as far as accurate replicas go and are forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money for one replica usually of foreign origin because every single worth while piece created for this film is of limited release and considered extremely rare. It's not right for 粉丝 of the series to have to pay 2,000 average for a replica and one from 5 years 以前 at that. We want a "to scale" accurate replica of Chucky from the original Child's Play films in his unstitched form.

TO sign the petition, and 显示 Chucky 爱人 support, go here: link