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luz-anwar-light posted on Feb 27, 2010 at 05:21PM
hi hi! me again!!! well, I did this forum to talk about the similitude and the difference between Noah and Cody. that I think are a big part in this and any couple. I figured out 3 possible classifications.

“the real stuff”
things that are totally real though they never speak to each other, like:

* They are the two shortest males on the show, and two of the three shortest over-all.

“friends and pals”
things that they have in common and stuff, that can only figured out being friends.

* Both Noah and Cody have somewhat similar stereotypes, considering Cody is a "tech-geek" and Noah is considered a "bookworm" and like videogames.


“couple things”
stuff that we believe are real or not about they as a couple.

*Noah is Cody’s first boy. Noah has experience guy x guy.

plz just mention "similitude" or "difference" before start and comment.

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一年多以前 TDI_Angel said…
*Both of them are short
*They're both guys (LOL, Duh!)
*Both are on the Screaming Gophers
*They both like video games
*They're both geeks (Cody's a tech-geek and Noah's a bookworm)
*They both should have made it further on TDI!

*I think they're different nationalities
*Noah is cocky and more cynical, Cody's more sweet and understanding
*Noah has more experience with guys, but Cody doesn't
*Cody made it further

They're the same, but they;re different, lol. ^.^
 Similitude/Similarity: *Both of them are short *They're both guys (LOL, Duh!) *Both are on the Scream
一年多以前 luz-anwar-light said…
i know!!! also that…

they both have the letter “o” in his names.
they are in the same seasons

Cody is know like the wanna be, Noah is kinda antisocial.
Noah is his class president, Cody’s class throw him paper balls.
Cody was a deer and Noah a hunter.
Cody is pop star, Noah was only a assistant (maybe Cody’s personal assistant XD)
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一年多以前 TDI_Angel said…
Noah would be great as Cody's pop star assistant... Plus he'd get to stare at him all day! XD
一年多以前 luz-anwar-light said…
i know, so lovely is that!!!! also that he will be cody´s bodyguard at the same time!!!
i actually think that noah like the "drama brothers" only for cody X3
一年多以前 luz-anwar-light said…
Both have 'life-threatening' allergies. Noah mentioned them in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 (but it's never said what they are), and it was revealed that Cody has many bug-related ones in The Am-AH-Zon Race!!!
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