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Seaweed_Brain12 posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 09:04AM
Mark of Athena Fanfiction

Main Characters: Percy

I hope You will like my version of Mark of Athena..... Enjoy..

P.S. : Please forgive my grammar in writing... It`s my first time :)

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一年多以前 Seaweed_Brain12 said…
Annabeth`s POV

The Argo 2 landed with bump. At last we`re here, I thought. “Everything`s going to be fine Annabeth, surely he`ll remember you. I promise." said Piper with a grin on her face."Thanks"I managed to say. The ship`s doors finally opened. My hands felt sweaty and could n`t shake off the excitement. Percy, I finally get to see my little seaweed brain. As we slowly came out of the ship, I could see a lot of Roman campers wearing their complete battle armor and their weapons ready in case we attack. Very ungreekish. Even their buildings were totally different; I have to admit Roman architecture is more complex than Greek architecture. I quickly noticed two people stand in front of us wearing both matching purple togas and armor over them; one was a woman with dark, piercing eyes and long black hair, the other one was the person I have been dreaming of seeing for eight whole months. “PERCY!” I cried, ran and hugged him like I never have seen him for years. I knew I was making a seen but I hardly noticed. “Hey Annabeth” he said with a smile. “I missed you” I said “I missed you too”…

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Plz contuine its REALLY good
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ya post soon!
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hey i made one to can i post it
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cool! plz continue!
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hey guess what im also writing an article about what happens after the ship lands
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big smile
post more please also please read my article two together prophesy
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Awesome! beats mine by a mile...