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number1flashfan posted on May 07, 2018 at 04:16PM
is there a season 5 yes or no

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一年多以前 Mirene said…
About the negativity timeline, season 5. Love this season and show!
Thawne helps Nora West-Allen in the future gaining speed so that
she can live with her family in past times.
When in the last episode of season 5, Nora West -Allen ceased
to exist and she went up in a timeline, i could not help but wonder:
What if Nora timelinethingy is the reason that negative timelines
from the negative speedforce become existent?
Because, Iris repeatedly said that she could see that 'Thawne
almost seems to care of her' and what if it's not for the person
Nora but what she become in the negative timeline?
Because of her, Thawne can travel in the negative speedforce
OR her ending up in the (negative) timeline makes the negative
speeding easier for negative timetraveling and she isn't first
person who makes that happen (after all she is a good
person with good intentions of a hero. So despite of her efforts for
becoming a flwless hero, she does not become flawlessly good
- but Barry didn't either by creating flashpoint- hmm.. i rather go
For option 1, although option 2 is more assumable)
My guess is that the writers of this show could make a
good story out of that. Although i love the thing that supervillains
can take care for each other and that Thawne seems to love Nora
(And that villains are not that black/white in love and hate issues)
I also love the idea about Nora responsible for the existence
of the negative speedforce.

I haven't read the comicbooks, so maybe there is an already existing
story about this, in my opinion it would be interesting!!

What would you think?