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duncney16 说 …
I swear, every 民意调查 on here is favorited towards duncan and Courtney !!!! And I 爱情 it 发布 一年多以前
TDIfanJai499 说 …
Please 加入 my club called TDI Fanon AND Canon couples..!! I hadn't been on in a while and hoped to get 更多 粉丝 and stuff 发布 on there 由 them.. but I came back and I still only have 40 fans. While I am very happy and appreciate that this many people joined, I noticed my club is still pretty inactive and I need 更多 粉丝 to help it. Any couple is welcome, actually was on the show, made from two 随意 characters on the show, 或者 two fancharacters. Noco, Trindsay, Gwent..don't care! Plz join! 发布 一年多以前