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posted by amazondebs
嘿 guys I'm back due to 流行的 demand!
As the Fanpoppy awards is due to take place tomorrow, 粉丝 all over Fandom are placing their 得票数 and holding their breaths and once again i did some serious interviewing with our Fanpoppy nominees asking them 问题 about the awards and just some 随意 ones for fun too.

So here are this years Fanpoppy nominee profiles

Name: Lila856
Nominated for: outstanding contributions to one spot

what will be your Fanpoppy awards outfit?
my original designer 潮流粉丝俱乐部 LOGO dress, duhrr

who will be your Fanpoppy awards date?
DAVE, my 日期 rules the kingdom!...
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posted by hooch-is-crazy
Well, here they are at last, the Fanpoppy award winners, the best of the best in Fanpop, all of the 得票数 have been counted, all of the bribes have been taken and now we have the winners.

Best Pick Series:

The nominees are...

- “Fan of the Fortnight” picks 由 pkmntrainerj
- “Best shows A-Z” picks 由 x-missmckena-x
- “Oh No!” picks in the House MD spot 由 oldmovie
- “Fanpop Costume Contest” picks 由 Harold
- “The 爱情 Test” picks 由 hellgirl223

And the winner is...

“Fan of the Fortnight” picks 由 pkmntrainerj!!!

Best Option Added to an Existing Pick:

The nominees are...

- Cinders...
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posted by ariel07
I may repeat myself for my acceptance speech but that’s ok since I don’t think that many people read my first little acceptance speech I left lol. First off I have to thank my Lord and Savior 耶稣 Christ for everything for not only saving me but for everything he has blessed me with and without him I’m nothing and the fact that he blessed me with this gift is still shocking since I never thought I would be drawing. 秒 I have to thank the amazing lady who nominated me Karen better known as IsisRain on here I’ll always remember 你 and 爱情 你 forever for having my art recognized...
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 David Letterman & the 最佳, 返回页首 5 列表
David Letterman & the top 5 list
5. No news

4. I didn't add any hard 测验 on the link spot

3. The 答案 forlink &link that I made are not entertaining.

2. I only added 75% and not 100% of the content on the link spot

and the number 1 reason why I did not get nominated for a Fanpoppy award is...

1. Nobody Like Me
 David Letterman and the 最佳, 返回页首 "FIVE" 列表
David Letterman and the top "FIVE" list
最佳, 返回页首 5 reasons why I did not win a FanPoppy award:

5. No 评论

4. I stink at 写作 Soapbox 文章 and adding cool 链接 for the link spot

3. I won't PICK my nose like link 或者 take nudes 照片 like link 或者 make a sex VIDEO like link

2. I add absolutely nothing to the link spot

and the number one reason why I did not win a Fanpoppy award is..

1. Everybody Hates Me
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posted by chel1395
 Average man, Homer Simpson, dreams of a Fanpoppy.
Average man, Homer Simpson, dreams of a Fanpoppy.
The Fanpoppy Awards are about recognizing outstanding achievements on Fanpop. With all the glitz and glamour and excitement of the Fanpoppies, it is easy to forget about the person who has made this award ceremony possible. Without this glittering star, there would be no Fanpoppies. Her dedication, beauty and grace are the reason we are all here. And no, I’m not referring to myself. While Amazondebs was link the awards committee and Fanpoppy nominees, I sat down with the essence of greatness herself...the Fanpoppy.

Chel: What is it like being a statue?
Fanpoppy: People think it’s an easy...
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