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posted by thegothchick
*Gwen's pov*
I'm on my 床, 床上 sitting down drawing in my 3 年 old torn book I call a sketch pad. When I feel my phone vibrate. I look at the screen and it 说 "FROM COURTNEY". I looked at the screen and in bold letters it said. "Gwen, guess wat me and Trent are dating so maybe you,Duncan,Trent,& I could have a double date. Anyway I have to go,so text me soon". I stared at the screen and smiled than had a confused look on my face. I texted Courtney back. "1st. CONGRATS!!!! 2nd. Me and Duncan are not dating but I'm still super happy for you". Like 6 秒 after I sent the text she replied....
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posted by saphire1031
The Kids Don’t Know

Chapter 8

Do 或者 Die

    My parents had a freak out. But (Thank 你 dad!) I have good eavesdropping skills. “Chris, I thought that 你 were out of our lives for good!” I heard Dad yell. “Listen, man! This is my job now! I have no intent of putting your kids through you-know-what.” I was thinking, until I remembered Dad saying that McLean made his life miserable. After like thirty 分钟 of yelling, we left. “Hey, Mom, do 你 know Mr. McLean?” Dominic asked. I hit my face. Mom just sat there. Ding-Dong! I walked up to the door and opened it...
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posted by Gwentrend24
For the people who actually remember this story, Cudos to 你 cause I almost forgot. I actually wrote this when I was ten so please don't judge if it has a mistake 或者 whatever in it. Just enjoy if 你 like it, and leave it alone if 你 don't. Thanks :)

Ahh, high school. I took in my surroundings as I entered the newly built building and towards my locker.

The 'Welcome to RidgeWood' sign was still hung above the main entrance, there was still little splashes of glitter near the gym floor from our last school dance, (which of course I didn't go...
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