Trainz Characters In Real Life

Authored by Seanthehedgehog

I thought it would be a cool idea to show off some videos of my Trainz characters in real life.

First up, Ethan:

He is an SW1200RS, which is a Canadian variant of the SW1200. The engine that Ethan is based off of used to work for the Canadian Pacific, but was sold to the Black River & Western sometime in the late 90's. He still carries his original number, although the red CP paint is gone.

2nd is our 1st steam engine on the list, Jessica:

Arguably one of the most popular steam engines in existence, Jessica is none other than Nickel Plate Road #765. An excursion locomotive that has traveled through a majority of the east & mid-west. Although the real 765 was built in 1944, Jessica herself was born 52 years after her real life counterpart.

Another steam engine, Mily:

Well, looks like Mily made it into a music video, but once that's over, you'll see her in action, along with some spectacular clips filmed from inside her cab. While Mily's real life counterpart tends to wear several different whistles, Mily always wears a Reading 6 chime, her favorite whistle, which she always wears, unless it needs repairs.

Our only Amtrak engine, Sean:

F40PH's were the epitome of Amtrak. There are lots of them in this video, and Sean makes his appearance at 3:15. His number is 338, but he has the same horn as the engine in 4:58

Heritage Unit, Adam:

While the Eastern Pacific has two Rio Grande diesels, they also have a Union Pacific engine wearing Rio Grande heritage unit paint. Some people see Adam as Superman as he works hard to keep everyone safe while doing his work.

Another Heritage Unit, Jesse:

Not only does he have a better paint job than Adam, but he was also here before him. Jesse was the 1st new character introduced in Season 2.

This may not be all of the engines from Trainz, but there will be more appearing soon.