The Middle Everytime... (Forum Game)

nikki8green6 posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 10:37PM
Here's the Game:
Someone posts a phrase (i.e.'Everytime I see Axl, I get goosebumps.') The next person then creates a new phrase using the end of the previous phrase (i.e. 'Everytime I get goosebumps, Brick reads a book.') and so on and so on.

- Every phrase should begin with 'Everytime' .
- Wait at least 5 hours between post (Don't post every ten minutes)
- Every phrase should include at least 1 character (main or secondary)

Have fun and be creative! :)

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一年多以前 UnSub791 said…
Everytime I get annoyed, Sue is around.
一年多以前 nikki8green6 said…
Everytime Sue is around, someone is injured.
一年多以前 bhawksrock said…
Everytime someone is injured, Don Ehlhert doesn't care
一年多以前 Odesta said…
Every time don ehlhert doesn't care brick reads a book