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posted by sparkles3
all the credit goes to RR, except for the one i made.
"Nastoya! come here!" my mom called from the living room. "i told 你 to call me Nasty." i said, obviously irritated. "i just wanted to see if 你 wanted to meet a coworker of mine, we are meeting at the museum tonight." she said. "will it be boring? will there be people i know 或者 are at least my age?" i asked. she shrugged. "i honestly don't know." she replied. i thought for a moment. "i'll go." i 说 at last. she smiled. "get your coat." she said. i ran to the closet and grabbed my thickest hoodie. i...
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this audiobook is not an original version made 由 Rick Riordan/actual publishers, but you'll find it very good. at first, it might sound weird as maybe the spells 或者 the characters names don't sound as 你 thought they would, 或者 maybe their voices don't.

this recording was originally made 由 rye-n and the original version is available on

this one was re-uploaded on youtobe 由 RJODYSSEY. there are many parts of it. each part hold more-or-less half a chapter.

to find: type 'red pyramid' in the 搜索 box and click on the one that says 'the Red Pyramid audiobook part 01)

posted by Timmyoseaton
Hi guys making a little story on the kane chronicles. My first story im posting on a actually website so take it easy on my if its horrible 哈哈 :D.
I was walking along a pathway. Hi, I’m Timmy, and I’m 14 years old, and I’m an orphan. Except I don’t go to an orphanage I stay on the streets. Wondering how I get my food? Usually my friend gives me his scrap’s. I was walking to the Brooklyn museum. I wanted to go see the mummy’s I loved Egyptian stuff such as staff’s, mummy’s, wand’s, 你 know Egyptian stuff. I stayed there for hours until it finally got dark. When it got dark...
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posted by valerie325
Please sanubis 粉丝 don't kill me but I PERSONALLY think that Sadie is going to end up with Walt only because Anubis is a god!I know 你 guys will say 爱情 councers anything so maybe I'm wrong but I just think that.I know Walt is dying but they are looking for a cure like Ra 说 "Weasals are sick"!Anyways I just wanted to put my opinion.Don't be mad!
BTW I still don't know wheater to be a sanubis (Sadie and anubis) 或者 a salt (haha walt and sadie) fan! Oh and also tell me what 你 think but again PLEASE don't be mad!!!!!!!!!!!
Sadie and Carter Kane, 超能英雄 of the Kane chronicles, have left the series leaving us with questions. I'll try to give my theories and explain my questions, plus answerring some my 老友记 have told me.

Sadie and Carter gave up being hosts to gods Horus and Isis. They still have the necklaces, so will they ever take them back? In my opinion yes. Its a great temptation to power, and once before we saw that they can work very well together. They still have the charms so if they put them on, Isis and Horus would come back.
Also, there is a war coming, putting the house of life and the gods...
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First and foremost, if 你 have not completed 阅读 the 王座, 宝座 of Fire, do not continue reading. There will be spoilers.

OK, this is my first 文章 so . . . 熊 with me. The sole purpose of this 文章 is to give those of us who've completed the 王座, 宝座 of 火, 消防 a place to share our thoughts on the book beyond a 评论 written in all capital letters, along the lines of "I FREAKING LOVED THE BOOK, ANUBIS IS SOOO HOT!!!!!!" (which are welcome, as I appreciate enthusiasm).

So I'll start us off.

I thought the 王座, 宝座 of 火, 消防 was good, but I found the Red Pyramid to be better. Why? I don't...
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Prelude- 11:37 P.M. Summer
    An eleven 年 old girl is being chased 由 a monster. Up ahead is a farmplace. Little does she know that the farmplace is Camp Half-Blood. Safty, she thought, but not completly! The monster was catching up and was soon right behind her. She stopped. Bad mistake. The monster lunged and clawed her legs. Blood ozzed from the wounds. She tried to run. It lunged again, this time clawing her neck and back. I MUST at least get to those woods, she thought. So she ran to the woods with all her strenght.
    Somehow she 迷失 the monster in the woods. It howled and went away, angery it 迷失 its dinner.
    "I'm safe," she murmered and passed out.
So like? Will post soon. Avalible on fourm also. 3 fans/ comments= new chapter.
posted by JasmineValdez
I'm trying to read the book slow and save it, so I thought I'd come up with predictions for the rest of it.

1) Walt becomes Anubis' host 或者 learns the path of Anubis

Why? Well, for one it would save him from dying. Two, then Sadie has no boyfriend troubles, she can have both the guys she likes. And three, there are no loose strings left after the end of the story.

2) The actual Ra isn't an old senile guy, that's just a fragment of him. The "real" Ra will come out later in the story and defeat Apophis.

Honestly, Sadie and Carter fighting Apophis alone won't work. They need Ra to save the day, yada,...
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 Official cover for The 王座, 宝座 Of 火, 消防
Official cover for The Throne Of Fire

Ok, I just read an amazing sneak peek at Rick Riordan’s latest book.
Kane Chronicles Book 2: The 王座, 宝座 Of Fire!
The release 日期 is on May 3rd, 2011.
Guess what? I read something in USA Today (and no, I do not live in USA). It says that The Kane Chronicles is a trilogy! I expected it to be like a series!

Here’s the link for the sneak peek:

Summary: Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie have been in trouble. As descendants of the House of Life, the Kanes have some powers at their command, but the devious gods haven't...
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posted by lauren777222
I slayed here.I was born here.I was loved here.I was fooled here.But most of all,I was made fun here.I'm Leora Contessa Salone.Most people call me Leo 或者 Tessa.I'm a pretty normal 14 年 old girl.Except,at least,of course,if normal girls slept in vortex's trying to defend her ultra evil father from a crazy cat goddess named Bast.Odd life,Huh? I'm an offspring of an Eygptian god named Apophis.I look like my fathers human form:amber eyes,Blonde hair,and petite figure.I decided to leave my fathers wing-or is it tail since his a snake,when I was 13.Here's the story.———————————————————————————...
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posted by PercyJackson11
Got ideas for a new banner?

Then create it, and send it to me through 潮流粉丝俱乐部 messages, and I will post all the submissions as a pick, and the winner (obviously) will be the new banner!

So, please come up with a creative banner, and send it to me, PercyJackson11.


2) Must be a suitable size for the banner. (a.k.a. a normal square picture won't work, it must be a rectangle sized well enough for none of it to be cut off if 发布 on Fanpop.)

If 你 are the winner, 你 will be credited and get the honor of having YOUR ARTWORK as the club's banner.

I will not be the one to decide, I will take all the submissions, place them into a 粉丝 pick, and have the 粉丝 decide which banner looks the best!

Please feel free to send as many submissions as possible.

Thanks and good luck!
posted by lildarlin99
 Roxie and Adonia
Roxie and Adonia
so my ba was polite and stayed 下一个 to me carter comes and me wanting to awaken i make my ba visible but he left be for he could see my ba so Sadie and carter come and see my ba i tell them to wake me up in any way so Sadie kicks my side i go on my back and arch and scream in agony so that alarms Amos and he sees me on my hands and knees breathing heavily i stand up and yell at Sadie "u could of done that differently!!!!! but thanks" i look at Amos and out of the blue u came (oh and im realy hurt wounds every where)so i look at 你 for 2 snds and then i pass out and the three take me to the...
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Hullo, hollistergurl here.
Some of 你 may know me from the 超能英雄 of Olympus club; some of 你 may not know me at all.
That's fine, I'm just here to share 你 some of my predictions for... a new series from Riordan, perhaps?
For those of 你 who haven't read The Serpent's Shadow yet, GET YOUR EYES ON THAT BOOK AND START 阅读 LIKE CRAZY!
It's epic :D And this 文章 contains some *cough* spoilers *cough*
Just a warning.
Now, I did post this on the HoO Club, but that wasn't in TOO much detail, because it wasn't fully related to the club and I didn't want to go into depth about a series on a different...
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I just read Rick Riordan's blog, and I found out that the 秒 book of Kane Chronicles comes out May 3rd 2011. He'll reveal the official cover, the title, and some sample chapters in January 2011. One thing he revealed is that there's gonna be a new character who's possibly his 最喜爱的 mythological god ever. That particular info made me 更多 curious. He/she must have been a heck of a god/goddess ever. Hmm... he 说 GOD, so the new character has to be a guy.

Well, I'm excited for the release of book 2, mostly because I'm running out of 图书 to read and I need a good, refreshing book to satisfy me.