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" It's important that 你 and Mr. Jane stay in character so you'll be spending the 下一个 two days before 你 leave together. Also, 你 both need to come up with your cover story." Jane and I were in Wainwright's office going over the last few details of our under cover operation.
" OH! One 更多 thing! 你 guys will have a kid under cover as your daughter."
" WHAT?!" Jane and I both jump out of our seats at the same time.
" Sir 你 can't just-" I start protesting.
" To late! We've made our decision. Most of your old classmates heard about Jane getting married and having a daughter, but no one has...
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posted by DramaNut
 Leave me alone. Don't 你 know I'm with doughnut?
Leave me alone. Don't you know I'm with doughnut?
HI!! So, I've been doing a lot of 粉丝 fiction for The Mentalist spot and I decided I wanted to do something here too! Hints of Jisbon, but mostly focused on Lisbon ( duh ) and how far she's come since highschool. Multi Chaptered.
" Okay, who did Jane insult this time?" I ask, annoyed that I have to deal with another problem when I still have so much paper work to finish.
" No one actually," 面包车, 范 Pelt says," there's a man here who says he knows you? Should I send him in?"
" Why not, It'll give Jane 更多 time to do something stupid." I respond, curious as to who...
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posted by DramaNut
Bonjour! Hi from Monika! This chapter has 更多 Jisbon than I originally anticipated but, is anyone really sad about that? I didn't think so. There are a few flashbacks so those with be in italics. Anyway, 你 don't want to read me talk. 你 want to read Jisbon talk, enjoy!!
I was ready to kill him when I got to the office. The nerve of him! Not only did he already buy my plane ticket, he even booked a hotel and RSVPed at the school! I was not getting out of this, Jane made sure of that.
" Where is he?!," I asked when I got into the CBI," I'm going to shoot him!!"...
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