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 1x12- Red 朗姆酒
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the mentalist
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red 朗姆酒
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This The Mentalist screencap contains 啤酒店, 小酒馆, 会议室, 议会会议室, 董事会, 理事会会议厅, 客厅, 房间的吸, 抽屉, 客厅里, and 退出房间.

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 I just 爱情 that grin, don't you?
I just love that grin, don't you?
So, I made loads of picks to decide your favourite The Mentalist character, and I've decided to 显示 the results in a countdown!

5: Wayne Rigsby
Coming in at number five, is the adorable Rigsby! Completely in 爱情 with Grace, he finally gets the girl in Red Scare. I wasn't expecting him to come out so soon, but 你 voted him out, and it's your 得票数 that count!

4: Teresa Lisbon
In at number 4 is CBI's boss, Lisbon! This poor lady had a very troubled childhood, but has made a good reputation for herself, that Jane often seems to put in jeopardy. Number 4, Lisbon!

3: Grace 面包车, 范 Pelt
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Something was definitely fishy wit that shrink who clearly went out of his way to council Lisbon. I imagined it was one of two things, he either had a wild crush on her and was waiting for the right moment to turn his sessions into some kind of mushy mushy vibe 或者 he was up to something. Honestly I believed it was the first, the entire set up was kind of neat.

The classic part of this episode was watching Jane hypnotize Lisbon and take advantage of it. How did it benefit him to know whether 或者 not she dances to Spice Girls. Although he didn't 显示 it on the surface, he did care about Lisbon's...
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