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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
*13 years earlier*

They glanced up at each other every now and then through-out potions class neither of them not needing to pay attention. His black eyes seemed unable to concentrate on anything else but her green eyes. She pushed back a bit of her long dark red hair, catching his eye as she did. She gave a sigh and a small nod allowing him to know she would indeed talk to him after class. He took this as a relief compared to the weeks of being shut out. The boy who was 更多 adult now than child like the others was sitting 下一个 to her was watching her moves carefully, his hazel eyes glaring...
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Damon was lying on Elena's 床, 床上 as Elena was going through her jewelry, looking for some bracelet 或者 项链 she didn't like anyway. "I think your wiccan friend might be an issue" Damon said.

"How's that?" Elena asked distracted without turning around. "Well, she and I are not the best friends, 你 know. I doubt she'll invite me in, in her magical little house" Damon replied.

"So?" Elena shrugged. "You can wait outside, we don't need 你 to do the spell" Damon frowned his eyes angry. "Well, then I suppose I can go back home, so I can play with Katherine, like 你 说 so expressing this morning"...
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Present Day

Jeremy was brushing his teeth when he saw Anna's reflection in the mirror. He should have startled, but he just spit out the toothpaste and washed his mouth. "When I turn around you'll be gone, won't you?" he said. He saw Anna shrugging her shoulders.

"You'll never know if 你 don't try" she said. Jeremy turned around and to his surprise Anna was still standing 由 the window-ledge. "How is this possible?" Jeremy asked. "How can 你 be standing there while I know you're dead? I saw how they took you. And Damon 说 they killed you"

Anna looked down. "Damon was speaking the truth, I...
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A few hours earlier

Klaus and Stefan were sitting at a 表 with a group of voluptuous clothed women all with the same hungry gleam in their eyes, staring at the young girl sitting in the center of Klaus and Stefan.

She kept her eyes on the table, her 心 beating painfully. She should've gone straight 首页 after school, but her boyfriend had asked her to come to this place. There had been something odd about him, like he wasn't himself. Like he was under hypnosis.

And now she was sitting here with these people, who had come sit 由 her uninvited. First just the men, but one 由 one the women...
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One 日 after Stefan has joined Klaus.

Damon was lying in his bed, his eyes closed, when a shadow came over him. Soft lips touched his and he opened his eyes, staring at the brown ones of the woman he had loved for many years. He knew it was her; the other girl wouldn't be so playful, especially not now her boyfriend was gone.

"Get off" Damon said, not in the least impressed 由 her lack of clothing. She held her head diagonally and put a teasing smile on her face. "Damon, Damon, Damon, 你 should know better than to say no to me. 你 know how … vicious I get when I don't get what I want" She...
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A/N: Hope 你 enjoy my first PJO 粉丝 fic! Please review!

(Annabeth's Point of View)

Chapter One: Arguing and Agreeing

I can't remember the Last time Seaweed Brain and I fought. But I do know it doesn't happen as often as it used to.

That's why this time; it was a lot 更多 serious.

You see, Percy and I used to be like best 老友记 and all, and we used to argue a lot. I think it's in the genes. Our parents, Athena (my mom) Goddess of wisdom and Poseidon (Percy's dad) God of the sea, really don't like each other. Anyways, Percy and I started going out about a 年 ago. Now we don't fight as much. In...
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"Someone care to remind me why we're in Nico's cabin, yet he's not even here?" The son of Thanatos asked the rest of them. "Or his girlfriend for that matter." Slate snickered at Carter.
"That is not true! Sadie and me are here, we just couldn't care less about one of Carter's Harvard lectures." Nico 说 coming in. "We were just in the game room."
"I'm sure," Jace 说 sarcastically and Maya elbowed him. "By the way, when did Percy fall asleep? And how, because I want to follow suit." Annabeth rolled her eyes at Percy, then flicked him until he woke up, which would take quite a while.
"What should...
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A woman with brown curly hair was cleaning the lunch 表 while looking at the clock on the 墙 every five seconds. Her husband was gone working. She still couldn't believe it. How could he be so calm?

"Don't worry, Rachel, she's with Derek. She called you, that means she's learning to be responsible"

Responsible, my ass, Rachel thought. Responsible would be coming 首页 after school instead of hanging around with that boyfriend of hers. And could she really trust him? After all he was a seventeen 年 old guy who probably did his thinking with his dick instead of his head.

As she was caught...
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((Just so 你 all know, this is only a small part of the whole chapter. I'm particularly proud of this bit, as you'll soon see. Keep watch for an exclusive interview between The Fanfic's own Rita Skeeter and yours truly!))

Harry looked down at the long 列表 of Quidditch hopefuls. "Hailey, I don't see your name on here. I thought you'd sign up."
Hailey looked up from her eggs, smiling. "I'd rather leave Quidditch and rule-breaking to you. That IS what you're best at, after all," she 说 simply.
Harry only rolled his eyes. She could tell he hoped she had some of Dad's Quidditch talent, but she wasn't eager to prove it. After all, her family had enough publicity as it was.

((Now, this is only a teeny bit of the chapter. The real thing'll be a lot longer. But you'll have to wait quite a while for it.))
posted by Mayla4president

Believe me, I never thought I would end up being with Percy Jackon. I used to dream about Jason at night...did I just say that? My cheeks are burning brightly but it is true. So heres the story.

The ship was landing and oh-my-gods I was going crazy. People were rushing everywhere and my hair was a mess. No joke. I couldn't find my other pretear and I was hyperventalating in the inside. And pretty much on the outside. I was probably 展示 my emotions so much that if Lupa were here I'd be dead. Thank the Gods she isn't. 或者 is she?...get back on track! Reyna focus! Find Percy and tell hi-...
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Title: Stop and Stare-Songfic
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns all the rights to 超能英雄 of Olympus.
OneRepublic: own the song and the lyrics.

A/N: This is a songfic based on 超能英雄 of Olympus. Its about Hazels time in the Underworld.
Its my first songfic and they are hard to write. Please be nice and comment.

This town is colder now
I think its sick of us
I’m sick it
Its time to make our move
I have been think that along time
I’m shaking off the rust
I’ve got my 心 set on anywhere but here
Mine is with Sammy
I’m staring down myself, counting up the years
I have done that for along...
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