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Tyler woke up with a burning pain on his chest. Someone was caressing his exposed chest with a vervain flower.
“Good evening, Tyler” a woman said. It wasn’t Veronica. She had a paper bag with her, probably full of vervain and wolfsbane. Her hand disappeared in the bag, but she withdrew her hand she was holding up a sandwich. Tyler raised his eyebrows, something that didn’t go unnoticed. “What? A girl’s got to eat, right? And I don’t know how long I’ll be in here, because that totally depends on you”
“Why? If you’re going to kill me, why not just do it?” Tyler snapped...
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Gabe’s body was lying on a 表 in the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House. Stefan was leaning 前锋, 期待 to get a closer look, when he heard a door open and close.
“I’m down here!” he yelled, before the visitor could call him. Rushing down the stairs and an instant later Tyler appeared. “Glad 你 could come so fast”
“You 说 it was important” Tyler replied scrupulously.
“It is” Stefan confirmed. He nodded at the body. “I need 你 to…sniff this one. I want to know who killed him”
“You want me to sniff him?” Tyler asked with raised eyebrows.
“Pretty much” Stefan...
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“I know there’s a connection!” Liz exclaimed. “I know how to do my job. I don’t need some vampire to tell me that”
Caroline looked away, avoiding her mother’s stare.
“Caroline, I’m sorry” Liz 说 soft. “I didn’t mean…”
“Yes, 你 did!” Caroline 说 firm. She turned her back on her mother. “You know, I just wanted to help you. I just wanted some distraction”
“I know, honey” Liz said. She lay her hand on Caroline’s shoulder, but she pushed it away.
“I guess I should go back to Elena” she 说 bitter. “At least she appreciates my help” And that being...
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Elena parked her car at the Boarding House. Caroline had taxed her with the message to get her 屁股 there ASAP. She opened the door and looked inside.
“Damon!” she called.
Damon appeared in the hallway, frowning. “What are 你 doing here?”
“Caroline taxed me” Elena said, waving her phone. “Hello to you, too, btw” She tried to look over Damon’s shoulder. “What’s going on?”
Before Damon could answer Caroline appeared.
“Elena, what are 你 doing here?” she asked, but in a completely different tone than Damon. “Come on” she continued as she took Elena’s hand and...
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“What are they saying?” Stefan insisted.
“I don’t know, I can’t hear it” Damon hissed.
“What do 你 mean, 你 can’t hear it?” Stefan fired back.
“Their lips are moving, but there’s no sound coming out of them, not even a whisper” Damon said.
Stefan scribbled up. “I’m going inside. 你 stay here and try figuring out what they’re saying” He trusted Damon to do listen to him for a change and sneaked to the back of the building. There had to be another door. There wasn’t. However, on the left side of the building there was a window, big enough for one person to go...
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Klaus and Caroline were reaching the 最佳, 返回页首 of a 1050 feet tall tower. Caroline had no idea why she was going along with Klaus; all she knew was that she had to go with him.
Klaus let go of her and took the compulsion away. Caroline shook her head and turned to Klaus. “Where are we? Where did 你 take me?” she demanded to know.
“Vous êtes à Paris, mademoiselle” Klaus answered with a charming smile. He bowed, took Caroline’s hand and kissed it. His lips had barely touched her soft skin, when she jerked her hand.
“I don’t know what your angle is” Caroline started as she walked backwards....
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Damon looked up at Bonnie, agitated and feeling betrayed. “What are 你 doing? You’re supposed to help me. 你 just came back to finish what 你 started, didn’t you?” he said.
“No, Damon” Bonnie 说 calm. “I am helping you”
“By putting me back here? How is that going to do any good?” Damon asked.
“I didn’t put 你 back in here” Bonnie 说 cryptic. “You never left. Physically, sure. But deep down you’re still here and 你 want to know why?”
“Please, yes, the curiosity is killing me” Damon replied sarcastically.
“Deep down 你 think 你 deserve this” Bonnie...
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Someone banged the door and Rachel jumped up. She ran to the door and opened it. Ronnie was standing in front of her, covered in blood and crying.
“Can I please come in?” she asked careful.
“Yeah, of course” Rachel 说 and she stepped aside. She closed the door. “What happened? Who did this to you?”
Ronnie wiped her eyes. “Stefan Salvatore and a vampire named Rebekah. They held me in their basement and tortured me. They couldn’t eat me, because there’s vervain in my blood, but they sliced and cut in me”
“I’ll take 你 to the hospital” Rachel 说 and she grabbed her...
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Elena was leaning against the door trying to hear what was being 说 when Damon pushed the door open. Elena rubbed her temple and looked angry at Damon.
He frowned, then got the picture. “Sorry” he mumbled.
“Where’s Kat?” Elena informed.
“Gone” Damon 说 short. “She won’t bother to come here…ever”
Elena gave him a weird look, but decided not to ask any further. Not about Kat, anyway. “Was that Caroline? I thought I heard her voice”
“Yeah, but she’s gone too” Damon said.
“Why?” Elena asked.     
“I sent her away” Damon said, avoiding...
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Bonnie stared upset at Caroline, when a shadow came over them.
“Can I 加入 you, girls?” Keith asked. Caroline looked up and recognized him. “This is kind of private” she 说 sharp.
Keith raised his hands. “Hey, if this is about bloodsuckers and moonwalkers and wicked witches, I know all about it” he 说 with a wink.
Caroline quickly turned to Bonnie. “You told him?”
“He already knew” Bonnie sighed.
Caroline looked back at Keith. “Well, it’s not about that, but it’s still private”
“No, Caroline, it’s okay. Keith’s the only friend I have in here” Bonnie said....
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Jeremy ran through the hallway of the hospital. Stefan had 给 him a call to fill him in and he had also mentioned in which room Elena was ‘staying’. Ignoring the reproaching of several doctors and nurses and other medical staff he opened the door and stopped to breathe.
“Jeremy, why aren’t 你 at school?” Elena asked a little harsh.
“I was there” Jeremy said. “But then Stefan called me, saying 你 were sick”
Elena looked away. “He shouldn’t have 说 that” she 说 grumpy. Jeremy walked to the 床, 床上 and sank down. “How are 你 feeling?”
“I’m fine” Elena said...
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The late September sun warmed Elena’s face and she opened her eyes. She saw Damon sitting in what looked like a very uncomfortable chair.
Perhaps Damon felt Elena’s eyes on him because he opened his. When he saw Elena was awake he quickly sat up.
“How are 你 feeling?” he asked hoarse. “Can’t believe I actually fell asleep”
“Can’t believe 你 actually fell asleep in that chair” Elena 说 with raised eyebrows. “Why didn’t 你 加入 me? There’s plenty of room”
“I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep” Damon 说 obvious. Elena wanted to 评论 on that when someone knocked...
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Damon was lying on the autopsy table, bare naked. A man in a white 涂层, 外套 was standing over him, holding a scalpel in his hand.
Jeremy was standing at the reception of the police office, impatiently waiting for the sheriff to 显示 up. After a few 分钟 a door went open and Liz came inside. “Jeremy, hi, can I help you?”
“There was an accident tonight” Jeremy quickly started without an introduction. “What happened to the body?”
The coroner placed the scalpel 下一个 to Damon’s clavicle.
Liz arrayed her paperwork, taking her time to answer. “I don’t see why I should share that kind...
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Damon raced outside and got into his car. He turned around the keys and drove onto the street. He then pushed the accelerator pedal and raced ahead.
He tried to keep his eyes open. He should have drunken some blood, if only just a little bit. He could almost feel his body breaking inside. But he had to stay awake long enough to get to the hospital.
Other drivers were hooting, because he drove from right to left and from left to right.
“Where did 你 get your driving license?!” someone yelled angry.
Damon felt his eyes fall down. The car drove for another few yards, while other drivers tried to avoid it.
Then the car drove off the road, turned over three times, landed on its upper side and caught fire.
Elena, Jeremy and Ric were sitting at the 厨房 表 having dinner. Well, Jeremy was eating. Elena was stirring in her 食物 and Alaric was looking at her.
“If 你 wanted mashed potatoes 你 could’ve asked” he said. Elena looked up distracted. “What? No, it’s good. It’s really nice” she said.
“How would 你 know?” Alaric asked. “You didn’t eat yet”
“It looks really nice” Elena 说 shrugging.
“If you’re not hungry, that’s fine” Alaric said. “You don’t have to eat. But if there’s something else, I want 你 to tell me”
Elena looked down at her plate,...
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Rebekah smiled viciously at Katherine, but Stefan pushed Rebekah off. “Katherine, where’ve 你 been?” he 说 casual.
“Not in your pants, that’s for sure” Katherine 说 sarcastic.
“Restricted area, staff only” Rebekah 说 smug. Katherine rolled her eyes.
“Can I have a word with you?” she asked Rebekah. Rebekah leaned 前锋, 期待 and kissed Stefan. She then followed Katherine outside.
“Now what?” she asked short.
“I’m done with this” Katherine said.
“With what exactly?” Rebekah 说 bored, playing with her nails.
“This whole doppelganger blood stealing thing”...
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Caroline took her 图书 she needed for the 下一个 few classes and closed her locker. Elena leaned against the lockers and looked at her. She saw the red underneath Caroline’s eyes. “Hey, have 你 been crying?”
Caroline shook her head. “No” she 说 with a small voice. She swallowed and forced a smile. She sighed and looked at her friend. “No” she repeated a little steadier. “I saw Tyler at the Grill today”
“Oh” Elena blinked. “And how was he? Did he tell 你 what happened?”
Caroline shook her head again. “Not exactly. He…said it’s none of my business what he does...
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“Why exactly are we doing this?” Stefan asked Rebekah. They were standing in front of the Boarding House.
“Because I’m going to be part of your life now and I want to know everyone that’s important to you. Your brother is important to you, isn’t he?”
Stefan sighed. “Yes, he’s very important”
“Well, then get inside” Rebekah 说 and she opened the door, entering the house. “Hello?” An instant later a strong hand grabbed her throat and forced her against a wall.
“Who are you?” Damon asked threatening.
“Well, I guess 你 must be Damon” Rebekah 说 soft.
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“So this is where Damon and I first met” Elena 说 standing in the entrance hall.
“Interesting” Caroline said. “Come on, let’s get outside” She grabbed Elena’s hand and dragged her outside.
While Caroline and Elena were having fun outside, Damon was in the 厨房 slicing the cake. The cake had been another idea of Caroline. Both Damon and Elena thought it was a little too much, but Caroline was not easy to say no to.
Damon felt how someone was watching his back and he turned around seeing Alaric in the doorway. He turned around again and carried on with the cake.
“You need...
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Twenty 分钟 later Shannen limped into the kitchen. She was now wearing a baby doll that belonged to Daphne.
“You’re bleeding” Cas said. Alexia was in the living room, watching television.
“Yeah” Shannen 说 and she limped to the table. “Zoey told me 你 can heal people”
Cas nodded. “Yes, that is true”
“Could 你 do it now?” Shannen said.
“Right” Cas said. He carefully touched her leg and healed the cut. He didn’t remove his hand and stared at her smooth skin.
“Emmanuel?” Shannen 说 careful.
Cas pulled his hand away abruptly. “I’m sorry” he apologized....
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