The Kane Chronicles To Dust He Shall Return

wierdo2 posted on Jun 24, 2011 at 12:02AM
Summary:With Uncle Amos now gone as Chief Lector,Carter and Sadie must prepare for the inevitable fight against Apophis.Will Sadie find out how to permenantly destroy Apophis?Will Carter forget about Zia and actually help with the preperations for the war?
DISCLAIMER: I am not R.R so I dont own anything except my computer.
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一年多以前 Artemis_8 said…
Sounds good, can't wait (:
一年多以前 wierdo2 said…
I post Tomorrow
一年多以前 wierdo2 said…
Chapter 1
"You sure its this way Sadie" I yelled. It was bad enough we had to go to Manhattan,we didnt need to get lost also. Okay so your probably wondering what we're doing in Manhattan. Recently Bast found out why Desjardins's execration spell hadn't worked."He only had time to do a short-term job. To fully banish Apophis you need to find the whole Book of Apophis and lead an army of magic against him meaning you will have to have the help of the house."
Great the impossible list of tasks grows. We need to find the 7 parts of the book spread all over the world,get the House of Life to put aside its differences for the greater good,and become a strong enough magician to deflect Apophis.Did I mention The House has to team up with the gods to defeat Apophis? Now you see why we need the help of more blood of Pharos.Anyways leave it to Sadie to print out the directions to the wrong museum.(Well you did)So now Freak had to circle around Manhattan,where we're not suppossed to go,while sadie held her smart phone in the air trying to mapquest it again. It wasn't all bad Zia had her arma around my waist making me want to freak.(Shut up Sadie,and it is a good pun).As I was saying we were flyng around when we heard a blood curtling scream from below."Gotta help her" said Zia. With that we dove to the ground to save the citizeness.
一年多以前 wierdo2 said…
I write short chapters so there will be a lot of chapters so dont hate about size
一年多以前 Artemis_8 said…
Ooooh I wonder who they have to save??!!
一年多以前 wierdo2 said…
Yeah if it isn't obvious this fic is CANCELED!!!
一年多以前 MaThMaTiCaL said…
it just needs a little gusto and if you are done why not just delete it so no one has to stare at it for no absolute reason