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First and foremost, if 你 have not completed 阅读 the 王座, 宝座 of Fire, do not continue reading. There will be spoilers.

OK, this is my first 文章 so . . . 熊 with me. The sole purpose of this 文章 is to give those of us who've completed the 王座, 宝座 of 火, 消防 a place to share our thoughts on the book beyond a 评论 written in all capital letters, along the lines of "I FREAKING LOVED THE BOOK, ANUBIS IS SOOO HOT!!!!!!" (which are welcome, as I appreciate enthusiasm).

So I'll start us off.

I thought the 王座, 宝座 of 火, 消防 was good, but I found the Red Pyramid to be better. Why? I don't...
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all the credit goes to RR, except for the one i made.
"Nastoya! come here!" my mom called from the living room. "i told 你 to call me Nasty." i said, obviously irritated. "i just wanted to see if 你 wanted to meet a coworker of mine, we are meeting at the museum tonight." she said. "will it be boring? will there be people i know 或者 are at least my age?" i asked. she shrugged. "i honestly don't know." she replied. i thought for a moment. "i'll go." i 说 at last. she smiled. "get your coat." she said. i ran to the closet and grabbed my thickest hoodie. i...
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this audiobook is not an original version made 由 Rick Riordan/actual publishers, but you'll find it very good. at first, it might sound weird as maybe the spells 或者 the characters names don't sound as 你 thought they would, 或者 maybe their voices don't.

this recording was originally made 由 rye-n and the original version is available on

this one was re-uploaded on youtobe 由 RJODYSSEY. there are many parts of it. each part hold more-or-less half a chapter.

to find: type 'red pyramid' in the 搜索 box and click on the one that says 'the Red Pyramid audiobook part 01)

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Please sanubis 粉丝 don't kill me but I PERSONALLY think that Sadie is going to end up with Walt only because Anubis is a god!I know 你 guys will say 爱情 councers anything so maybe I'm wrong but I just think that.I know Walt is dying but they are looking for a cure like Ra 说 "Weasals are sick"!Anyways I just wanted to put my opinion.Don't be mad!
BTW I still don't know wheater to be a sanubis (Sadie and anubis) 或者 a salt (haha walt and sadie) fan! Oh and also tell me what 你 think but again PLEASE don't be mad!!!!!!!!!!!
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