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posted by kathiria82
 I`m so happy :D
I`m so happy :D
I wish I had something quirky 或者 cute to say but I don`t. I`ve been here for nearly 2 years and have never been recognized like this before. The award for image contributions is special because it`s what I 爱情 to do. I think I have uploaded pics to just about all the spots I`m part of. If anyone needs me to spam a spot with 图片 just let me know. I truly can`t believe I won the Lifetime Achievement award because I haven`t lived a lifetime yet. 或者 have I? I`m glad 你 guys appreciate me enough to nominate me and then choose me as someone who deserves this honor.

There are a few special people I would 爱情 to thank. To the 潮流粉丝俱乐部 guys especially papa. I know I can be hard to handle at times with my strong opinions but thanks for never banning me LOL. To all my girls on the Leyton 爱人 Thread, 你 make up my world. To my bestest friend on Fanpop, Steph, I 爱情 你 and 你 make my days on here all the 更多 worthwhile. To my pal megloveskyle, I met 你 on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and we`ll be 老友记 for life. I would also like to thank Cammie. 你 can pick your jaw off the floor now Cam. 你 are such a sweetheart and say the nicest things even though 你 think I`m a loudmouthed bitch. I 爱情 having 你 around because 你 always make me smile. Lastly, I would like to thank all the Fanpoppers who voted for me, I am truly grateful.