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posted by suiteheartamy
This is from my quizilla account. I hope y'all enjoy it~

Prompt: "Sam Winchester is a pretty, pretty princess."


"Yeah, Sammy?"

A small, pale face popped up over the edge of the couch. Large, blue-green eyes were focused on his big brother, who gave a sigh as he looked up to meet the younger boy's eyes. "What's up?"

The little one, Sammy, got up from his spot ont he 长椅, 沙发 and walked over to where his brother was. He pulled out a chair and sat, avoiding Dean's wary gaze.

"When is dad coming back?" Sam finally looked up, raising a hand to his mouth in order to gnaw at his finger. It was a nervous...
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Ah, it’s a famous line from Dean. He 说 it to Sam, when Sam was wondering what Mary would say if she knew that they ganked her father (their grandfather). Granted he was an a**, who fed his grandsons to hungry ghouls. “Just because you’re blood, it doesn’t make 你 family. 你 have to earn that.” Now I could go on a tangent on Grandfather Campbell, but that’s not why I wrote this. This is about Adam. Remember him? He’s currently burning in hell, trapped in Lucifer’s cage with Michael and Lucifer. Why wasn’t...
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In this 文章 I made an attempt to interpret Misha Collins' handwriting which is called graphological analysis. Before 你 start jumping to the conclusion that I'm crazy (which I will not refute!) I must note that I attended a brief Graphology course at 大学 which of course doesn't make me a graphologist (aka handwriting interpreter), but just made me 更多 interested in this science. In order to interpret Misha Collins handwriting I searched in the Internet and found 5 autographs that he has 给 to 粉丝 in conventions. This specimen is small but a girl has to do what she can with...
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 Adam Milligan
Adam Milligan
Hello. I've been noticing how much some people want Adam back in the show, and others don't. To be honest, I don't really like Adam enough to want to see him hunting with Sam and Dean Winchester again, but I also don't want him to stay in Lucifer's cage. It's unfair, and it's horrible.

Supernatural, besides being about hunting things and stuff, its first of all about the importance of family in my opinion, and I think I'm not the only one believing this. So, the fact that Dean, when he had the chance to bring Adam back, instead of choosing Adam, he chose Sam's soul (in the sixth season's episode...
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posted by shomill
On the first 日 of Christmas,
My true 爱情 gave to me,
A ’67 Chevrolet.

On the 秒 日 of Christmas,
My true 爱情 gave to me,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the third 日 of Christmas,
My true 爱情 gave to me,
Three vampire fangs,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the fourth 日 of Christmas,
My true 爱情 gave to me,
Four mullet rock tapes,
Three vampire fangs,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the fifth 日 of Christmas,
My true 爱情 gave to me,
Five salt guns,
Four mullet rock tapes,
Three vampire fangs,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the sixth...
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posted by Silverdoe
 "Look, all I know is I was not groped 由 an angel".
"Look, all I know is I was not groped by an angel".
“I’m an 天使 of the Lord.”

This single line uttered in Lazarus Rising was an 不可思议的 one and had 粉丝 questioning on whether Castiel, the person claiming to have pulled Dean from Hell, really was an 天使 或者 if it was some horrible trick. But it’s quickly dismissed.

“This is your problem, Dean. 你 have no faith.”

Lightning flashes, engulfing the room and on Castiel’s back great shadowy wings appear, stretching off into the distance. The light goes out and the image disappears. It was the truth. It’s an angel. The 问题 then begin.

Over the centuries there have been many...
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posted by shomill
 Well, sweetheart, I don't do shorts.
Well, sweetheart, I don't do shorts.
Dean: 你 wanna drive for a while?

Sam: 你 planning on using that for a hook-up 或者 something?

Dean: Since when are 你 all “shoot first, and ask 问题 later”, anyway?

Dean: “Corporeal”? Excuse me, Professor.
Sam: Shut up.

Dean: No, we go with her, we protect her, and we keep our eyes peeled for our fuzzy predator friend.
Sam: So finding Dad’s not enough? Now we gotta babysit, too?

Haley: Apparently, this is all the Park Service could come up with for a 搜索 and rescue.

Haley: And you’re hiking out in biker boots and jeans?
Dean: Well, sweetheart, I don’t do shorts.

Dean: Tell me,...
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posted by liissaaxx
I thought this was awesome when I saw it. I was searching some information about one of the episodes, and came across the complete transcript of the 'pilot' episode. I thought I should share it. Read and enjoy.

1X01 - PILOT


{On the black screen}

“Lawrence Kansas

22 Years Ago”

{The episode opens at night to a house with some scary music}

Mom: {Is carrying Dean into Sam’s room} Come on, let’s say goodnight to your brother.

Dean: {Kisses Sam on the forehead} Good night Sam.

Mom: Good night, love. {Kisses Sam on the forehead}

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I know Sammy's cute, but he is no Dean. Dean would do anything to protect people from evil, especially his little brother. He acts all tough on the surface, but he's much 更多 complex than he'd like others to know thats the Dean we all have grown to love

What makes him so very drool worthy
1. Those gorgeous green eyes
2. He makes vulnerable so very cool and sexy.
3. His wicked sense of humor which I love
4. His adorable smile don't 你 just 爱情 it
5. Have 你 seen him shirtless?
6. Great hair
7. His great taste in music
8. His 爱情 for his car his baby as he calls it
9. How much he loves his little...
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posted by Dragonclaws
 Lilith of legend
Lilith of legend
In seasons three and four of Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester fight against a powerful female demon named Lilith. The character Lilith comes from a medieval Jewish legend, which brings together various other legends. In legend, Lilith is a succubus 或者 vampire, originally a human woman but cursed 由 God after she refused to 提交 to her husband. Lilith is often used 由 feminist groups as a symbol of female subjugation. In Supernatural, Lilith remains a villain, yet the character is carefully altered to retain none of the misogynistic qualities of the original legend.

The legend is that...
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1. 你 have the lyrics of 'Carry On My Wayward Son' memorized
2. 你 say "Son of a Bitch" 更多 often when bad things happen
3. 你 try to find and own every single piece of 邪恶力量 merchandise out there
4. When 你 see "Pig in a Poke" on the Breakfast menu, 你 know not to order sausage with it
5. 你 hum 'Heat of the Moment' every Tuesday
6. Your not afraid to wear anything with plaid
7. 你 have to tell everyone when 你 see a '67 Chevy Impala
8. It is required to attend at least one 邪恶力量 Convention in your lifetime
9. 你 quote when with another 邪恶力量 粉丝 更多 often than one...
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John Winchester
Bad Father
Good Father?

Some might say John was a bad father, leaving his two Sons alone in a motel while he want off and hunted. But he did not hunt, Deer, he hunted the Supernatural!

But John may have neglected his Boy, and left Dean to Look after Sammy still dose not mean he is a Bad father. He may have not been the best but he she as hell was a great father.

He may have went Crazy with rage after his wifes dean but at least when that happened he did not Hurt his boys 或者 forget about them (Poor Max Miller) He taught them to stick with your family...
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posted by Lucia322
Sam: I take it I was having another nightmare.
Dean: Yeah. Another one.
Sam: Hey, at least I got some sleep.
Dean: Dude, I earned that money.
Sam: 你 won it at a poker game.
Dean: Ye-eah.
Sam: Now, the newspaper 说 that his daughter found him. She 说 his eyes were bleeding
Man: What? The man's? They practically liquified!
Man: Capillaries can burst. I see a lot of bloodshot eyes in stroke victims.
Dean: Yeah? 你 ever seen exploding eyeballs?
Sam: Might not be one of ours. It might be just some freak medical thing.
Dean: How many times in Dad's long, varied career has it actually been a freak medical...
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posted by girl_hunter88
Why both Sam and Dean where children
It always bothered me that Dean 说 not once, but twice that he was not Kid. The first time I hear Dean say it to Jo on season 7 episode 4 (defending your life) it made me sad for his 迷失 youth but it also bothered me I didn’t quite understand why. Then when he 说 it, again this time to Mary in season 12 episode 14 (the raid) I had the exact same feeling as before and I couldn’t understand why I had that feeling, until today. I recently 发布 a 民意调查 on prank wars and most of 你 agreed that it would be awesome to have them back on the show. As I...
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posted by WesWinchester
I have always had an idea of a female hunter alongside Dean and Sam.
Kasey Daley Mueller:
Played 由 Gemma Arterton
Auburn medium lenghthed wavy hair
Brown eyes
Pale skin
British accent
A witch ( And not just any other witch; a special community of witches whose virgin blood is on Heaven's and Hell's most wanted)

She is two years 你 ger to Dean and is a shy but a kickass hunter. She has a romantic tension with Dean till 2x1 in my time of dying.....where John and Kasey make up a plan to make it look like Kasey was the one who forced him to sacrifice his life to save Dean's. (So that the brothers think...
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 Castiel reveals what he really is to Dean
Castiel reveals what he really is to Dean
In this 文章 I'm going to go over the Mythology facts on some of the 天使 from the 显示 Supernatural. First I'll start with Castiel the 天使 that brought Dean back from hell in the open episode of Season 4's "Lazarus Rising". Here are the Mythology facts about Castiel.


The 天使 of: Thursday, New Changes, Travel
Description: Castiel is an 天使 of Thursday and will help anyone born on this 日 或者 anyone who asks for help on this day. The 天使 can help us if there are changes in our life which may involve a lot of traveling 或者 moving to a new country and we need guidance....
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posted by Lucia322
Dean: What do 你 want?
Envy: We already have what we want.
Dean: What’s that?
Envy: We’re out, we’re free. Thanks to you, my kind are everywhere
Envy: 你 really think you’re better than me. Which one of 你 can cast the first stone, huh? What about you, Dean? You’re practically a walking billboard of gluttony and lust.
Dean: 你 look like hell warmed over.
Bobby: 你 try exorcising all night, see how 你 feel.
Sam: Any survivors, Bobby?
Bobby: Well, the pretty girl and the heavy guy, they’ll make it. A lifetime of therapy bills ahead, but still…
Sam: You’re a hypocrite, Dean. How did...
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posted by 80s-Gal
The CW’s ‘Supernatural’ has spent six years defying audience expectations and gleefully leaving us on the edge of our seats with every season finale, but last season’s climactic close proved to be one of the most shocking yet.

Fan-favorite character Castiel (Misha Collins) pulled a dirty double 交叉, 十字架 in the last few episodes, revealing an unholy alliance with the demon Crowley for dominion over purgatory … and let’s just say that the finale didn’t leave Cas and the Winchesters on the best of terms.

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Haiti with Collins and his charity,...
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Dean has been torn between wanting to call Cas and tell him to get his angelic 屁股 down there and keeping him as far away as possible for the last week. His little trip to that fucked up alternate universe courtesy of Balthazar and Cas actually taught him a few things. One actors are dicks, two he's really glad Cas is…well Cas and not some freak with a weird name like Misha who constantly has a phone glued to his hand, and three that Cas actually was trying to protect them, in his own weird, socially inept way and he is damn grateful. Not that he would ever admit that out loud of course,...
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Watching the seventh season, so I might be missing something, but I feel like the only way the hidden world within 邪恶力量 remains unnoticed is because the world is populated 由 idiots.

I mean, the Winchesters have been caught on camera time and time again on the news, when a Doppleganger 或者 Leviathan is posing as them committing murder. While the tape of the first “Ghostfacers” episode containing them is destroyed before it can be spread to the public, the Ghostfacers are shown to have mentioned them in their web series during that one episode where Zachariah makes Dean and Sam forget...
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