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The Cheshire Cat Have 你 read the book Alice in Wonderland?

31 fans picked:
Of course!
 LionaChoco posted 一年多以前
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sugarcane15 picked Of course!:
just wanted 2 know what it is like
posted 一年多以前.
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Irina92 picked Of course!:
Yep both books, many years ago, long before I'd seen any movie!=)
posted 一年多以前.
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MarlenaLovett picked Of course!:
Yes! And it waws amazing! :D
I love that book!!
posted 一年多以前.
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deathroman13 picked Of course!:
Great book :)
for grown-ups and children. I think they both see/understand the book different.
posted 一年多以前.