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 Hurray for the UK!
Hurray for the UK!
Hi guys, I can't believe that it's been 14 years since watching this film. Are 你 ready?

The Story

Like the Hungarian 2006 film, Children of Glory. This film explores about a real athlete name Harold Abrahams who could not participate in the Olympics because it happens to coincide with the Sabbath as he is Jewish.
I was really touch 由 this film because Abrahams faces anti-Semitism during his 大学 days, but both Harold and Eric would later become a team when training together, even becoming friends.

The Music

Yes, the legendary 音乐 由 Vangelis brought me to this wonderful film. It was revived during the 伦敦 2012 Olympic Games, so kudos to Vangelis!

The Olympic Dreams

A short review on the legendary 1981 film and hope 你 watch it, it teaches 你 to be positive and never to give up on your dreams.
posted by deedragongirl
 Olympic Dreams
Olympic Dreams
Since the Olympics is on, here are my favourite Opening Ceremony of the Olympics in no 随意 order. Ready? Get set, go!

1. Beijing 2008

I have to agree with many people, and I have to say that the Beijing Opening Ceremony is one of the most spectacular events in Olympic history!

2. Rio 2016

Although I watched it last night, it has a great introduction to Brazilian music. However, it could not beat with the Chinese 8 years ago. In particularly, artistic presentation and all that. But, good job Brazil!

3. Moscow 1980

Despite that some countries did not participate due to the Soviet invasion of...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Thank 你 Rio!
Thank you Rio!
Sorry if I am late, since the Olympics are over, here are my thoughts and my favourite Closing Ceremony. Are 你 ready?

Rio 2016

Although I watched bits of it, I am very impressed with the visual effects, stunning choreography and costumes. I 爱情 how all of the athletes marched in, and the handover of the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Especially the part where the Japanese Prime Minister appeared, who dressed up as Mario and does a stunning visual appears when he presses the red ball!

Beijing 2008

I 爱情 how they 显示 the history of games and once again, stunning visual effects! It also promotes...
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Yesterday I heard that the people who put the Olympics together were trying to stop Women's hockey from being in the Winter Olympics. I am a huge 粉丝 of hockey and a player myself (woman player), and I for one think that it is wrong to do that.

It is 说 that they are making the sport unofficial because there isn't enough competition. Just because Canada won 18-0 and 10-1, doesn't necessarily mean that there is no competition, but that maybe we are just a good team, 或者 the teams we faced weren't as good as us.

Every sport should have a men's and women's team. I have always dreamed of going into...
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It is just another exciting 128 countdown days to the olympics games.The human spirit will again soar in 128 days.Many well known sport athletes will be giving their best to make the olympic sport festival,one we will never forget for its inspirations.

This 日 8.8.2008 will truly be a day,to make the human sprit soar to its highest levels.Many national athletes will compete to break records and make human spirit soar higher and higher.Sport and olympics 粉丝 must be all impatient to exprience the sheer joyful inspirations and emotional excitement that comes with olympics.Just being in stadiums,hearing...
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