TheCountess Five Things 你 Like and 5 Things 你 Dislike

yorkshire_rose posted on Jan 02, 2017 at 02:14PM
Blowing Bubbles
Watching Old Movies
Having A Picnic.

Chewing Gum
People Who Brag
Slipping On Ice
Selfish People

 Likes... 浓情巧克力 Blowing Bubbles Watching Old 电影院 动物 Having A Picnic. Dislikes...

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一年多以前 JosepineJackson said…
Michael Jackson
Creating things
Reading books
Playing musical instruments
Justin Bieber
Computer games
Eating fish (LOL)
That people sometimes calls me annoying
That I have gor no friends. :(

Dislike list made me sad a little be but lets just concentrate to good things like nice music, books, movies etc. Not to my sad life. :)
JosepineJackson commented…
Damn, how much have I changed since last year! 😮 I was so MJ obsessed and depressed back then! 一年多以前
一年多以前 JosepineJackson said…
My new list would be (a bit summer/spring themed because these seasons are coming soon/have already partly came):
Spending late summer nights in front of opened window
Creating beautiful things
Watching good movies
Rain in sunny warm days
Trying to be like everyone else
Still - computer games
Dachshunds (black ones) actually they are cute dogs but few black/dark dark brown dachshunds attacked me several times when I was little so I panick every time I see dark dachshund barking
Eating fish and sea foods
Darkness and twilights that makes all the bright colors and light go away.

Still, I think I could write list like that every day and it would be different every time.
一年多以前 yorkshire_rose said…
You always make me smile with your lovely comments,Liana.I couldn't agree more...I think we change our minds often so our lists would be a little different <333
一年多以前 JosepineJackson said…
Aww, thank you Berni. Yep, thats true, everything changes and thats actually great, because without changes there would be no progress ❤
一年多以前 yorkshire_rose said…
Yes that's so true,Liana <3
JosepineJackson commented…
❤️❤️❤️ 一年多以前